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    thorensTD125 inspir
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    X100 and ortofon PW
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    whest ps.30RDT
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    mf kw25
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    cambridge np30
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    mf kw25
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    Icon Audio
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    peter Lindley quad 2
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  1. corgi 1

    Anyone been in touch with Mike Powell recently ?

    excuse my ignorance, what does Mike do exactly Pete
  2. corgi 1


    SOLD stp
  3. corgi 1


    thanks mate got it. STILL FOR SALE
  4. corgi 1


    As title says, gutted but just nut using them, not starting a debate here, but they REALLY make a difference hopefully pics load ok any questions please ask, simply stunning, as soon as I stop moving house I will be buying some more.anyone on here using these cables will know how good these really are, asking £400, note that the plastic tape around the end of the cable has been pulled back, I have no idea when, or why I did it, makes no difference to anything though ! £400 Pete
  5. I love my vinyl, but I do have the Kw25 Dac and separate transport which has a beautiful sound - probably because it has valves in it , I believe they are still highly regarded even on here cheers Pete
  6. corgi 1


    beautiful if only ………...
  7. I know I must say I would love these !!!!!!
  8. how come these are still here ? goodness sake someone buy them before I get myself in trouble
  9. corgi 1

    upgrading arm wire

    evening, ive a thorens TD125 with x100 inspire audio arm dc motor upgrade and to finish off per winfeld ortofon cartridge, whest phono stage, but being a dope idint think about what the arm is wired with, so shall I send it somewhere to get it wired with some super cable or is the standard wiring normally ok ? PS yea I know its an old turntable but I love it !
  10. tempting, very tempting
  11. oooh they are teasing me big time, someone buy them quick or I may give in to temptation
  12. hi there, do you know if these were made for valves, or solid state amps? cheers Pete
  13. corgi 1

    FS ; Ear Yoshino 861 Valve Power Amplifier

    BEAUTIFUL - nuff said !
  14. corgi 1

    WAD 300b Custom Power Amp, David Coe built

    thanks mate will look into it and have a think I cant believe the price of the black gates alone pete