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  1. I'd go with a Nait XS over the 5Si, you may even be able to get an XS2 for under a grand if you keep your eye out.. Naim will partner your Neat speakers very well indeed. Also consider Primare. I32s are now under a grand and serious value for money at the price point. A30 and A20 are also excellent options.
  2. Tristan


    Nope. Just a good 2 channel setup with speakers. It's recorded in "Q Sound" which was some weird pseudo surround type processing from the 80s. Madonna's Immaculate Collection uses it too (same producer on both albums from memory). Edit to add, CD only I think for the full effect.
  3. Tristan


    Have a listen to "Amused To Death By Roger Waters". That whole album creates a freaky "sonic 3D effect". From a dog barking in your neighbour's garden, to a woman sat just to the left of you, talking in your earhole. It's very weird, but strangely beguiling.
  4. Awww, I was at least hoping for the classic "Tweeters pushed in, doesn't affect the sound in any way" line Although those ones like they've got gaping holes in em.
  5. You could probably add a Planet CD player and still be in budget too.
  6. Rega Planar 3 Rega Brio or Mira (the full size jobbies not the newer kit) Rega R5's Job jobbed.
  7. Neat work well Russell K work extremely well. Very happy with mine after a long and arduous search over many years.
  8. You're most welcome, Paul. Did the new cable sort out that missing channel?
  9. Pretty sure the CCA is Roon ready.
  10. I going to have a guess that someone bought some empty cabinets and dumped the contents of a pair of 603s in em.
  11. With a ruler I'd imagine...
  12. This might help. Just been posted about about 40 minutes ago.