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  1. Pretty sure the CCA is Roon ready.
  2. I going to have a guess that someone bought some empty cabinets and dumped the contents of a pair of 603s in em.
  3. With a ruler I'd imagine...
  4. This might help. Just been posted about about 40 minutes ago.
  5. Talk to Paul (Knipester) on here. He makes that kind of stuff and is rather good at it
  6. Exciting! I wanna know what on earth that was about!
  7. I actually thought this was a "quiz" from the thread title.
  8. They are prototypes. Says so in the listing. Still a huge saving either way.
  10. I used to have a pair of AVI 9.1s (the RSS version) and they were rather good, but lacking somewhat in the low end. The Atom and a pair of LS50s (which I've also owned) could be just what you're looking for. Give them room to breath and sit them on well made HEAVY stands and you're laughing :-)
  11. Ahem. Yorkshire Tea. Thank you!
  12. Get a Hercules PSU. Best £220 ever. I've had a few LP12s and they're not hard to set up yourself if you're patient and methodical. A jig helps a lot though
  13. It is. The 2m Bronze didn't fit properly and wouldn't align correctly