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  1. Chord Mojo, still the best way to go?

    I have not noticed that much difference between decent and expensive DAC:s over the years. I was not that impressed at first with the NAIM DAC V1 either, I had it for some time when I had a NAIM setup. Connected directly to a laptop with Jriver was not a big step up from a Merdian Explorer 2. With a dedicated music PC with Daphile installed the difference was more than subtitle and more worth the price difference. Something to maybe take into consideration. There are also many more costly solutions from Sonore and so on to optimize computer playback. The DAC V1 was good in my opinion. But many prefer Chord DAC:s even on the NAIM-forum (often says a lot while they tend to stick to NAIM).
  2. Chord Mojo, still the best way to go?

    Interesting, I heard a few selling their Hugos and just kept using a Mojo. You are maybe not a fan of the Chord sound signature? What kind of DAC would you prefer instead of the Mojo?
  3. Chord Mojo, still the best way to go?

    Hello, I'm looking for a modern DAC under £500. I've read many reviews and most of them states that you can't do much better than the Mojo, Is it more or less still the truth? I would only use it as standalone DAC connected to my preamp in a normal stereo-setup. The headphone-amp and the portability is of no use for me. I've sadly also read that some users had problems with the internal battery after a while, which makes me a little doubtful. But Chord is class leading right now from what I understand with their FPGA and digital technology. Or is there any alternatives? Chord 2 QUTE looks more solid and better suited for my setup, but it more than twice the price and does it even sound better (a bit older and lesser specs than the Mojo)? Cheers
  4. Hello, I use a Naim DAC V1 and a NAP-100 poweramp. I'm thinking of upgrading from the stock cable. What would be the best choice? Anyone compared the two? Anything in the same price range that is maybe better? The Premier has some nice reviews, the Chord Power Chord often gets reccomended on forums. Is the Chord worth the extra money? Cheers
  5. Hello forum members. I'm looking for solutions to replace my media furniture from IKEA with something dedicated for the stereo, which hopefully also improves the sound. I am also open for putting something up on the wall, if there is anything that can support the weight of course. I've watched a lot of different solutions, but often find that they are a bit too large for the purpose. The thing is that I only have two components (NAIM DAC V1 and NAP 100) and both are half-size. I have the feeling that they will only look odd on a rack devoted to full size components. Best regards.
  6. NAD 1050 vs Rega DAC

    No one with a idea? To loose the headphone amp would not be that bad, could always buy a used Rega Ear or so later on if the sound in general would be better with the Rega DAC. I can't sadly compare them myself. I notice alot of synergy with Rega all the way, but also read alot about the NAD before I bought it and some prefered it over the Rega.
  7. NAD 1050 vs Rega DAC

    Hello Has anyone maybe compared the two? I got the NAD 1050 and am kind of happy with it. Just thinking of the synergy effect with the Rega DAC and the Brio R amp and RS1 speakers that I use at the moment. The obious downside with Rega DAC is that it does not have a headphoneamplifier, which I use alot these day after 22. What are your thoughts? Today my P5 sounds clearly better than the digital sound, can't really be compared, more dynamic, open and fuller. Any thoughts?
  8. I need a new budget USB DAC with more inputs, which one?

    Thanks for the suggestion but I guess a tube unit won't be optimal, because the unit will be on allot. You are of ofcourse right, but I would prefer one unit. Yeah, looks interresting. I've been thinking of getting a used Teac UD-501. Have you maybe tried both? Also been reading a lot of good stuff about the NAD D 1050, anyone used it? Would maybe give some sonic benefits with my NAD amplifier. Thanks
  9. Hi there! I use a Arcam rPac today. Very happy with the sound quality for the money, but now when I want to connect my next TV to the same DAC, it's not useable anymore. I therefore need a DAC with more inputs, but with at least as good sound quality from USB (at least 96kHz/24bit) So, I guess I could go for the Arcam irDAC, but maybe there's some other good options out there that I should take into account? A cheaper one is absolutely no problem. Musicality is the main thing for me, could gladly be a bit analog sounding to. Thanks in advance
  10. What is wrong with my setup? My computer setup sounds better than the analog.

