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  1. Oh the plot thickens..... this will be an interesting one. Even though I feel the mid's cones have pulled back into them selves a bit, an there for are not properly centred, it may be the crossovers...... I have hooked the mids up to my distortion analyser, and they are not perfect, but don't resemble the previous plot above. I have some new caps on order.......... The crossover for posterity:
  2. They have been off line for a while, but thought I should dig them out as I was thinking of taking them to Kegworth. just could not get comfortable with them, sounding ok but on extended listening just a bit fatiguing, but could not place the problem. remembered how to do the steps distortion measurements..... I think the mids are un happy. look at the distortion plots......
  3. been there, done that..... Did that on Sunday lunch time, not overwhelmed. I think I'll stock up on provisions.
  4. Hi, Hoping to have a room this year. What are the catering arrangements? last year attended on Sunday as a visitor, only seemed to be burgers served in the bar at lunch time?
  5. https://southfront.org/summing-up-results-of-iranian-missile-strike-on-us-military-bases-in-iraq/
  6. https://www.military.com/daily-news/2020/01/21/additional-us-troops-under-medical-evaluation-after-jan-8-iran-missile-attack.html
  7. No findings, just hazy recollections I am afraid. There is al sorts of maths and equations that I am not very good at. Something like a 12v secondary would probably go ok down to 25Hz but just 6 volts output, and for push pull mains transformer that would be a swing of +- 60 volts on each half of the primary, which isn't very much, some low z triode perhaps? (don't claim to be an expert so I may have missed dome thing) Then I imagined using several with the primaries in series to get a decent swing, but would probably need 3 or 4, getting a bit messy. I was quite impressed how clean the HF was, I guess a lot less overlapping in the windings?
  8. Oh but the customer wants remote controls, and little buttons... Obsolescence of microcontrollers and FPGAs is a pain in my day job.
  9. Mmmmm.... When I was young and impressionable every audio designer I talked to, all two of them, seemed to enjoyed a bit of recreational smoking.
  10. Toroidal mains transformers are relatively much wider band than an equivalent EI, The ones I measured would make quite nice output transformers but the ratios and LF extension not so good. Also toroids don't handle DC imbalance as well. Toroidal output transformers for SE amps have the core cut almost al lthe way through with a band saw, to get the gap.....
  11. dave


    Buena vista social club, first track. Bongos. Horn. Occasional tapping Guitar. Bass. Ry 2 men singing Having put on the CD and started listening, immediately at a disadvantage because I don't know what all the instruments are called. General note, stereo sounds like it has a sock on today (raining). There is a lot of ambient acoustic on this recording and I am not getting it today so I have undoubtedly missed some background singers etc, can't place the bass accurately. My speakers may be back to front. Loose track with frequent amplifier swaps, and only really matters on films imo.
  12. I have a box of these. Don't need them sitting around any more..... Clark Terry "Portraits" Johnny Frigo with Bucky & John Pizzarelli "Live from studio A in NYC" Phil Woods "Here's to my Lady" Ana Caram "Rio after dark" I think there are 70 in total... I have no idea what demand if any and no idea what they are worth, but they must be worth £5 each at least? So state what you want and how much you want to pay. and then factor in additional postage. To UK / Europe probably less than £5, to the states >£10 at a rough guess. Pease bear in mind am based in the UK. if some one wants to organise a group buy that would suit me. So sold as seen, but definitely sealed NOS, from a reputable UK dealer. The ones I have opened work ok.
  13. dave


    I was listening to radio 3 once and they were walking round the turbine hall in the Tate modern looking at art (I presume, the imaging wasn't that good), I wasn't really paying that much attention, but this strange effect, I could the feel the whole acoustic of the turbine hall moving around, especially when moving between exhibits, but also rocking a little when they were talking. very odd. I can only presume it was recorded with a single point stereo hand held mic... To achieve this uncanny realism I was using a small pair of time aligned speakers (firing diagonally across the room) and an 18" sub (firing on the tangential axis) that was flat to lower than I could measure (<20Hz). I think good LF response and time aligned speakers work the best for this kind of thing, otherwise the location cues the brain is trying to interpret are all messed up
  14. dave

    SET Valve Amps

    I would probably agree with that statement in general, I am thinking at a more fundamental level. One day I am going to do an active speaker with current output amps, with appropriate eq... Oneday