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  1. JTW

    Subwoofer blues.

    It wasn't a detectable voltage, my multimeter presumably isn't sensitive enough. What worried me was the neon glow from the screwdriver and the coincidence of the dead sub out channel on the Onkyo AV amp. I don't know if I dare connect it to my new amp! I'm not sure I follow you, do you mean recalibrate the system with low Sub gain? Would that stop it cutting out? The other possibility would be to change the crossover point upwards so it gets a more continuous signal, but I don't know if this AV amp can cater for that and I guess it might compromise the sound. I'll have a look. Cheers ian
  2. JTW

    Spendor D7

    Some prices here http://hifilounge.co.uk/spendor-d-range
  3. JTW

    Subwoofer blues.

    Thanks for the suggestion however the Q Acoustics sub has a 2 pin mains connector, no earth. I didn't in any case have an earthing issue when the problem first occurred, I tested with one of those plug testers that you insert in the sockets. Ian
  4. I use venerable KEF eggs in my 5.1 system. The original subwoofer, however, gave up the ghost years ago. I then bought a Monitor Audio 720 subwoofer as a replacement. Unfortunately this did not last long as its' noisy switching power supply made my then mains borne network unusable. So I bought a Q acoustics subwoofer which was fine. Then my AV amp (Onkyo)'s subwoofer channel died. The speaker afaik still worked fine as demonstrated by signal injection by human hand (50Hz mains via thumb). I don't know why but I touched the central connector on the RCA cable connected to the Q acoustics sub with a mains testing screwdriver and the neon light lit up, I was worried! My AV meter, however, showed no significant Volts or Amps. So should I have been worried? I rightly or wrongly thought that this might explain the demise of my Sub Out channel so, given that my network is now a proper ethernet one and no longer reliant on the mains, dug out the Monitor Audio once more. So this is where I am BUT the M.A.sub has circuitry that switches it off when it is "not needed" which is fine, except that when it comes on , it comes on with a thump!!! Does anyone know how to minimise this effect, either by optimising settings or some other defeat mechanism if you do please let me know. also if you can shed any light on the Q acoustics neon issue!! Thanks. Ian
  5. JTW

    Measurements, Compatibility and Ears 👂

    People who live in glass houses...
  6. JTW

    The Yamaha Owners Club

    Not sure to be honest, but I doubt it. The way I did it is just like the AV setup type, mic at the listening position then run the setup. What I have done is connected both sets of speaker terminals (A and B) to my main speakers then set room correction settings for each set. So set to A is my main listening position Setting B is corrected for a secondary position which I use at other times and is to one side A and B selected cuts out any correction. It also has tone controls, they work well. The manual is here https://europe.yamaha.com/files/download/other_assets/1/976631/web_AV16-0039_R-N803_R-N803D_om_G_En_A0.pdf
  7. JTW

    The Yamaha Owners Club

    I really can't fault it, it does everything it should well and sounds great with my speakers in my room. The app is very stable, not as flashy as some, has gapless playback, I really don't think it can be beaten in terms of value or sound quality. One aspect which I think is significant is the, admittedly basic, DSP based on their AV systems but really worthwhile. An unconditional recommendation from me! Go for it. PS mine's black not silver!
  8. JTW

    NAS me peeps!

    This just have me a panic attack just thinking about it. Get it backed up! Please! External HDDs are not expensive, especially compared to the effort of ring those CDs and given the ensuing stress. I'll try and relax now.
  9. JTW

    superfi gone under?

    I bought quite a lot of stuff from there, Cambridge amp, rega TT and a couple of arms, cartridges etc over the years. I lived on Smithdown when I was a student and used to gaze longingly and pointlessly at the gear in the shop. Subsequently when i started working and had some spare dosh that's where I went to spend it.
  10. JTW

    superfi gone under?

    Come over to Warrington, we've still got Brady's (he started on Smithdown Road in Liverpool - WA Brady and son I think , was it his Dad's camera shop?). And Acoustica in Chester also not too far. But I guess you knew that!
  11. JTW

    Chasing system accuracy... Is there a point?

    Not keen on the BBC sound is he! And it's pretty plain to see why the book is being given away free.
  12. JTW


    One of my favourites.
  13. JTW

    So, if you could go back in time...

    Ah, the B&W DM70's yes I'd get those to replace the ones I chucked in a skip about 30 years ago because I couldn't afford to get them repaired and apparently they were "clutter"
  14. Thanks Simon, that is brilliant.
  15. JTW

    Spendor Owners Club

    My room is quite a bit larger, nearer 5x8, the right one is just a metre from side wall, the other further but has equipment rack quite close to it (there is an uneven narrowing of the room at that end hence the difference). I listen along the long axis of the room so don't have the ideal equilateral triangle. Really too dissimilar to your situation to make any predictions I fear. If you can get hold of a pair to try out you should though! I'm sorry I can't be more helpful. Ian