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  1. My system is as follows gyro deck with orbe platter origin live illustrious arm Lyra delos cartridge. cyrus pre amp and 4 Cyrus mono blocks which would d give me 300 watts per speaker. They will power the B&W 801d speakers. my room is in a converted chapel which when complete will be 16 w x 25 L one side of the room is open to the rest of the chapel. 14 ft ceiling. I had some Gershman avant garde speakers but they did not fill the space well. I have not tried the speakers as yet as I am waiting for delivery.
  2. What do people think the best amp for B&W 801d speaker is. I was thinking of using Musical Fidelity 750 watt superchargers. I my also consider bi amping them in the future any thoughts?
  3. All though the chapel is large it will be sectioned off for various rooms. The listening area will be from speaker position to back wall about 22ft. The left speaker will be open to front of the chapel which would be around 20ft. The right speaker will be closer to a bedroom stud wall and the ceiling hight is more like 18ft. Thanks Uzzy for your recommendations I will check reviews. I have seen 801n's for a lot less than 7k. Are the mids and highs really a lot worse than other price comparable speakers? When and if I sell my Gershmans I may be able to increase the amount I can spend on new speakers so it will open up more choice for new speakers. As I say it is a lot harder for me to audition speakers as I live in Criccieth in north wales not many dealers here.
  4. As I live in rural north wales its more difficult to audition lots of speakers. I value peoples views in the hi-fi community as they live with the speakers they suggest. Any thoughts on speakers in the region of £3000 second hand that would do the job?
  5. My system is as follows: Gyrodeck with Orbe platter origin live illustrious arm, Lyra Delos cartridge Pre is Cyrus 7 with Cyrus psu. Power is 4 Cyrus mono x bi amping Gershman Avant Ggarde floor standers, these are a Canadian 3 way. I am thinking of getting B&W 801 Nautilus second hand but, I am wondering if my four cyrus mono blocks would have enough power to drive them. (I have heard they need serious power) My Gershman speakers have performed well over the years but I have moved into a converted chapel and need bigger speakers to fill the space. Any thoughts on my considered change from your more informed forum members would be much appreciated.
  6. I agree I don't think the amps are the problem. It may be my setup with cartridge loading etc my cartridge is a Benz micro ACE low o.4 . The gershmans through out a lot of bass so no problems there. it's the highs that seem to be slightly lacking. My KW sacd player is a lot more dynamic(that word again) and you hear more into the music. I have already thought of replacing the cartridge with a Lyra Delos but I hear they ride very low frightens may break stylus. Hey but for perfection it's worth taking the risk. I
  7. New to forum what do you mean bakeoff?
  8. What do you think of the Gershman Avantgarde speakers? I always thought that Cyrus amps were dynamic? What would you suggest ?
  9. Hi my system is as follows: Michell Gorbe TT with Origin Live Illustrious arm and Benz Micro low cartridge with trichord dino mk2. digital is Musical Fidelity KW sacd. Pre is Cyrus 7 with Cyrus psu. Power is 4 Cyrus mono x bi amping Gershman Avant Ggarde florstanders these are a Canadian 3 way speaker. Iam fairly happy with the system but I think I need more punch and dynamics from my TT. Iam considering changing my cartridge buying secondhand say around £700 to £800. Iam wondering will this give me what Iam after or do I need to change my phono amp or both? I listen to most music but pop. I like a bit of rock but, mainly acoustic, jazz, classical, folk, occasionaly electronic. Any suggestions much appreciated. MIke Byrne.