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  1. Tristan

    Streamer wanted

    I've got it on eBay for a grand, but can do it for £900. Boxed, absolutely mint and all the bits etc. Latest firmware and all that malarky. Edited to correct clumsy speelling
  2. Nope. I ran a pair on a few setups and they were never bright or shouty. Wonderful soundstage and a low end that defies the size of the box. Really rather good for the price. A bit fussy regarding amp choices and need a fair amount welly up em. Decent heavy stands are also a must, as well as some breathing space.
  3. The War On Drugs - A Deeper Understanding.
  4. Beck - Sea Change. It's rather pleasant.
  5. Tristan

    Sugden anv 50

    It was probably an impulse purchase that wasn't demoed at home? I know I've done stuff like that once or twice. In fact there were a pair of speakers that lasted exactly 1 day in my system, before being moved on.
  6. Tristan

    Hi there

    Absolutely no point. Everything sounds the same. Spend your money on improving your listening room, with pebbles and some cable lifters.
  7. Having recently upgraded to some nice floor standing speakers, I now have a pair of Super Dreadnoughts going spare. These are in great condition and are loaded with inert filler, from Custom Design. Collection from Leeds or can arrange a meet up for cost of fuel. Shipping isn't really advisable (they're heavy innit!) Wam taxi also more than welcome. Any questions please drop me a PM £120 ono
  8. ^ What Nick said
  9. They're discontinued now, but still a couple of new units floating about. Primare doesn't really have a great following in the UK, which is daft as it's cracking stuff. We used to stock it at the Naim Dealership I worked at in the early 2000s, the stuff never sold which always baffled me. It's really rather good! I've had a fair bit of it over the years. Not owned any of the Class D stuff, but my mates A60s sound wonderful. Some UK dealers worth chatting to. Audio Affair Audiologica Stone Audio Good luck with the search!
  10. It's a drop in board that has a DAC and streamer on it
  11. If the I25 is within your budget, I'd suggest looking out on that there auction site for a used I32 (preferably with MM30 board). You should get one for less than the I25 and will give an I22 a good slap in the face in terms of SQ.