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  1. Highlight of my Hi-Fi year has just nicely arrived over Christmas when I set my 14 Yr old daughter's first system up in her bedroom, nothing fancy, Ariston QDeck, Harmon Kardon amp Denon CD & a pair of Mission 780s. After spinning Billie Eilish on vinyl she says "Oh my god it sounds completely different, so much better than Spotify on my bluetooth speaker" Boom !! Job done 👍🔊
  2. Great day yesterday catching up with everyone, can't beat a mix of great people, music & good food, thanks again Fred & Nicky for your wonderful hospitality
  3. Dipping my toe in Headphone waters , total cost about £140 , so far quite impressed , probably looking at maybe a used little dot headphone amp & possibly something like a topping dac for the Squeezebox Duet as a future upgrade ? I think this could be an area for tinkering as opposed to playing around with my main system where improvements start to get a bit spendy (not that headphone set ups can't get spendy as I'm sure many on here will verify )
  4. Yes he can be a tad elusive at times
  5. Hi Richard , to be honest I've left it pretty much stock , I've only had it back to John once for revalving as I was getting some distortion , turns out that the distortion was an issue with my digital streaming (network issues) & the amp was fine , I had John revalve it as it was about time anyway & he replaced the originals (Electro Harmonix ??) with Shuagang & all sounds great .Signal valves I've left alone , I figure John knows what he's doing & I'll leave well alone , I'd be very interested in the results of any tube rolling you do though , who knows It might give me itchy fingers , How are you liking it so far anyway ?
  6. I know , I'm Bloody Rubbish , I think I may be ok but there might be dog sitting to sort out I'll check tonight with the Minister for the Interior
  7. Brilliant , did 4 gigs with an 18 piece Jazz Orchestra over the 3 days we were there , fantastic atmosphere ,I'm sure your nephew had a blast too !!
  8. Actually Boys it was Derry , Sober ???
  9. Hi Allen , The one in Maverick's room was mine , all the other expensive bits belonged to Maverick (Oh to be both Idle & Rich .....Sigh ! )
  10. Good point Paul I suspect it's probably a bit of both I know the JW definitely improves within the first hour or so from home listening but I noticed that the W8s had a settling in period at Fred's Bake Off too
  11. As the owner of the other Kegworth John Wood I can safely say that whoever bags this is in for a treat glwts.
  12. Hi Lee , John serviced & revalved mine about a year and a half ago & he fitted Shuguangs to replace the originals (Electro Harmonix ??) They sound great , not noticed loads of difference from the originals but then again I've not done a direct comparison. Allegedly the NOS GEC KT88s are supposed to be the ones to use but way too Spendy for my pocket I'd certainly have to hear a big difference first before I took the plunge I'm afraid .
  13. Added the rubber arm board mounts a couple of days ago & all seems good , slightly more bass heft & body to the sound without losing any detail or clarity .I had to use 5mm spring washers on top of the allen bolts though as the bolts fouled on the bottom of the female threaded hole on the bush which meant that the armboard didn't quite nip up , easily sorted though with the spring washers 👍
  14. Oh go on then , can we bring our own internet ?
  15. Now that is one smart decision there, massive Kudos to Peter for that 👏👏👏