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  1. Synology NAS + Sonos =

    Glad you got it sorted, do you know what the root cause was out of interest? Yes, I should have mentioned the importance of the "Music" folder, sorry. I find Musiccast populates pretty much instantly.
  2. Synology NAS + Sonos =

    Sorry, I can't suggest anything else, maybe it's your router firewall that's not letting the NAS connect, you can obviously see it in your local network (from your laptop for example). Good luck.
  3. Synology NAS + Sonos =

    Restart the router not the NAS, but restarting the NAS won't do any harm.
  4. Synology NAS + Sonos =

    I'm not an expert but I will try to help. I assume you are hard wired (ethernet) to the router? Have you tried resetting the router by power cycling (switching off then on again)?
  5. Synology NAS + Sonos =

    Called Media Server - allows the NAS to be a DLNA server
  6. Synology NAS + Sonos =

    Is your NAS running the synology music server app? I'm using a Synology NAs with Musiccast with no problem by the way.
  7. The MQA debate

    I did read into your post that there was some intent to support MQA as a "WAM community", you are correct that I do not want to support MQA as an individual or as part of the WAM or any wider audiophile community. I think we have sen here that there is no general support, different individuals have different views and that is healthy.
  8. The MQA debate

    Well, given what I have read about MQA I have to conclude that it is snake oil, which is disappointing because I think Meridian in particular have produced great kit. Other than the possible, probably short lived, benefits for the recording companies I can't see anything at all for the consumer, there is no evidence of improved SQ and in the end it is a lossy format.
  9. The MQA debate

    Who precisely gives MQA credibility, I would certainly not want to be part of any community that gave credibility to snake oil.
  10. As I say my problem with Plex was basically with video, if seemed to be very random in the way it selected totally unrelated thumbnail images for the files so I gave up! Should have said that for classical I use composer / album rather than artist / album. Good luck! Ian
  11. I use the Synology media server. Files are organised into folders for artist with albums within, not perfect but I know my way round. I have tried other servers such as Minim but reverted to media server, just because i was used to it. I also tried plex mainly for video but didn't get on with it.
  12. My Synology DS414 is now 4 Years old, working wonderfully streaming great music via ethernet to my Yamaha receiver, enjoy yours.
  13. Need Amp & Dac suggestions

    No I haven't but I haven't looked. It's not been a priority as it's not a problem for me, I have a pretty frienfly listening room. I do have one set of speakers "optimised" so can switch between optimised or not, and they certainly change the overall sound response and do affect the imaging. The system was originally for multi channel AV systems, this is what their blurb says. "For the first time in a Hi-Fi receiver, the R-N803D is equipped with the Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer (YPAO), a famed technology used in Yamaha’s AV receivers. It measures the shape of the room, the material of the wall and the position of the speaker, and then automatically adjusts the sound to create the ideal response and sonic quality. The unit also features other advanced YPAO functions, including YPAO-R.S.C (Reflected Sound Control), which actively corrects the important early reflection sounds that greatly influence sound quality, and YPAO Volume, which applies exceptionally high-precision EQ (equalization), with 192 kHz / 64-bit operation. The result? You can create an ideal listening environment right in your home, just like that of a professional audio listening room. Moreover, you can control the YPAO feature and display the analysis results by using a MusicCast app."
  14. Need Amp & Dac suggestions

    No idea but my Yamaha system does it as well.
  15. How? Data is data, a zero is a zero and a one is a one.