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  1. JTW

    Spendor Owners Club

    And nearly another two years on I still love them!
  2. Both the men in their respective videos actually.
  3. If I "got" anything from such ridiculous rambling I should be worried, really.
  4. That is some very special bullshit.
  5. JTW

    your favourite films of all time

    Many of those already mentioned but for me O Brother Where art Thou Galaxy Quest Ed Wood High Plains Drifter Nine monkeys
  6. JTW

    Cambridge Audio Edge

  7. I have only used the TV app for Netflix and that works well, just be careful with 4K and WiFi I found it to be much more stable with a hard ethernet connection. Good luck and Merry Christmas!
  8. JTW

    Cassette deck

    Say no more!
  9. JTW

    Cassette deck

    No, absolutely. No matter what technology was added they either hissed, distorted or just didn't have the full frequency range. I absolutely loathed cassettes, forget it!. On the other hand now that i'm older I probably wouldn't hear the hiss or notice the limited range, still you have to ask yourself, why on earth go for this benighted technology when there is so much great stuff around? Just my opinion of course.
  10. JTW

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    1. Right at the beginning of the year took delivery of my lovely Yamaha R-N803D Network Amplifier. 2. Bought more music 3. Bought even more music
  11. JTW

    Interconnect Surprise

    Tasteless comment and no link whatsoever to this discussion
  12. JTW

    Interconnect Surprise

    Claptrap, many cancers are now curable, more have longer survival times, and there are more advances every year, in any case, such comparisons are meaningless as the areas under discussion here are well understood, if you can't accept that it is your problem.. Even so there are many on this forum who would still like to help others to understand what is real and what almost certainly isn't, and maybe stop rip off merchants and snake oi;l salesmen from taking advantage of those who either do not or refuse to understand the science.
  13. JTW

    Interconnect Surprise

    You are Donald Trump and I claim my $5.00.
  14. JTW

    Yamaha RN803d

    Yes, the speakers were a bit more expensive but speaker / room interaction si the most important factor after all and they do sound great. I have no urge to close the price gap currently!
  15. JTW

    Yamaha RN803d

    My old kit was Audiolab pre and power (Old UK built 800Q and P, Yamaha CD-N500 streamer / Cd player, Sony tuner (old!). I've still got them just in case I need to go back! The CDP is still there in case I need to spin a disc. Speakers are Spendor D7 (90dB/W) room is largish 5.2 x 7.5 metres and the Yamaha drives them nicely, as did the Audiolabs.