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  1. I've been looking for the right stands for my SCM19 v2 for a few months now and finally picked up some Partington Heavi 2 stands last night. They have made a huge difference to the sound and look fantastic too. Currently not even using spikes, and not sure I'll bother!
  2. I have the same speakers and am using Bryston 4bsst2 with them which works well. If I was starting again I think I would look at nCore Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. I have some SCM19 v2 here myself and I have been playing with stands. When they arrived, I borrowed two small coffee tables, and they sounded fine on those. However, we needed the coffee tables, so I went to Ikea and bought 2x Oddvar stools. These also sound fine. I've been keeping an eye on eBay, and picked up some open frame Partington stands for a fiver (!). Put them in, and they sounded dreadful. Bought new spikes and Atacama isolation gel pad thingies. Still sound dreadful. Back to the Oddvars, and they sound great again. So, I am intrigued by the solid oak blocks idea. I wouldn't mind knowing where to get solid oak blocks myself, if you'd care to share
  4. I don't have them yet. I'm just getting ready
  5. Thanks, I think the top plate is a bit small, and Norwich is probably too far. Very helpful, thank you. I was looking at the SL400 and SL500 this morning, wondering which height would be best, but wasn't sure if it was a good match. Where did you read that ATC recommend this? Good and useful info, appreciated!
  6. Looking for some nice stands for these speakers. Ideally the top plate should be >20cm squared as I'm worried about the kids knocking them off/over. I'm thinking 400-500 high. Might consider 600 if something nice comes up cheap. Would prefer a brand/model I recognise like Partington/Atacama but anything considered. I live in SE London and have wheels. Cheers, Simon
  7. Thanks. I need to spend a bit longer with my P3ESR I think, but good luck with the sale.
  8. Thanks for the insights. I think it's probably just a part of getting used to them.
  9. Do they come with stands, Laszlo? Thanks
  10. So far, I have to say I am missing the bass and impact. Need to get some filler in the stands though! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. How do we leave feedback on the WAM? Was a faultless transaction
  12. Thanks Alan. Can't wait. Going to be very different from my SCM40s
  13. So beautiful! Have sent a PM about these.
  14. Me too, I think it's much better than most reviewers, apparently.