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  1. Hi they are great cables, I am sorted on my laptop side of things ( all ready own the very same laptop and it’s excellent) but thanks for the offer.
  2. Hi All Up for grabs are the last of my system, all in excellent condition. 3 meter Blackstar speakers cables. £1850.00 2 @ 1 Meter XLR Blackstar Interconnect. £695.00 Each 1 Meter Digital RCA Blackstar interconnect. £395.00 3 @ 1 meter Blackstar power cable. £400.00 each 1.5 meter Blackstar power cable. £475.00 3 Meter Blackstar power cable (previous version I had this specially made to fit from the wall socket to my mains power conditioning unit) £500.00 Blackstar speaker jumper cables £250.00 ( never used ) Payment in the usual method please, all plus postage of your choice. May take a PX if it helps ( going to look at a high end can set up next ) Thanks for looking, if you want the whole lot I am sure we could come to a deal ? 2093.pdf 2093.pdf 2093.pdf
  3. Hi I have sold my system, I have the full set up of cables from speaker jumpers, power cables and digital interconnect. This is the last of my system that I had.