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  1. Since you are the owner/user, how do these compare to other monitor speakers that you have owned/auditioned? They have attracted comments about their fulsome bass energy and easy listening. What do you think?
  2. Yes, but I found that the Quad 303 was very likable too. I used the Stirling with big tubes, Quad 909 and the 303. The latter was a particularly attractive combination, but certainly did not tick many 'hifi' boxes.
  3. My 42 year old Quad 303 is my only amp. I simply have not found anything else yet that would cause me to replace it, including other Quad models. I've run it with many Quad preamps, none of which compete with my passive pre: A Mod Squad Line Drive from the '80s. The Quad preamps, up to and including the 99 have all taken something critical away from the musical information. My experience, of course. I have also run the Quad 909 with a passive. No issues at all.
  4. Celestion SL6s Rogers LS2 Spica TC50 (amazingly good, but no welly) Paradigm Atoms (emergency speakers) Boston Acoustics A60 (thrift store find....they went back there) Royd Coniston Linn Kan Mk 1 Stirling V2 with AB-2 bass extenders (current and my only pair) Despite my efforts to indulge in more sets of speakers......nothing I've tried yet can hold a candle to the Stirlings. I may go vintage, planar or single driver.
  5. I wonder if anybody has tried this configuration? I have a pair of Stirling LS3/5a V2 with ab-2 bass extenders which I've been enjoying for a good while. A friend lent me his Linn Kan mk1s to play around with. I know the Kans and have heard them in their 'best' positioning and set up, with admiration but not with any great lust to own a pair. Curiosity led me to try pairing them up with the Stirling ab-2 bass units. They are exactly the same size as the LS3/5as but they have different sensitivities. My ab-2 units are 39 inches out into the room from the wall behind, and wired up conventionally, in series, with the V2s atop each bass unit. I simply did a straight substitution, one for the other and sat down for a listen. I was floored. The Kans sounded great....much better than in their previous position up against the wall on stands, without the ab-2s. The bass was tight, not at all boomy, very well integrated, with a decent magnitude and extension. The sound staging was very wide, the upper frequencies clear and detailed, yet the attack and excitement of the Kans' original design is all there. As with the V2s, the sound is more relaxed in general too. The quantity of additional bass is not as much as with the V2 pairing, but it works really well in my medium size listening room....I can feel a good amount of air displacement coming from the ports on the ab-2s. As yet, I have not experimented further with room positioning or spikes between the two etc. The Kans are sitting on felt pads on top of the bass units. If you already own the ab-2 bass units, you can enjoy yin and yang with one easy substitution!