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  1. No, that's the Furutech socket, fully working and probably quite expensive. Different sockets for different plugs. Built to order.
  2. Neutrik connectors, Neutrik are a Liechtenstein company.
  3. Copper, XLRs as per attached one Furutech set, one "Liechtenstein".
  4. Hi Peter, yes XLRs only no RCA. I would have put more pictures up but files were too large. I'll sort it tomorrow (when it's raining).
  5. I will check tomorrow in any event. (sounded like copper).
  6. Pretty light use. Flight case plus external cardboard box. Pretty much mint. I've gone active, so time to move it on. Looking for £1000 ish, plus shipping. Worked very well for me.
  7. Apologies if this isn't appropriate (look at Trump though...). Before put this in the Classifieds, has anyone got a remote idea of its worth? I really can't remember (or find the bill) how much I paid.
  8. Fully sold, thanks guys.
  9. Nearly sold...but not quite, a little wiggle room on price.
  10. Fabulous DAC. Excellent condition, light use. Looking for £3250 (ish). Box etc.
  11. Black, excellent condition, crates etc. Looking for £6850 ish, Delivery/pick up to be discussed. Prettier pictures on the way... Very very nearly sold but not quite... small wiggle room on price... Legendary speakers, fabulous condition.