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    Rega rp6/thoren 160s
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    Dyna 20x2/10x5
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    Heed/MF xlps
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    marantz cd63 KI
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  1. DAZ

    Remembering David Bowie - April 9th @ HFL.

    Looking forward to it Paul should be another great day.Have to brush up on the knowledge for the quiz .lol
  2. DAZ

    Thank you to all exhibitors and organisers

    4th year and it for me gets better every time.The park and ride was a great idea and the pavilion made it a lot easier to eat and relax without banging tables and elbows at previous years.The exhibitors big thumbs up could not see them all but the enthusiasem and in some cases entertainment value is what makes this unique.Roll on 2017.Thanks everyone.
  3. I have a pair of rogers export monitors that you are more than welcome to listen to.I don't have quad amps but run audiolab amps upgraded by audiocellar.These speakers I had for 15 years so only use now and then still love them to bits mainly using my spendor sp1/2 s.I'm in arlesey beds if this helps you can PM me. thanks Daz
  4. Thanks Paul and Wendy for a great day.Great music and people
  5. DAZ

    David Gilmore , rattle that lock

    I've had it for a week now and it is growing on me but I still at the moment prefer on an island.
  6. Queen studio box set starting from 1st album so far on 6th all sound really good
  7. DAZ

    Rega RP10

    I listened to this deck last year at hifilounge birthday bash and it was excellent .If I had the money I would upgrade from my rp6 and that would probably be the last deck I would get.
  8. Winter evenings dim the lights music on and forget about everything else.Without my music somedays I would loose the plot long live HIFI.q
  9. DAZ

    MF XLPS vs Rothwell

    Hi i have been using a MF XLPS for the last 10 years and am thinking its time to upgrade.Looking at the rothwell simplex as I have a dyna 10x5 so at the moment there is no nead for MC input.Reviews sound great has anyone experienced this phono stage and is it a improvement on my XLPS on do I need to look further as there are loads of other stages on the market. Your views would be great.thanks everyone
  10. DAZ

    Best show yet?

    3rd time I have come and it just get better every time.The LS 5/8s and them reel to reels from lodgesound as always a superb demo of studio standard kit and I have to say thanks to Rmsshipbroker with his audio note system playing ram stein it really rocks.Thanks again to all who exhibited.