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  1. I have been impressed by the ability of many of you to suggest fairly current music, no chance of that for me! There were one or two possibilities but they have been covered by reviews elsewhere. So what to choose, most of the obvious choices for me will have been used previously so I thought I would pop down this Welsh rabbit hole and revisit one of my favourite bands of the 90s - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci. This album - Gorky 5 is from about the middle of their career, they formed in the early 90s and split up about 2006, this is from 1998. I loved the quirky sound that they produced, seemed to me to be a late flowering of a certain style of British whimsical proggish music. Anyway, make your own minds up! And finally , all about Gorkys https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gorky's_Zygotic_Mynci
  2. Speaker sensitivity

    Coincidentally I have just been to Tate Modern, to see the Emperor's New Clothes which are the works of Rothko. With so much beauty in the world why concentrate on this pretentious garbage, over the years I have tried to see what others do, it is quite clever certainly but great art? No, only on the eye of the investor. Just my very humble opinion of course
  3. Shure V15 III carts have been going forever, must be a contender.
  4. You know that is so true! I can remember when I became conscious of the equipment, listening to Abbey Road on my grandfather's music centre* in stereo, I never looked back! *More of a "Radiogram" really
  5. Goldring G800 cartridges ? But actually if you go back a generation the BSR record players with their ceramic cartridges sold by the million, but were they HIFI? I remember my parents had a Ferguson music centre and there were identical Ultra and other brands.
  6. Sad to say the Garrard SP25 probably sold in greater numbers than all of your Pioneers, Technics, Linn, AS and Thorenses put together.
  7. Elgar's Sea Pictures arranged for Piano and Mezzo by the composer. On R3 today, different from the orchestral version but imho very lovely about 31 minutes in http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09h68q5
  8. How locally made is your setup?

    In value terms over 90% UK.
  9. I thought I'd suggest some opera for a change but I thought a whole opera might be a bit too much of a commitment for you busy people. So, a long time favourite of mine featuring two fantastic singers. This is mostly Mozart with a bit of Rossini and Donizetti. The performers were a lot younger then (1999 I think) than they are now though, both are still going strong, I saw Bryn in Falstaff just last Sunday. Some beautiful performances on this, even if you don't like opera give it a listen. Beautiful!
  10. Windows 10

    10 is good and seems more stable and quicker than 7.
  11. Do you trust magazine reviews

    It was the price that did it for me, and it was OK until it blew up, I have to say that it put me off AMSTRAD for a while . I had friends with Rogers and Amstrong amps and I admit to a bit of amp envy, that was probably the start of the slippery slope. My faith in the reviewers persisted for some time.
  12. Do you trust magazine reviews

    My first amp, as a student, was an Amstrad IC2000 which had also had good reviews. Sadly, it emited a bang and smoke one day, fortunately it was the end of term so I wasn't without music for long. Also fortunately the engineer in charge of the local TV transmitter was a friend of my parents and he fixed it for me, it lasted another 18 months before it was stolen in a break in. I don't suppose I can blame the second calamity on A.M.S. though.
  13. I agree that he's not as good as he was even a few years agi but I enjoyed this performance nevertheless. It was only marred by the overproduced backing vocals for me, especially in tggits.
  14. I've listened to bits of this a few times over the last few weeks and I nearly like it. Will keep trying for this one. 3 stars so far.