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    Excellent total obtained from a bunch wires and a few dodgy CDs , oh and not forgetting the Quantum Speaker Enhancers (tried them Rick ? ) . Thanks to everyone who donated a sale item and thanks to those who donated money from their private Bring and Buy items.
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    Thank you for taking the time to come as well, we would look very foolish stood in empty rooms all day. It had a real good buzz this year I thought, and also plenty of people through the door.
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    Every year the effort of all the exhibitors is brilliant and the comments people are saying as they leave is that the music production is far superior to any of the professional trade shows. Well done everyone, its been bumper numbers and very busy. Already the requests for rooms for 2020 coming in. This years visitor number was 482.
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    I want to say a big thanks to all those who exhibited and to everyone who made the show possible. It was the best sounding and most enjoyable hi-fi show I have been to. A fantastic diversity of sounds and every system had something to offer. It really challenged some of my preconceptions which I enjoyed immensely. Thanks also to those exhibitors who put up with my dodgy music selection. 😉 A great achievement 😊
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    To all, Those who traveled miles; sometimes hundreds of miles, whether by land, sea or air, carried insane amounts of gear, lugged heavy suitcases, drank themselves to a stupor and woke early, had a smile on their faces despite all, for all that and to Peter for organizing the event, to the helpers and the brave, we salute you. Nothing prepared me for the event that is THE WAM Show. It's truly unique.... And I enjoyed it all... Ade / Parcelmonkey
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    Ashby room sorted as of 13:00 all 28' x 40' of it. Been to busy talking bollocks and listening to tunes to post earlier. Ushers are loving it, they like being let off their leash.
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    There's just one person I want to give a thumbs up to...... @greybeard's mate Ken who came into my room at mid-day on Sunday and said "Can I get you a nice cold glass of wine?" You wouldn't believe how good that sounded. Well, big thanks to Peter as well. *Mostly* calm on the outside....... But generous to a tee, and took the trouble of going around all the rooms and making sure we were all happy with how things were going.
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    The Weekend was great, much more than I expected. The Saturday evening, following the amazement, that I had two channels working on a system after having reasembled it all, following 5-6months of being dismantled was a real stroke of luck. The real luck though on the Saturday was the visitors coming into my room, as a Newbie and by myself, I did not want to vacate the room and leave the kit unattended for safety reasons, the images of the kit should explain that one. Great Evening, Great People, Great Craic, Thank You All for being so, well Drunk might be a appropriate word for a few . Sunday was absolutely mind blowing, the attendees, the exhibitors, all very encouraging and incredibly supportive. I hope the personal owned Albums played for you or any requests from the selection were hitting the mark. I wanted to visit other rooms, but was overwhelmed by the endless curiosities and enthusiast enquiries about the set up, it would have been unfair not to be on hand to meet and greet. I did get a few cool down walks around the car park, pure bliss that was too. There was a good size group at the curry evening, a great buzz in the air, it was encouraging to see such a camaradarie between all to finish the day on. Until 2020 Bon Voyage
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    I missed the last couple of shows so it was great to get back into it. Big thanks to everyone who took the time to exhibit their gear, hats off and thanks to you all. Some highlights for me were: Room 121 - eddie-baby, what a marvelous little system, I honestly didn't know who'd won the suitcase challenge but I thought it must have been this one, it sounded absolutely great. I'm probably biased though being a Proac owner. Room 19 - Wizmax/Speedracer - I'd never heard BBC type speakers other than Harbeths, those Rogers LS5/9 made me re-think about the BBC sound. Not my favourite speakers of the day but probably very well suited to my room, I'll certainly have another listen when it's time to change. Room 117 - Maverick/Aejoker - read a lot about the Boenicke W8's but still wasn't prepared for the big sound they produced, one of the only rooms we visited twice. Room 101 - Audioflyer - the other room we visited twice, I could have sat in this room for hours. Real synergy going on here, great deck into Class A amplification feeding a 12' Woofer. The music just washed over you, not forced, not laid back, just spot on. I don't know Audioflyer's real name but he was a real gent too, thank you. I don't frequent the Wam much now but I'd just like to ask all members to support the show, it's unique and the high point in the year for this hobby of ours. Cheers BB
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    Huge thanks to the organisers, the other exhibitors, the hotel staff and the punters for attending and supporting the show this year. Hope you all found and enjoyed something that we had to offer on the day from a real diverse mix of hi fi. Roll on next year ! Hap.
