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    Michell Gyrodec / QC
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    RB 300/Kontrapunkt B
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    SUT + Firebottle
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    squeezebox touch
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  1. aejoker

    2020 Spreadsheet Now Live

    Oh go on then , can we bring our own internet ?
  2. aejoker

    great show!

    Now that is one smart decision there, massive Kudos to Peter for that 👏👏👏
  3. aejoker

    Sunday night curry

    I'm only invited as the Spanish Politician (Manual Labour )
  4. aejoker

    Sunday night curry

    Yep , Gert Pussy ......A Gentleman of a sensitive nature / Workshy Fop 🤣🤣
  5. aejoker

    Sunday night curry

    Give over we loaded the heavy stuff before I left ya Gert Pussy ! , shame I had to miss the Curry & Debrief though , would have been great to chill & breathe a sigh of relief with everyone
  6. aejoker

    Charity Sale - £415.25

    Maybe comfy for the dog
  7. aejoker

    Charity Sale - £415.25

    Great news , top marks to your good self Barry for sorting that out fella !! , Alfie says Cheers
  8. aejoker

    The `Running Order'

    As long as you're not dipping your thing in my beer !! 😁
  9. I'll have my firebottle phono with me too , I'd like to have a quick listen to see how it sounds compared to the other two, preferably before I get too drunk to handle cables & sockets 😉
  10. aejoker

    The `Running Order'

    Nope , still not narrowing it down , to be honest I think you might be me 😂😂
  11. Found a better priced ticket & a faster train going via Leeds now so I'm booked on that , thanks for the response Bruce , see you there maybe ? 👍
  12. I'm in Brighouse , junction 25 M62 , but Leeds is fine also , can get home from there easily
  13. Hi , just wondering if anyone is heading back to West Yorkshire after the show on Sunday ? , my roomie & lift home is staying for the Sunday night Curry which unfortunately I can't due to work commitments , just thought I'd ask before I sell a Kidney to buy a train ticket , cheers
  14. aejoker

    boenicke Owners Club

    Reverse Cowboy 🤣
  15. Ok John , might have the odd bottle of red with me too 😉