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  1. Tintinabulum

    FS: Aqua La Scala Optologic MKII - Silver

    Sold, thanks guys.
  2. Tintinabulum

    Wilson System 8s

    Fully sold, thanks guys.
  3. Tintinabulum

    Wilson System 8s

    Nearly sold...but not quite, a little wiggle room on price.
  4. Tintinabulum

    FS: Aqua La Scala Optologic MKII - Silver

  5. Fabulous DAC. Excellent condition, light use. Looking for £3250 (ish). Box etc.
  6. Tintinabulum

    Wilson System 8s

    Black, excellent condition, crates etc. Looking for £6850 ish, Delivery/pick up to be discussed. Prettier pictures on the way... Very very nearly sold but not quite... small wiggle room on price... Legendary speakers, fabulous condition.
  7. Tintinabulum

    FS: Audio Research Ref 75 SE (then Wilson System 8s)

    Thanks guys (and galls?) provisionally sold.
  8. Tintinabulum

    FS: Audio Research Ref 75 SE (then Wilson System 8s)

    Well, clearly it is overpriced. Anyone know how much overpriced? Anyone want to try their luck?
  9. As above, originally a Ref 75 the ungraded in Jan 2016. Not many change hands so the "right" price is hard to gauge. £4250? Box, plus old valves etc. Subsequently selling my Wilson System 8s. Cheers
  10. The Cisco goes just before the DS here, I haven't experimented much. I have one spare which I'm happy to lend for postage.
  11. I picked the JS-2 up third hand, so a little indulgent but ... I would look (will look into LiFePO4 battery supply for the clean side, probably excellent from what I've read)
  12. I have one and i'm blown away by the SQ, previously using SOtM Ultra with clocked switch. I have SPDIF going into digital actives (Meridian). Power supplies made a big difference, currently using JS-2 but listened to LPS1 and 1.2 (and wall wart). Big jump in sq from using a Cisco 2960 instead of a standard switch, wow. Listening to more music. Second unit, previous unit USB socket came off... Swift replacement, good support (if patchy).
  13. Tintinabulum

    Capacitor Tolerance

    Thanks Jazid, all noted.
  14. Tintinabulum

    Capacitor Tolerance

    Ah yes, ESR, I remember now... Thanks again.
  15. Tintinabulum

    Capacitor Tolerance

    Thank you. These are 22 years old. I was wondering if I took off a 4700 uF and it tested at 4000, does the 700 difference mean that it wasn't performing correctly in an audible way. No way to know without considering what it was doing and in what company I guess. My sense it from what I'm reading, maybe not. Also I think I got some capacitors off eBay some time ago they are rated 1000 uF but test at 900 uF, within tolerance but all other capacitors were within a couple of percent. I guess these were possibly fakes? Consistent fakes though, all 4 reading 900. One day I'll know more... How do I start (learning more)? (plastometer - Jingyan M6013) Thanks All