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  1. I bought these upon finding out that they have a different crossover from the 3s (the latter version). They are re foamed and re capped, and remedial repair to the back of one which had been wet. It is very unusual to find these re foamed. Most have stiff rubber, and sound ok, but lack the bass extension. A bit tatty but pretty solid overall. I love Dovedales but don't need 3 pairs. Good sound from the low power valve amp. £150 Ono collect from Cambridge.
  2. dave

    On the bench today.......

    My this is turning into a drama. Been working for a couple of hours and sounding good and then just died rather abruptly mid track....
  3. dave

    On the bench today.......

    Back again. Thank goodness. For some reason it had blown the fusible resistor for the display, and the puck was not in, so it did not look alive.
  4. dave

    On the bench today.......

    Oh no. It's dead. Sulk second. Put it back together and accidentally left off a power plug on the audio board. Including this sad development incase anyone else is thinking of doing this....
  5. dave

    On the bench today.......

    Finally got round to putting a new laser in to my Sony CDP xb 930 qs, bit fiddly but now plays a disk that was a bit of a disaster before. 😀 All the transport mounting pillars are split as well, so trying to glue. Not very optimistic, looks like someone else has been in before. eBay seller (dealer) said he sent it to Italy in a working state, and then got it back claiming it didn't work and it had been dropped..... Cross fingers, looking forward to having a listen, the electronics look quite nice even though the transport is a little uninspiring under the hood.
  6. dave

    Man caves...

    I think 30m2 max without planing permission.
  7. dave

    2020 Spreadsheet Now Live

    Is there a date?
  8. Would £50 include the cost of repairs or just the purchase price?
  9. dave

    great show!

    Sorry Richard for picking this out, but the idea amuses me. I am sure that was an auto-corruption. Actually reminds me of my only Kegworth photo.
  10. dave

    DAC "reconstruction" filters

    I wouldn't loose any sleep over non oversampling distortion figures. I measured one on an old school distortion analyser. Now granted this is no longer total harmonic distortion as indicated, but distortion it is. Anyway, it rises steadily to 33% (or more, I can't quite remember) at 20kHz. I took that to Scalford in 2017, I am sure some people would keel over and die rather than say they enjoyed 33% distortion, 😀 if only they knew. I do worry about putting those fast edges into a transistor feedback amp though.
  11. dave

    DAC "reconstruction" filters

    The ear works in the time domain as well and 44.1kHz and reconstruction filters make a mess of that.
  12. dave

    DAC "reconstruction" filters

    Highly simplified Dave version. The sample rate is not high enough on CDs etc (unfortunately) to reproduce the high frequencies sensibly. Mankind tries to fix this flaw after the effect with different filters. Some work better for some recordings, some better for others. Highly subjective and a bit of a cludge. Was hopeful mqa could have fixed it but not convinced anymore. Open minded at present.
  13. dave

    Laskys and Tandy

    Genexxa lx5's from Tandy's in Letchworth, still got them, the best speakers with a bit of tweaking, and there was a franchise in Hitchin, called Kotecha giftronics.....
  14. dave

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    Certain high end manufacturers have the balls to resist the persuit of measurements, such as the Ayre, Dartzeel, Dan's metrum continuum thing, to name a few, these seem to be perceived as pretty good, and who's measurements share some similarities with the Croft mentioned earlier. At the other end Halcro don't seem so loved these days representing the low distortion.
  15. dave

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    If I was a less techy version of me (I make my own amplifiers) and contemplating a new amplifier purchase, the measurements could be used to rule out ones, that experience has showed me, I would be less likely to enjoy, i.e. low distortion and low output Z. Not that these qualities are inherently bad, and am quite interested in hearing Bruno Putzey's latest....