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  1. As per description a set of studio connections black star jumper cables, with spade at one end and banana at the other, in excellent condition. Any questions fire away. £250.00 plus postage of your choice.
  2. Hi All Up for grabs are these Studio connections Blackstar speaker cables in excellent condition they are a little over 3 meters in length and are terminated spade to banana, again these are their latest incarnation of these speaker cables don't come up very often so get them while you can. £1,850.00 including royal mail special delivery. Thanks for looking.
  3. open to serious offers the d1.1 are all boxed up and ready to go !
  4. Hi all Up for grabs is the mk1 cxn in silver an excellent all round player, bought this refurbished from Cambridge a little while ago it’s in very good condition I cannot see any marks on it, the mk2 is currently £795.00 and to be honest I don’t know the difference between the two, recently updated the software on the unit, it will stream Spotify and tidal and has a belting little dac built in, you can also run a hard drive from it or as part of your network. pics to follow. £375.00 plus postage please.
  5. Studio Connections blackstar.
  6. Here we go then price drop until Sunday £11,000.00 does that wet anyone’s whistle ?
  7. Thanks Don, they really are amazing cables.
  8. Thanks for the positive comments, these could possibly be your end game speakers ?
  9. Dkdavid

    Vitus ri 101 for sale

    Matt lives in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
  10. Lol no possibility not clear and should have said I have dropped them by £750.00 hope that’s clear ? you may struggle to get the spikes for that alone.
  11. Indeed I have just dropped them £750.00
  12. You never know your luck ?