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    Durham Cathedral has always had a no interior public photography policy. The only opportunity to photograph it's interior has been to join one of the quarterly photo sessions where 200+ people pay £10 and jockey for position (nightmare and pointless) or a couple of local photographers run private sessions at around £40 a couple of times a year. It seems the regular complaints from tourists and locals have now been listened to and a week or so ago restrictions were lifted. Still no flash and no tripods but it is now possible to photograph this fabulous World Heritage site yourself and living on it's doorstep I'm really happy that common sense has now finally prevailed ! Head by Les, on Flickr North Transept by Les, on Flickr Choir to Nave by Les, on Flickr Fuji X-T2 with XF 10-24mm
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    Nice noises from these small speakers.
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    Indeed the hotel is undergoing refurbishment and that needs to extend extensively, eventually. But we need something that's not too fancy. First, the costs would be too high, second, if it was too nicely decorated we wouldn't be tolerated with our box shifting and furniture shifting shenanigans. So it goes both ways - hopefully the hotel needs us for economic reasons and we need an hotel that can tolerate our weird requirements. So this needs to be considered when forming a view.
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    The fairies transformed my room from a nightmare to a workable space in no time and I can’t thank them enough. This absolutely typifies what the WAM spirit is all about, great people and super helpful. Huge thanks to Lee from strictly stereo for measuring my room, creating the bespoke parametric EQ filters for the show resulting a really good set up given what the room had started out like. I couldn’t have do it without you. Big team effort and much respect due to all involved.
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    Thanks for starting a thread of photos Tony. It means a lot to those of us who would love to be there, but are unable to do so for whatever reason.
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    Scalford was a lot bigger. In 2016 there were 50 rooms against 35 this year, and the missing systems were some of the big ones that we all loved. But things have moved on and the new venue will evolve. There were many great system this year and hopefully the show will continue to give us all great pleasure and attract exceptional systems in the future. Don't forget, the social side of it was great and that is what must not be lost.
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    After a year experimenting with solid state (pm4, audio sector, lfd and crayon audio) time to go back to valves. I took a bit of a chance on these, as they were in Ukraine, but Andrii of Legendary audio went the extra mile and did a wonderful job on packaging, so they landed pretty much as they left him bar a couple of minor issues. I bought blind, but had been reccomended the Phase Style ltd (PhaSt) brand by a Russian audio acquaintance many years ago, so saw these and pulled the trigger. I’m really glad that I did. Think Almarro on steroids ... hugely clean and transparent, wonderful top end and a massive-sound. Zero valve colouration but they have that wonderful texture and decay that the best valve amps do so well. If anything they might be too clean - I plan to have a play with some signal valves to bring in a touch more mid range warmth. They sound excellent with either the Welford or the matching PhaSt pre, with the former underpinning the sound with better bass reproduction but the Phase Style line stage has the most tremendous width and height. Early days, of course, but I think these will be here for a while, with the Crayon audio cfa-1 on vinyl duties via tape out, as it has a first class built in phonostage. That way I can switch it in on warm days, rather than using the class A PhaSt units and being forced to listen in my pants. 😬
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    And I just had to return to this room to award it my 'ROOM OF THE SHOW' award. Well done guys, completely crazy over the top obsessive hifi complete with vintage speakers which also happened to sound amazing.
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    Ok, back home and with a home made lamb curry curry down the hatch I can upload some photos . . .
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    Superfi has been in Lincoln High St for well over 35 years, now just an empty shell. Live music never dies though: Keep Music Live by Boxertrixter, on Flickr Fuji X-Pro1/Samyang 20-f2
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    Lurch’s system breathing nicely in a bigger room