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    Reed Warbler... by Keith M, on Flickr
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    A very cooperative Night Heron ? in Central Park NY
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    A cute little long-tailed tit: Long-tailed tit by Keith M, on Flickr
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    20190702_220446 by uh_simon, on Flickr 20190702_220459 by uh_simon, on Flickr 20190702_220547 by uh_simon, on Flickr
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    Treated myself to some retail therapy. Blown my life-saver savings on one of these https://www.jessops.com/p/nikon/af-p-dx-nikkor-10-20mm-f-4-5-5-6g-vr-lens-124944 FU depression, you will not beat me this week.
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    Linn retailers are now able to measure speakers for SO, so talking to your Linn retailer would be the best course of action. Alternatively, you could talk to @sunbeamgls, who provides a speaker measurement (and Exakt design) service.
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    Passive rads are normally associated with sealed boxes ....I doubt their effectiveness used with a such large throated horn
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    Well, in case anyone is interested here are the preliminary views and results of my 'league shoot out' Source Marantz SA14 S1 SE CD player - fantastic soundstage and detail. I used to have the SA 8005 which is flat and boring in comparison. Amps Roksan Oxygene - Lovely warm sound. Seems a bit laid back and shut in but then instruments magically rise out of the mix in sharp focus. Very entertaining and fantastic bluetooth functionality Roksan Caspian M2 -Muscular sound. Fantastic soundstage and detail. Probably my best amp Marantz PM 14 S1 SE - Fantastic soundstage and detail. Sharp treble gives everything great architecture but without being too bright. I think I (only just) prefer the Roksan presentation. Phono stage yet to be explored. Speakers (with Partington Broadside stands) - I'm having difficulty choosing, each one seems to have a magic trick ! Its going to be down to my preference on presentation and what works well in the room ATC SCM11 V2 - Very neutral and transparent. Everything hangs together beautifully. It's a little light though and doesn't work well with lesser power amps (Oxygene) and lower volumes Kef LS50 - Powerful and focused. Great detail and imaging. Treble a bit bright. Focal Aria 905 - Fantastic weighty sound gives real presence to everything. Good detail and soundstage. I love the presentation. I must try the 906's Stirling LS3/5a V2 - I'd heard myths and legends of a magic box from long ago. The first time I tried them I wasn't impressed, but I now know those legends to be true ! All I did was turn my speaker stands through 90 degrees. Fantastic lush sound, vocals and midrange. Imaging is the best ever. Beautiful. How does such a big sound come from such a small box, and what on earth have speaker designers been doing for the past 45 years since then ? (The V2's are of course a modern clone of the old LS3/5a design using replica drivers) Kef R300 - Great all rounder. Meaty bass sharp treble. Monitor Audio Gold 50 - Fantastic imaging and soundstage, good detail. Treble is very sweet (ribbon tweeter) but a bit too prominent for my tastes.
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    Paddy and Murphy drunk late at night and miss the last bus. Walking passed a bus station Paddy says "wait here I'll go and steal a bus and drive us home" Murphy waits two hours , all he can hear are buses starting up , moving , stopping , starting... Finally Paddy arrives in a bus . "Paddy what the hell took you so long ? " "Well the only bus that goes anywhere near us is number 11 and they parked the bastard right at the back ! "
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    You could possibly look at ex-display Classe: https://www.hifix.co.uk/manufacturer/classe and Gato DIA 250S/400S: https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/gato-audio
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    Easy. Rotel. B&W and Rotel were made for each other. Your Cambridge stuff might be too shrill for B&W, and as B&W are the UK distributor for Rotel and share the same building on the south coast, the two, from the ones I've heard have been spot on. What is your maximum budget?
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    Nothing special, but my first test pic with a wide angle lens (Nikkon 10-20 mm) taken looking through my wavy glass bathroom window, with a little gentle cropping. wideangle window2 by dik_dolan, on Flickr
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    For a change, "lost in translation" is going in the opposite direction this time!
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    Going to the Manchester gig tonight!
