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  2. Altmann BYOB amplifier

    Just come across this. It appears that Brexit has hit this product VERY hard. It's currently at 8200 Euro. Two please...
  3. ESP P101 Stereo Power Amp Build

    You're going to the wrong restaurants
  4. DIY Speaker Photographs. Please add yours.

    Here's mine. Like Dave's above, they're an AVi clone sort of thing (pretty sure I gave Dave the crossover schematic that I designed?).
  5. System to play dance music <£1k

    Naim is very good at dance music. I think you'll struggle getting Neats and Densen for a grand though? If going the Naim route I'd go 72/140 and Credos over the Linns if you have the space for em.
  6. (Older) spkr ideas.. for naim 140.

    Another shout for Epos. The ES11s or 14s are both brilliant. Had 11s with my 72/hicap/140 combo for quite a while and loved em.
  7. M-Audio DX4 replacement tweeters.

    A google search says that this allegedly what you're after.
  8. M-Audio DX4 replacement tweeters.

    Have you asked M-Audio?
  9. Replacement XOver for Naim SBLs?

    What Duncan said. Not difficult to sort out at all.
  10. ESP P101 Stereo Power Amp Build

    Makes sense. But like you say, only one way to find out if there's an audible difference.
  11. ESP P101 Stereo Power Amp Build

    Why don't they like it?
  12. Amp with digital inputs

    What about picking up a used item? A Primare i22 should be possible for a grand, with optional digital input card.
  13. I have one of these in black and they are really something quite special! Good luck with the sale :-)
  14. New vinyl and it's perceived quality

    I use a weight, so that's moot.