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  1. mikew13

    Cartridge upgrade, 2M Black, Hana SL?

    I can see how people start boxswapping....starts Googling phonostage upgrades.........
  2. mikew13

    Cartridge upgrade, 2M Black, Hana SL?

    I just have the standard tonearm. Thanks for all the replies. Plenty of food for thought. Had thought originally about the 2M Bronze, but wasn't sure whether it would be much of a step up, so good to hear that people rate it.
  3. mikew13

    Cartridge upgrade, 2M Black, Hana SL?

    Hmm - I guess I will upgrade the phonostage at some point as well, but I must admit I hadn't really considered this. Ta for the replies.
  4. I fancy upgrading the Ortofon 2M Blue on my SL1210 to something better. Anyone got any thoughts or experience of the 2M Black or the Hana SL, or any other alternatives? All suggestions gratefully received.
  5. What about something like this - supporting wall bracket into which you slot shelf brackets, and Conti board shelves. All available from B&Q at a very reasonable cost - j
  6. mikew13

    Kraftwerk UK gigs June 2017

    2 new dates announced for June 2017 - Oxford & Brighton - looks like tickets go on sale tomorrow.
  7. Thinking about it, Kraftwerk at Bestival in 2010 was another one - most of the crowd quite clearly didn't know who they were so it just emptier and emptier. Utterly bizarre - there must have been half the crowd compared to the likes of Goldie Lookin Chain who played in the daytime.... Still, it meant plenty of space for those of us who did stick around, and got an absolutely phenomenal set in return.
  8. Nirvana headlining Reading '92 always stands out - Kurt was pushed onstage in a wheelchair as a joke. Think it was because there were loads of rumours about his health at that time. Turned out to be the last time they played the UK before he died.
  9. This - No filler at all. Starts with the sublime 'Someday' by Ce Ce Rogers, ends with 'The Promised Land' by Joe Smooth, via 'Big Fun', 'Voodoo Ray', etc. Dates from 1994 so it's a bit old, but still awesome.
  10. mikew13

    The Gun Shop - Channel 4

    Watched most of it with my jaw wide open. I think that in the UK our attitudes to guns are so very different that we will never understand the American mindset with regards to guns. I went to a gunshop some years ago in the US, and it was thrilling, but even more than that it was terrifying when you actually thought about the power of the object you were holding. As we left, the first thing anyone said was that we were glad things were so different in the UK.....
  11. mikew13

    Indulgence Show 2016 : London 14-16 October

    Went today. Overall, I think it was worth the visit. Some of the 'big' brands - PMC, Cyrus, Naim, etc, were in very sizeable rooms and by and large all sounded pretty good. Others were in the normal bedrooms, but as it wasn't terribly busy they were easy to get into and get seated. Enjoyed - PMC's 25-21s, Quad's ESLs, Monitor Audio's Platinum standpoints, and Alacrity. The Michell/Proac and Computer Audio Design/Dynaudio rooms were probably the best overall, I thought. Devialet Phantoms were REALLY impressive, given the size. Heard a couple of the demonstrators say that visitor numbers were a bit low. Although this made it easy to get around, hope this changes as it would be good if this show had a future. It seemed very well organised and professional. Didn't think the lifestyle bit on the bottom floor added much once I'd gawped at the Tesla with the gullwing door, tbh.
  12. mikew13

    Kraftwerk UK gigs June 2017

    One extra date at the Royal Albert Hall has been added for 23rd June. Tickets go on sale this Friday.
  13. Kraftwerk, next June, at the Royal Albert Hall. Quite excited.....
  14. Cheers, been getting itchy fingers and hankering to upgrade something, so I might well change to the Black.
  15. I've got the 2m Blue fitted to mine. Is the Black a significant step up?