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  1. This time, possibly as a response to the weather which is more French than British at the moment I have chosen Songs of the Auvergne by Canteloube, if you don't know this beautiful set of folk songs sung in Occitaine you should have a treat in store. The version I have chosed is the first i came across and remains my favourite. It is sung by Jill Gomez and played by the RLPO conducted by Vernon Handley . I hope that you enjoy listening to them
  2. JTW


    If they're not too far gone what about raised beds?
  3. And now I wish I'd gone to the Manchester show as well! https://www.theguardian.com/music/2018/jul/04/roger-waters-review-us-them-tour-resistance
  4. We were in block 3. What did you think of the sound quality (this is a HiFi forum after all!) I thought it was good but not great, thankfully not as loud as some, the percussion rather louder than used to be the case back in the day though.
  5. Yes, I got sniffed by the dog, whereabouts were you seated?
  6. That's the only time they stopped talking, for the 3 or so songs they recognised, then they sang, but not singing as we know it!
  7. Yes, he is still a great performer and he made all the music so relevant. Great gig! Could have done without the two geezers behind me talking to (shouting at) each other for most of the gig as if they were in a big pub, it was a big waste of money for them!
  8. JTW

    A Rats Nest of Cables

    And now i have to listen to Frank, heck...
  9. JTW

    A Rats Nest of Cables

    Yes they're a bit bright there's an annoying peak at 510 to 540 THz
  10. JTW

    Spendor Owners Club

    Mine works, bizzarely I read this on my Android phone and it was translated into English as "Hello Some Spendor SA3 passive user or can you tell us something" which is all the more strange considering the original had no mention of Spendor. Who needs Babel fish?
  11. JTW

    Is classical music harder to get right?

    In general I find classical music more satisfying (in a natural sense) to listen to than rock. True, scale is difficult and large orchestral works are a challenge for the average listening room. Rock is more processed usually so cues are not necessarily natural. As George 47 says a lot of clever miking goes into classical recording as well but the overall feel is still more authentic. One of the reasons why BBC R3 concerts are so good to listen to is IMHO the relatively simple recording and processing.
  12. JTW

    Synology NAS + Sonos =

    Glad you got it sorted, do you know what the root cause was out of interest? Yes, I should have mentioned the importance of the "Music" folder, sorry. I find Musiccast populates pretty much instantly.
  13. JTW

    Synology NAS + Sonos =

    Sorry, I can't suggest anything else, maybe it's your router firewall that's not letting the NAS connect, you can obviously see it in your local network (from your laptop for example). Good luck.
  14. JTW

    Synology NAS + Sonos =

    Restart the router not the NAS, but restarting the NAS won't do any harm.
  15. JTW

    Synology NAS + Sonos =

    I'm not an expert but I will try to help. I assume you are hard wired (ethernet) to the router? Have you tried resetting the router by power cycling (switching off then on again)?