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    I've enjoyed my TT (Project Classic) for a couple of years now but always wondered what the benefits of an improved cartridge might bring. With the fitted Ortofon silver spinning vinyl was a treat and rarely a disappointment but enter the Goldring 1042, fitted by a lovely chap at Nottingham Hi Fi. It's gorgeous and releases the potential of this fine spinner I feel. Pretty much improved in every dimension, and significantly. I appreciate records aren't loved by all, and it's as far from streaming as you can get, but a joyful thing to do if you fancy it. Anyway, got to go, I have to flip to side 2 !
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    Kit pic - not changed for years really. In me profile Someone sell me an EAR digital source then I can't be arsed anymore.
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    First couple of shots with the Sony A9. Great spotted woodpecker by Keith M, on Flickr Reed Warbler by Keith M, on Flickr
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    I have listened to a lot of music, live and played back by simply moving from the studio floor to the control room, always interesting. From a hi-fi perspective I have been able to listen to small scale recordings recorded and played back in the same room, analogue mixer, 2 track digital and an exceptional playback system. These and a myriad of similar experiences have convinced me that the technology barely matters, it is the skill of the producers, recording and mastering engineers that makes all the difference.
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    Garbage - Version 2.0, vinyl. Going to see them play in Kew Gardens in a few weeks so thought I'd better listen to a few discs!
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    Contact by -DaveBailey1-
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    Current leaders line up at the cenotaph/monument and with open heart and voices quavering in emotion offers thanks to a near gone generation for saving the world from a dark scourge. All the current leaders are reverential and say what they are expected to say. Then a few days later the BBC steal from the wallets of many of the same generation.
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    This is a concept in Psychology which is complex, very interesting and relevant to us all on this Forum (or any other hifi forum). But I cant remember any thread or post dealing with it comprehensively or adequately. Here are a few types of cognitive bias that I have selected from a bigger list. They show the COMPLEXITY and DIVERSITY of this phenomenon: 1. Anchoring Effect - Relying too heavily on an irrelevant piece of information...; 2. Availability heuristic - Overestimating the likelihood of something happening because a similar event has happened recently or because we feel emotional about a similar event; 3.Confirmation bias: The tendency to remember only what supports the persons views; 4. IKEA effect : where people place an overly high value on what they have either fully or partially assembled themselves ; 5. Overconfidence effect : the phenomenon of overconfidence in answering questions; 6. Optimism Bias : where people tend to be overly confident about their plans and decisions; 7. Planning fallacy : the tendency to underestimate the time it will take to complete a task; 8. Sunk Cost Bias : a tendency to continue a behaviour as a result of previously invested resources (time, energy, money). The RELEVANCY of 'cognitive bias' is to do with how we all invest in and evaluate hifi equipment (and records and CDs). For example if we are all (equally?) subject to error-inducing psychological factors, how can we rationally assemble a cost effective and satisfying system? Another question that arises is, given that a number of people have succeeded in assembling a good system on a limited budget, is the phenomenon of 'cognitive bias' overly exagerated when it comes to savvy, experienced audiophiles? After all, you might argue there is such a degree of agreement as to the best sounding piece of equipment based on comparisons at a bake off in the same place and at the same time, that most people get it 'right'. A phrase I hear in h fi circles is 'expectation bias'. I take it this means that if I or you go into a demo room or someones living room with a lot of expensive/well regarded kit we would tend to view the sound positively because we have predicted it will be and this will effect our perceptions. If true can I point out that it would be unlikely for us to be ever 'disappointed'. Expectation bias tends to (wrongly) logically rule out the possiblity of disappointment. (And what happened to 'expectation prejudice'?) Anyone on here studying this subject or working in this field in psychology ? If so, how, in particular, would you say your studies are relevant to the world of Hi Fi? Jack NSM
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    The thing about bias in hi-fi situations is that you can not "take steps to not let it influence your decision", it simply does nor work that way. The only way to remove bias is to listen 'blind' and match levels. Since blind tests rarely if ever give the 'correct' results they are consistently poo-pooed by hi-fi enthusiasts.
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    After yesterday's weather I had to get out tonight for a walk, glad I did as it was lovely! Ashdown Forest, Crowborough. by Rick Francis, on Flickr
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    Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon, vinyl.
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    I've never liked the idea of matching an overly bright amp with 'softer' speakers or vice versa. The old saying 'two wrongs don't make a right' is equally applicable to audio. Trying to fix something that sounds wrong by combining it with something else that sounds wrong is a good way to go down the path of being unable to ever get the best out of a system and also not being able to upgrade or change anything for fear of it all going pear-shaped.
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    Hi everyone. I realise now that I was much too ambitious for my first bake off. Many apologies to those who brought their kit and did not have time to play. I will arrange another bake off in the autumn. Which I hope will be better organised. Also pleased the hotel venue worked out ok. The waitresses were great. 😏 Both turntables played through a ps audio Phono to digital converter. Which was interesting. But my lp12 still got trounced. I borrowed an audioquest diamond digital spdf from my local Kii3 dealer in Checkenden, which saved the day, as I did not get my new spdf cable delivered in time. Thanks very much for everyone who joined in the Toslink blind test. It became a bit of a comedy routine at the beginning, with all the suggestions how to make the test more authentic and fair. There is a 45 minute video of the whole proceedings which will be published in 2 weeks time. We were comparing audioquest toslinks at €35 vs €489. I have all the written test results with me here in Greece and will publish is a few days time. After I have got over the ouzo headaches. Best Chris
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    I can't understand why you think it's flawed either. There is no such thing as better in terms of hi-fi its mostly subjective. If there was a scale we'd probably all be aiming somewhere along it, but that's not the case it's all shades of grey. It's all just basically a presentation and a flawed reproduction of what actually happened at the time of recording, that's all it ever will be. Beauty is literally in the ear of the beholder. And blind tests are great I think, as they really prove this point.
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    Ian, You are deluded. Look at the signal to noise ratio, the frequency response, the distortion levels you can't be enjoying stunning music. So stop it. Download a million charts and look at them and prove it. Or you could just listen and continue to enjoy the music. You're right it is rather good.