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  1. mg401

    Denon DL110 cartridge.

    Bump. Still for sale.
  2. mg401

    Denon DL110 cartridge.

    If you wanted to keep your Technics original you could mount the Denon into Technics headshell. Rgds.
  3. mg401

    Denon DL110 cartridge.

    Yes, Standard SME type of fit.
  4. mg401

    Denon DL110 cartridge.

    Was pleasantly surprised myself, I’ve used MCs for some time and often wondered about this as it seemed a compromise, maybe other manufacturers could give this medium some thought its a nice way to trial MCs. It needed a very small tweak on the volume but nothing major given the lift in sound quality. Can be had without the headshell if required.
  5. mg401

    Denon DL110 Cartridge.

    Would accept £105 without the headshell.
  6. Bought this from AoS site a few months back as a stand by. Only tested on 1 track to make sure all ok. Played beautiful and as it should. Fitted into a good standard headshell so plug and play if you have that style of arm. Asking £120 including UK postage. Welcome to view and audition if you can bring a turntable. Now moving in another direction so now surplus.
  7. mg401

    Goldring GL78 turntable

    This is fitted into a Dynatron plinth that also houses an amp. I think both can be removed. runs quiet and smooth on all speeds and has a Goldring fitted cart. Hours unknown. Cannot post due to weight, would be an excellent project for a lenco enthusiast. The patter and mat are in excellent cond. £130 ovno. pictures on request. Can only load one here but I have others.
  8. mg401

    Sansui SR 222 turntable

  9. mg401

    Wtd. Rega R200 arm

    Thanks. Have dropped him a mail. rgds Mike.
  10. Could be interested in a nice example, suppose with a working bias may be a want too far. But!!
  11. mg401

    Sansui SR 222 turntable

    £130 as is or £120 without the cartridge. Well worth a look at if your considering vinyl.
  12. mg401

    Pure 701 ES DAB tuner

    No one into DAB radio, not bad at all these and I have a Naim Uniti Dab that I can compared it to. Yes they are different but not by a significant amount.
  13. mg401

    Pure 701 ES DAB tuner