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  1. The Cisco goes just before the DS here, I haven't experimented much. I have one spare which I'm happy to lend for postage.
  2. I picked the JS-2 up third hand, so a little indulgent but ... I would look (will look into LiFePO4 battery supply for the clean side, probably excellent from what I've read)
  3. I have one and i'm blown away by the SQ, previously using SOtM Ultra with clocked switch. I have SPDIF going into digital actives (Meridian). Power supplies made a big difference, currently using JS-2 but listened to LPS1 and 1.2 (and wall wart). Big jump in sq from using a Cisco 2960 instead of a standard switch, wow. Listening to more music. Second unit, previous unit USB socket came off... Swift replacement, good support (if patchy).
  4. Tintinabulum

    Capacitor Tolerance

    Thanks Jazid, all noted.
  5. Tintinabulum

    Capacitor Tolerance

    Ah yes, ESR, I remember now... Thanks again.
  6. Tintinabulum

    Capacitor Tolerance

    Thank you. These are 22 years old. I was wondering if I took off a 4700 uF and it tested at 4000, does the 700 difference mean that it wasn't performing correctly in an audible way. No way to know without considering what it was doing and in what company I guess. My sense it from what I'm reading, maybe not. Also I think I got some capacitors off eBay some time ago they are rated 1000 uF but test at 900 uF, within tolerance but all other capacitors were within a couple of percent. I guess these were possibly fakes? Consistent fakes though, all 4 reading 900. One day I'll know more... How do I start (learning more)? (plastometer - Jingyan M6013) Thanks All
  7. Tintinabulum

    Capacitor Tolerance

    I'm a newb. I'm recapping some old amp boards in an active speaker. I'm doing this because they are old, it's a bit of fun and I don't know any better. I've treated myself to a cheap piece of plastic which measures capacitors, seems to function OK having checked random capacitors, new and old and looks "functional". In all this I'm wondering what tolerance is acceptable or designed in for in amp boards. Looking at spec, tolerance can be + - 20%. Is that real or just what they say? Using my plastometer, should I be concerned about say 10% off? Being a newb, I'm also receptive to hints and tips...
  8. Tintinabulum

    Meridian DSP 5000 Slave - no sound

    That's no small undertaking (physically). Not sure there's much calibrating to be done with 6ks? The tweeters can get a little tired, do you have the black domed versions in there? Nice speakers.
  9. Tintinabulum

    Removing double sided foam adhesive pads

    Thanks very much for your help chaps, I'm a sticky pad expert now. Knife works, and patience. I used some 3M pads, bought a bag. Just as well as I had to move the assembly twice as cable runs were too short and I'm too thick to notice or remeasure (actually had to spin a transformer round to lengthen the run, this was on a professionally manufactured product), fun, sort of.
  10. Tintinabulum

    Sold: ISO Regen

    Sold. Thanks.
  11. Tintinabulum

    Removing double sided foam adhesive pads

    All clean and tidy. Joking aside but what about velcro for re-sticking? It's not going to vibrate?
  12. Tintinabulum

    Removing double sided foam adhesive pads

    Thank you both. Knife did it. Pretty sticky stuff. For re-assembly, I'll need new pads. Farnell/RS Audio? Presumably the capacitors may get warm and should be held firm (why they are difficult to get of...).
  13. Tintinabulum

    Removing double sided foam adhesive pads

    A bit of a mouthful there... I'm replacing largish size capacitors. They are fixed fairly well with foam adhesive pads, plus mechanical fixing. Any ideas about removing the (rather stubborn) adhesive foam? Heat comes to mind but a hot air gun might do some damage, perhaps a hot knife? They are currently fixed in place by the adhesive foam only and I'd rather do it calmly rather than resort to brute force. I ask as it seems a fairly standard way of securing capacitors so I presume someone's come across this before a found an easy(ish ) way of removal? Cheers.
  14. This has sold. Thanks.
  15. Tintinabulum

    Sold: ISO Regen

    USB isolator, unused. Looking for £200 ish plush shipping. Located Hampshire.