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    thorensTD125 inspir
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    X100 and ortofon PW
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    whest ps.30RDT
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    mf kw25
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    cambridge np30
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    mf kw25
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    Icon Audio
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    peter Lindley quad 2
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    grado 325i

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  1. I love my vinyl, but I do have the Kw25 Dac and separate transport which has a beautiful sound - probably because it has valves in it , I believe they are still highly regarded even on here cheers Pete
  2. beautiful if only ………...
  3. I know I must say I would love these !!!!!!
  4. how come these are still here ? goodness sake someone buy them before I get myself in trouble
  5. corgi 1

    upgrading arm wire

    evening, ive a thorens TD125 with x100 inspire audio arm dc motor upgrade and to finish off per winfeld ortofon cartridge, whest phono stage, but being a dope idint think about what the arm is wired with, so shall I send it somewhere to get it wired with some super cable or is the standard wiring normally ok ? PS yea I know its an old turntable but I love it !
  6. tempting, very tempting
  7. oooh they are teasing me big time, someone buy them quick or I may give in to temptation
  8. hi there, do you know if these were made for valves, or solid state amps? cheers Pete
  9. corgi 1

    FS ; Ear Yoshino 861 Valve Power Amplifier

    BEAUTIFUL - nuff said !
  10. corgi 1

    WAD 300b Custom Power Amp, David Coe built

    thanks mate will look into it and have a think I cant believe the price of the black gates alone pete
  11. corgi 1

    WAD 300b Custom Power Amp, David Coe built

    haven't had anything tease me since I got my quad 11s in my mind nothing will sound better ! Aaaagh
  12. corgi 1

    WAD 300b Custom Power Amp, David Coe built

    thanks for the dimensions, when you say it weighs a ton roughly, don't weigh it would just like an idea, I am running 2x Lindley quad 11s at the moment which I also believe are very special, but this one I must say is taking my fancy ! Ptet
  13. corgi 1

    WAD 300b Custom Power Amp, David Coe built

    hi mate lovely amp what are the dimensions please Pete
  14. corgi 1

    SJS Arcadia Mk2

    Rabski, thanks for the info, I did send it to Simon last year for the upgrade to 1.5 and he also did something else as the volume, when coupled with my Lindley Quad11 it wasn't very loud, so he sorted that as well, a real gent to deal with, ive just looked at the 7, but I really like the shape of the original, I think your right there are not many around, and people seem to want to keep hold of them, which I totally understand ! Pete