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  1. robbyd

    Fazed by phase

    My pre has a phase reverse button and although you can hear something change it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, so I never bother with it, but correctness of absolute phase is a ‘thing’ in itself...
  2. Yes I have seen those... I have a pair of subs from a Celestion system 6000 (in storage at the moment) which I want to try one day as well with the Quads.
  3. You want dipole subs with the Quads really. Gradient crossed theirs at 100hz SW-63 Subwoofer.html
  4. By the ‘x’ do you mean either ‘8’ or ‘9’?
  5. Get an original lp of steely dan ‘Aja’. get a copy of steely dan ‘Gold’ lp. this is digitally remastered. play the track ‘Black Cow’ speeded up at 45 rpm from Gold a few times- then switch to the original Aja and play that track, again at 45rpm, and see what you think .
  6. Soundstyle (I think) Hifi rack. free for collection M25 J9. five glass shelves, two legs at front, one at rear. needs to go soon! pm me if interested - thanks
  7. Free to collect only. Sony MPD 650D. Was my Uncles from new. Probably needs new belts by now. With remote. pm if interested - thanks
  8. I have been very impressed with the DS Audio gel... really does work. Found my stylus collects much less dust from LPs after a dip in it....
  9. robbyd

    Move to the US

    Personally I’d sell the lot here and start again over there .... Have a look through Audiogon for-sales and see the goldmine of what’s available. if it wasn’t for the shipping and import duties, that’s the place! cheers
  10. I very recently won a pair of 63s on eBay and, after a minor repair which I was able to do, they just sound fantastic. Dipole subs on the way.
  11. This any use?
  12. don't want to put a downer on it but: those raised strengthening portions of the brackets will probably foul the springs if they're of sensible diameter, and the brackets look like they'll bend anyway. I may be able to help you with something more substantial if needed
  13. something like the s430 is good because the outer diameter is about 50mm so it will be stable - not like some tall narrow springs. if you find they're too weak you can always add another soft 'helper' spring in the middle, though ideally I guess the fewer springs the better. try three?
  14. Yes coilspringsdirect has a great range of stock compression springs which are very reasonably priced for what they do. Awkward - all those linking pipes were just aquarium air tubes and t-pieces - I took out all the valves and superglues the tubes straight in. Before I went the springs direction I actually bought a JunAir silent compressor and was going to have multiple stands and platforms fed from a single airline that would turn on automatically when the pressure dropped too low (must get out more!)