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  1. Used to be mine a few years ago these really are good. If I had the room I would have them back no hesitation. glwts.
  2. Hi all bought this a little while ago as I had lost my listening room, but fortunately I have gained another room so this devialet is up for sale, I have recently updated the software to the latest spec and is room ready with an unused free trail of the service. the unit does have a few hairline scratches on top of the unit but this can only be expected due to the finish of the unit. comes boxed with all of its bits and bobs and the remainder of the 5 year guarantee. its an ideal soloution to a one box soloution. £3,595.00 thanks for looking.
  3. Price drop bump £9995.00 the best value Sia25 mk2 around.
  4. Bump my px why ?
  5. Any takers for this amazing piece of kit ?
  6. Dkdavid

    Vitus Audio RI100 integrated amplifier may px

    Back from my holidays next week bump !
  7. New year bump for this excellent spinner/ transport.
  8. Dkdavid

    Vitus Audio RI100 integrated amplifier may px

    May px bump ( after an all in one system) dave
  9. Dkdavid

    Vitus Audio RI100 integrated amplifier may px

    New year bump
  10. Hi all as above studio connections blackstar usb cable this is the type a to type b configuration, an excellent cable. £400.00 posted please picture to follow Dave
  11. Hi All bought this a while ago for a storage solution which it does very well, with oodles of storage. A few surface marks on the top plate (see photos) nothing terrible but you need to know about them, but they will be out of sight when its in your rack. £800.00 Plus postage. Comes with basic power cable and short earther net cable. Specs Melco N1A with 4TB internal storage. Simple USB Backup and Expansion. Dual Ethernet Ports – DSM direct to Player Connection and LAN. USB connection to external DAC. Features Light pipe isolated Gigabit Ethernet ports to eliminate interference. Illumination can be disabled. Specialised high performance TDK magnetics for precise network communications impedance matching Ultra-low jitter system clock for outstanding audio quality 60W low noise power supply Specialised low noise low vibration audio HDD on anti-vibration mounts.