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    BK acoustics seems fairly popular amongst linn system users. Maybe it is possible to add them in the list ?
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    Interesting suggestion; the necessary 2nd order high pass filter could (now) be implemented easily in a modestly priced DSP box (eg MiniDSP). The bass alignment can be modelled in free software, with a knowledge of the driver parameters, and a suitable digital filter developed. It's a bit DIY so maybe not to everyones's taste but certainly possible.
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    How do you know I didn't do a blind test? . . . . . . . . . (I didn't .)
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    That has set my mind at rest, thanks peeps. Also my atc 7's arrive today for the rears. Cant wait 😉
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    Agreed, there is something harmonious about the proportions, the balance of wood vs metal and new vs old that is spot on with this implementation. The silver finish Rega really helps too.
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    The B-52's - The B-52's 24/192 FLAC
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    What if Keith was reading??? I've got to cover the bases man!
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    Richard Thompson - Rumor and Sigh LP
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    Chris Isaak. Compilation 1991. vinyl.
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    CONFESSIONS OF A SMALL BOY 'Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose girl.' The priest asks, 'Is that you, little Richie Sumner' 'Yes, Father, it is.' 'And who was the girl you were with?!' 'I can't tell you, Father, I don't want to ruin her reputation.' 'Well, Joey, I'm sure to find out her name sooner or later so you may as well tell me now. Was it Tina Minetti?' 'I cannot say.' 'Was it Teresa Mazzarelli?' 'I'll never tell.' 'Was it Nina Capelli?!' 'I'm sorry, but I cannot name her.' 'Was it Cathy Piriano?' 'My lips are sealed.' 'Was it Rosa DiAngelo, then?' 'Please, Father, I cannot tell you.' The priest sighs in frustration. 'You're very tight lipped, and I admire that. But you've sinned and have to atone. You cannot be an altar boy now for 4 months. Now you go and behave yourself.' Joey walks back to his pew, and his friend Franco slides over and whispers, 'What'd you get?' 'Four months vacation and five good leads.'
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    Unfathomable sub bass by JL Audio
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    Control software adds or detracts from the user experience. LightningDS, the Auralic interface, is about as good as it gets, some report a better experience than Roon. Their Aries Mini is discontinued and can be found for a few hundred quids.
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    I am with you - if the 5.1 is the full set up (Watt Puppies) then there is absolutely no need for a sub (IMO). If you want to up the bass output (each to their own I guess) then add a graphic equaliser and turn the bass up a bit.
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    A couple of holiday snaps of the Dog Fountain in Toronto. 27 cast iron dogs 1golden bone and a worried looking cat.
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    Can you hear a difference if you compare using the extension to connecting your headphones direct?
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    A word of warning don't use any stylus cleaning fluids / liquids on your Krystal. This comes from Linn.
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    I use a Dynavector Carbon brush and green paper. This is a Project version available for around £10. Your dealer should be able to provide you with some green paper free of charge. I also use one of these regularly.
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    I put a map of the world on the living room wall and told the wife to throw a dart, and where ever it land that's where we'll go for our Silver Wedding Anniversary. So we are spending 2 weeks ......... behind the sofa !!!!!!
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    A snail purchased a new sports car. He told the salesperson that he wanted the letter "S" painted on both sides of the car. The salesman asked what is the "S" for? Snail? The Snail answered, "No, when I drive by I want people to say "Wow, look at that 'S' car go!"
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    Fortunately I now have one so I won’t be wringing my hands with the temptation this time around. These have a wonderfully natural sound without being soft edged, calm but not laid back. Absolutely silent in operation too and I love the large mute button on the front. A great price too so I am sure much hand wringing is going on elsewhere 😀
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    Unless his preferred listening position is with his speakers facing each other 12 inches apart with his head in between them! Like a pair of massive headphones...
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    Continuing the Ancient Greek theme:
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    Nope. Just what I happened to have seen.
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    Wine (Did you see what I did there?)
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    The C-0 note is 16.35Hz, and some organs can even reach lower; the Sydney town hall organ does half that; 8.2Hz. Bassoons are pussies.