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  1. Selling this rather lovely Denon turntable. Full working order and looking rather fancy with its rosewood veneer. Runs on UK voltage with an external power supply (so no nasty buzzing tranny inside!). Overall it's in decent condition, the lid is pretty good, but could be made mint with some polish and a bit of elbow grease. Would prefer collection, but happy to meet up or deliver if not too far away. Wam taxi is obviously also more than welcome. Any questions please drop me a PM. £650 ono
  2. Ah, fair enough, Andrew. Good luck with the search
  3. You're running actively, surely this is an ideal time to fit something more modern, readily available and better? You can set the crossover point in the DSP no?
  4. Having to sell this lovely pair of Naim bits as I need to free up some cash for a car purchase :-( Both in excellent condition, boxed and complete with all accessories etc. First up is the Supernait. It's a mk1 with a surprisingly decent built in DAC. Perfect working order and comes with the latest Narcom 5 remote control. £1000 inc delivery. Second item is an ND5-XS streamer in perfect condition, recently installed the latest firmware. If you meet the asking price I'll even throw in a near mint iPad mini! £1000 inc delivery. Could do a deal if taking both items Located in lovely Leeds, but happy to ship etc. Thanks for looking, any questions please drop me a PM. Tris
  5. Tristan

    NAIM NDX FS. Price drop!

    Bargain. I paid nearly that for my ND5 XS!
  6. I saw these in the flesh the other day. They're simply stunning! Have a bump on me, Paul! P.S. Shelf works a treat, many thanks.
  7. Tristan


    PM sent
  8. I'm pulling the sofa apart
  9. Tristan

    Henley Designs 5 tier solid cherry rack.

    Apologies for the delay. Sorry now sold :-) Tris
  10. Tristan

    Wifi Hifi - a user's thoughts after 2 years

    I've now switched to a full streaming setup too. Currently running a Naim Supernait into Kef LS50s which are being fed via the digital out of a MacMini. It has been optimised for use as a transport only. No monitor or keyboard etc. I run Audivarna + as the music player, which has settings that switch off all extraneous features when you hit play. You can control it via an app on your iPhone or iPad. I can also use my MacBook Pro to connect directly to the Mini should I need to adjust anything in the OS. Sound quality wise, it's very impressive. I tested it against a Naim ND5 XS2 dedicated streamer and to be frank, the MacMini was just as good, maybe even slightly better? (that test saved me a good chunk of cash!). I also signed up to a 3 month free trial of Tidal and I must say I'm mighty impressed with not only the quality, but also the selection available. I first dipped my toe into the streaming life with a pair of AVi ADM9.1 Rss and an AEX, which I enjoyed a lot, but got ultimately frustrated with issues of drop out from the AEX and audible "clicks" every now and then. The current setup is faultless in this respect. The sound quality is also far superior when compared to the AEX (which can only do 16bit-48khz). All in all, I'm very pleased with the setup I now have and I have no urge to go back to a full rack of boxes and shelling out hundreds of pounds a year on vinyl and CDs!
  11. Had this for many many years and it's done a stellar job. I've seriously downsized my system recently so this is a bit pointless now and looked weird with just an amp and mac mini on it! Constructed out of solid cherry wood with toughened glass shelves. Has cable management built in too. Still a very stylish looking rack, in my opinion. Collection from Leeds, or I'm willing to drive an hour and thirty minutes in any direction to meet up etc (I'm nice like that) I bought this new when I worked at Audio Excellence in Worcester and even with my staff discount it was around £300 Offers around £100 please :-)
  12. Tristan

    WANTED: Audio Technica MM microline cart

    You'll struggle finding a 440mla (trust me I've tried!) MLBs are fairly common though and I can recommend them highly.
  13. Tristan

    WTD - Double width rack

    Tidywires, (John) has just listed one for sale, right here in the classifieds