    Thanks again for all the answers. Like I said before didn't have a problem before with the Cambridge RIAA (I can understand that people like it), but I know from before that if you change something you maybe have to change something else to. I do not want or have never had coloured flowery analog sound, I would say the opposite. What I miss right now is the musicality, the analog setup sound kind of "digital" in the bad way, I guess I like it more in your face, I want stuff to happen, feel the rhythm and so on. Today I miss my old Manticore with the OC9. The hifi stuff is kind of there know, but it is boring to listen to. Can't describe it much better. Could maybe try another pu, but like I said, do not feel like putting out that much money at the moment. Will look into the suggestions in the tread. Thanks
  11. What is wrong with my setup? My computer setup sounds better than the analog.

    I sadly do not live in the UK, just use your forum because I prefer british hi fi. I live in Germany at the moment. The analog setup is maybe 3 years old, and hardly used. But does it make any sense buying a £400 RIAA like the Trigon Vanguard II for my system, I mean the speakers and amp are both quite basic. And the risk is that I have to change them to... What about selling the Cambridge and NAD and buying a Rega Brio R, could that maybe give some synergy, without having to put out that much money?
  12. What is wrong with my setup? My computer setup sounds better than the analog.

    I don't think it has anything to do with digital vs analog. For me it is all about musicality and right now it is engaging to listen to the computer setup. I heard that the Goldring pu plays very precise and open , maybe that means a bit clinical and boring to, something that perhaps wasn't a problem with the Neats and the Linn setup.
  13. What is wrong with my setup? My computer setup sounds better than the analog.

    Thanks for all the answers! Yeah, could be that I could gain some by changing RIAA, will try it out. The confusing thing is that when I had Neat speakers, Linn amp and a 800 pund DAC together with a Squeesebox, I still prefered the Rega P5 with the Cambridge all days in the week, bigger soundstage, more musical, natural sounding, and the bass was way, way better. I had the same experince with record-players from Linn, Mantra and Michell in different systems, they all where way better than my digital source. I had the cambridge as a spare one when I used Dynavector, Densen, Lehmann, they all had something i prefered over the Cambridge, but it was far from night and day. Anyhow, nowdays the the musicans sound less talanted than before, maybe the source first way of thinking really does not work in this system? I tried changing phase, tracking force, power outlets, cables and so on, without any big difference. Maybe the P5 just shows all the weaknesses in my system while the Arcam does a good job hiding the bad stuff? But still, I never had such a cheap system who plays ALAC files that good. Confusing to say the least...Maybe my way of listening has changed or something. Like some already sad, playing and taking care of the analog setup takes some time and patience, right now it feels not worth it. I mean my pickup cost a more than the double of the speakers alone.
  14. Hello everybody! My first post here. So, I used to have a decent system. For certain reasons i sold most of it, bought headphones and so on. I only kept a Rega P5 + PSU with a Goldring 2400 MM that was used maybe 200 hours totally. I have been playing with a pair of Boston A25 speakers (amazing sound for 99£ btw) with 60cm Atacama Nexus stands since a couple of weeks, a second hand NAD C 325 amplifier and a Arcam rPac that I used for some in-ear headphones + a Macbook pro with Audionirvana. Anyhow, I'm very impressed by the sound considering how little the things costed. I enjoy listening to music, and i can listen to most albums without that it all falls apart.(my experiences before is that some cds were really inpleasant to listen to, while some of course sounded very good.) Because of this I was more than curious to plug in my p5 to get some more HiFi. To my sad suprise it didn´t play much better, a bit different, but not better except the dynamics, but that's it and it feels like it is less musical than the Arcam. I do not understand anything. I used to prefer the analag sound in all previous systems. And i mean the Rega costs a bit more... The player is correctly rigged and I use a Cambridge 640P RIAA. Any theories, or suggestions why it is the way it is? Could it be the speakers somehow, the lack of bass that makes it hard for the p5 to show its stengsts? Thanks in advance