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  1. Ghetto Tone Controls

    My old AR 6 speakers had a switch to adjust the tweeter level which, I presume just put various resistors in series with the tweeter, that kind of thing seemed to become anathema to purists later but it worked well.
  2. When I was auditioning speakers no dealers round here had any in stock, then one of them ordered a pair from the factory for me, I borrowed them for a week and bought them, I believe that since then they have sold quite a few pairs. Persevere with the dealers, in any case you should listen to them in your own listening space before you consider buying any. As far as my music playing goes - probably >50% classical, including symphonic, opera and chamber. The rest is mainly oldish rock, primarily prog and other 60s 70s and 80s stuff. Some newer stuff and a little Jazz. Lots of Tom Waits. Very little metal, hip hop etc, some electronica. So a wide range. I play at reasonable levels, sometimes unreasonable levels if I've enjoyed wine or whisky! The house is detached to I'm lucky that I can do that. they seem quite easy to drive. They are great all rounders in my opinion, in my, largish, room they give a balanced presentation with good but not over emphasised bass, The mid range and top are sublime and what sold them to me, I think the do great justice to female vocals. Pianos sound as real as I've heard. They image well with depth and height as well as width, with my eyes shut I would swear that the height of the image is well above the top of the speakers - illusory obviously but good nevertheless. For me I can't think of a downside, the are not too large, my wife thinks they are reasonable to look at! As I said in my previous post gorgeous! Let me know if you've any more questions. Ian
  3. New Fleetwood Mac book

    More expense! Already have this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00XWVGJGI/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1508053803&sr=1-3&refinements=p_27%3AMick+Fleetwood&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&dpPl=1&dpID=41nm30YAdGL&ref=plSrch which is fairly recent and I think he did an earlier memoir in the 90s. Oh Well!
  4. A bit more serious than most but this is excellent On BBC great documentary series by Ken Burns about the Vietnam war, well worth watching http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b096k7q7 And the soundtracks are also full of great music http://www.pbs.org/kenburns/the-vietnam-war/music/episode-playlists/
  5. When I was young I could hear tones up to and over 20kHz now I'm probably at about 13. So different people do hear different things even at this simple level. People of different nationalities are incapable of hearing subtleties of sound in other languages. There is apparently a thing called tone deafness. So how does auditory perception not differ between the individual? Some people prefer speaker A over speaker B finding subjective qualities like brightness different (the spectrum of the sound is clearly the same in both cases, it is the perception of, say, brightness, that is different). On another point, you comment earlier in the thread about the large inherent distortion of speaker compared to amps (10%?) well, I guess that explains why speakers do sound so different from each other, as opposed to the purely electronic links in the reproduction chain.
  6. Perception is by definition unique to the individual, it will be modified by many factors, physiological, psychological and physical so it is not likely that one could produce a meaningful set of measurements that would mimic the perceived signal. What can be done, that is scientifically valid, is ABX testing and I am not aware that there are any properly conducted tests that show any differences between well engineered electronics. On that basis there would not appear to be anything real to measure.
  7. He presented measurements, more measurements, different measurements, but undoubtedly, measurements. There was no reference I could see to psycho acoustics or any other non physical measurement, no reference to cochlear distortion, neural deficit or wild imagination.
  8. I'll give this a solid not bad. I think Duvet nailed it with his reference to Lou Reed et al. I was amazed that I actually recognised the single! Thanks but I can't see myself playing it too often.
  9. Interesting presentation but I honestly can't relate anything in this video to any of your various assertions. Figures available on the Web suggest about 0.3% , I am sure others here can confirm whether that is accurate.
  10. Blade Runner 2049

    I really enjoyed it, a tad to long maybe but not glacial by any means. My main complaint was that the music was too loud, my fault for going to a stupid IMAX showing I suppose. The music was a reasonably good Vangelis pastiche I thought, but I'm not a great fan of his, his soundtrack worked with the original and this soundtrack works with this one. It was a good story, maybe a couple of illogical plot developments but heck this is SF, I love SF but logic is often not at the strongest attribute of SF and particularly not in films of the genre and maybe even more so in the fiction of Philips K Dick. I won't discuss the details as that would involve spoilers. Harrison Ford put in an excellent performance, better if anything than in the first film, though of course slightly less centre screen for much of it. Well worth going to, don't bother with IMAX.
  11. More foo!!! (Schumann Resonators)

    Slightly tangential to the topic but this is very interesting, an academic approach to bullshit detection. Worth a look. http://callingbullshit.org/videos.html
  12. I saw the film last week, the soundtrack was very Vangelisesque IMHO, worked well with the movie. I loved the film actually, saw it in IMAX i did think it was much too loud! All the reviews I've seen, generally uk broadsheets have been very positive. I went with a group, admittedly all into SF, and it was universally liked (apart from my wife who complained about the loudness, but she liked the film ). One worth going to the cinema for, definitely.
  13. More foo!!! (Schumann Resonators)

    No not really sarcasm, more a sense of irony. I know from personal experience that the wish to get perfect sound and as realistic a simulation of a live experience can seriously effect ones sense of judgement. I know that I have made some / many buying decisions in the past based on believing what I read in the HiFi press and a combination of really wanting them to be true and a suspension of disbelief, which as a scientist I should be rather ashamed of. I did have an epiphany when listening to some gear at home and being persuaded by my wife to let her run a blind test for me, I was actually gutted at the time but have been much happier with my music listening since and have wasted less money!