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  1. Congratulations, great speakers, I hope they bring you much pleasure. Ian
  2. Don't be hasty, what is the problem, what speakers are you using. I have you receiver's big brother the RN 803D in my main system and is is extremely capable. Think (at least) twice "upgrade" once. Ian
  3. JTW

    cd cleaning / repair

    Most CDs will play in a CD player and you don't notice errors caused by mild to medium scratches, error correction is a marvellous thing, it takes a lot to make them skip or stop playing,. Ripping however is a different matter and I resort to a range of materials from detergent to toothpaste to brasso to remove more serious scratches to get a perfect rip. Hopefully only has to be done once!
  4. Enjoy your Audiolab, i had one as my main amplifier many years ago which i subsequently used a a phono preamp with great success.
  5. Sorry to come in so late, also if I miss some important points in a very long thread but these are still available, brilliant imho ( I'm biased I have one and am very happy), Richer will let you return if you don't take to it. https://www.richersounds.com/yamaha-rn-803-blk.html Ian
  6. I'm pretty sure i tried that, they were best, as i recall with tweeters on the outside, as i say, they were fine with orchestral music.
  7. I tried some of the smaller (0.7 someone mentioned earlier?) ones and they filled a large room with excellent sound with a 100 Watt amp (Audiolab) the only problem that I had was image scale. With orchestral music they were just fine, similarly with most rock music. However, with some singers, Leonard Cohen being the best example, the singer sounded massive , close your eyes and there was a giant Leonard Cohen in the room, very strange! So I didn't buy them, wife quite pleased but I sometimes wonder...
  8. Oh dear. First of all don't panic. are you sure it's not your drive that is the problem, strange that they should almost all be at fault. In my experience there is one major cause of CDs being unreadable and that is bronzing see - http://www.classical.net/music/guide/society/krs/excerpt3.php I experienced this with many Hyperion discs an Island disc by sandy denny but no DG. So, first of all have a look at the list of CDs on the link http://www.classical.net/music/guide/defective.php then try another drive for ripping. Good luck.
  9. Just an idea for the garage, I use an old pair of speakers and sub (small) from an ancient Dell PC I once had, surprisingly OK!
  10. Why not unbox the Yamaha and try it out, I think you would be surprised at the quality offered.
  11. Just looked it up, says it has an UPnP server. So you should be able to use BubbleUPnP on your android phone.
  12. JTW


    http://www.g4dcv.co.uk/ls35a/history.html may also be of interest
  13. I use two Onkyo minis of different vintages in secondary systems, both with monitor Audio Radius 90 speakers, not the last word in bass obviously but a lovely clear midrange and quite discreet. One has a Yamaha Musiccast WXAD10 feeding it with good results.
  14. Yamaha and Spendor work well for me.