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    [1987] Fleetwood Mac ‎– Tango In The Night [flac]
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    T Rex - Electric Warrior LP. 2014 Back To Black reissue.
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    Guarding the Crown Jewels Canon 5D4 + 24-105L, 1/80s @ f7.1, ISO400 raw. PP in ACR & Nik CFX
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    An excellent recommendation ! It is said that the Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks were originally conceived to drive the B&W Nautilus speakers. The Nemo's will drive and completely control any speaker on the planet with 150 amps of current delivery , 600 wpc 8 ohms , 1200 wpc 4 ohms, and 2400 wpc into 2 ohms and complete stability into loads down to 0.5 of an ohm. This is an internal picture of one monoblock !
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    For digital, have you considered getting a loan of the dacs that have been discussed recently and using your current cdp as a transport? This should then help you define what if anything is missing from your digital replay. As your reasonably close I'd be happy to bring my Lector CDP over for you to see if moving up the cdp tree will give you what you want. From looking at your current kit list I would say that whilst the TT is good at its price point it is definitely not making the most of the Leemas capabilities so there is room for improvement there. For me the sound signature you are currently enjoying comes from the synergy between your amp and speakers so I would leave well alone for the time being. Moving up to a better source would then give you more of what your currently enjoying about your system.
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    I thought these were too good to miss and discovered that they were local so bought them for a friend. Deal with Bazzer with confidence. Top bloke.
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    I am not sure if I have posted this before, but some equipment to drool over.
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    Two and a half years on from the original publication of this topic.. I purchased a pair of ATC SCM40 Version 2.0 last May to replace a pair of ailing Ruark Crusader IIs where the mid range dome units were giving trouble. The Ruarks were tri wired from two pairs of 1997 Audiolab 8000Ms and I wanted speakers with the same tri wire facility to replace them. At the audition, the amplification was from an integrated Arcam unit, just mono wired to the ATCs, but despite this I was suitably impressed to go ahead and purchase a pair. Whilst waiting for delivery, I made email enquiries to Audiolab regarding the possibility of a pair of the 250 watt 8300MB mono blocs to integrate with my 8000Ms.(Fed incidentally from a 1997 purchased 8000Q preamp). The reply came as positive, they have the same 29db gain.I then was fortunate to find a pair of Ex Dem 8300MBs from Audio T at 1/3rd off price...So..despite having what some may regard as relatively unglamorous pre/main amps, my system is now up and running in Tri Amp mode, 125 watts each for the tweeter and mid range dome and 250 watts for the bass and MAN...doesn't it sound great! Can I say that they sound so MUCH better than the pair that I auditioned at the HiFi store! The sound is so beautifully presented in my smallish 12 x 13 foot HiFi den and the bass just reaches depths and solidity not previously heard on my Ruarks, despite the on paper specification of 35 Hz over 10 Hz lower than the ATCs and the CLARITY and stereo imaging is just astounding. The other weekend, I had an evening visit from an old friend not seen for a long while, he arrived at 7.50 intending to leave at around 10.00 but left at half past midnight! So enthralled was he by what he heard.... These speakers have to be the most important HiFi purchase ever in 47 odd years of HiFi ownership..
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    I am not so sure - I think you need to identify what exactly is the shortcomings you feel need sorting. I do not disagree the speakers do not exploit the system fully but it is what the owner thinks. I would take your time and try and visit some local wammers and bake offs etc. to see if a sound really floats your boat and then at least have an idea in mind of what to do to achieve your nirvana. I say this as the original posting mentioned nothing about analogue sound (and I see you have a turntable) .. so go get your ears working on other peoples systems with your favourite music and see what develops. It might be just the speakers but it may also be your cd player and trying some stand alone DACs (if you have a digital out) might be beneficial as well.
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    [1993] Vangelis ‎– Blade Runner [DSD]
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    Genesis - Three Sides Live Double LP
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    Better rendition of really dark parts of the image. Better dark detail. However, it's all 'in comparison'. We've just ended up with a 55 inch LED that I'm extremely happy with. At the price. The last bit being an important consideration for our (lack of) viewing. The viewing environment is also an issue. The Samsung QLEDs (and most of the bigger LEDs) use VA screens. The contrast and black levels are better than the alternatives, but off axis viewing is not as good. LEDs are QLEDs to my eyes are fine in a darker room.
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    Ideally I would want to be going floor standers in the price range of the Tucana. I find the scale of floor standers so much more satisfying, but obviously may not be possible. I used to have a CD37 and that is a nice player. My daughter did her GCSE's last summer. That time will be over very soon, so I wouldn't make it a consideration.
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    What in the sound do you think needs improvement?
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    The Black Crowes - The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion LP Something about the SQ on this album has really made my ears ring, and I wasn't listening very loud
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    Here you go, do you want to borrow mine. 😀😀
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    Happy with my Cyrus Signature system with LP 12 and ATC SCM40's. Just enjoy what you have.
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    I enjoyed a DAC master for many years, only just recently sold it
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    Been putting off buying one of these but found a nice & clean used one today. Sweet little lens:
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    IMHO, FWIW, I square this circle by being totally committed to the scientific method and measurement, whilst accepting that where we actually experience music is not at the sound wave interface point (our ears!) but somewhere in our brain. Once the signal is in our brain it then interacts with all of our personal experiences, prejudices, memories, moods and emotions, in some kind of electro-chemical way. As such, having the recorded signal reproduced as accurately as possible as a sound wave may or may not lead to the most enjoyment of the underlying music. The whole thing is a subjective experience and the whole of one's mind is involved in that experience and will contribute to, or detract from, it in many and varied ways. Personally, knowing that the sound wave has been reproduced as accurately as I can afford to do it is part of the enjoyment for me, so looking for products with flat frequency response and low THD and the like gives me a kick, although when it comes to speakers and rooms, who knows! Plus for me, using cheap as chips interconnects and speaker cable doesn't bother me, just as for someone else, using very specific and particular cables and interconnects will be an important part of their overall experience. Not meaning to be contentious, it's just the way I look at it all.
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    The new speakers will be designed to work with the Linn Selekt. This is the direction that Linn are headed. The speakers will have slots to accept modules, like the Selekt. They will even be called Selekt speakers. One could start out passive, and add modules to go all the way to Exakt Katalyst.
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    spent a fair time today with deggie with the little harbeth and 2 systems , the freya /firebottle amps and the 23 watt T amp from topping the latter sounded like an amp that cost a great deal more , pretty good . nice rounded sound with good timbre and for 55 quid s/h the topping is a bargain better soundstaging with the more powerful hybrid monoblocks and a very engaging sound . you could listen all day and not get tired , extremely impressive really 630fa9ab8c020baadbbe58f79cfafb3a05eec6b4_2_375x500 by , on Flickr P1060467 by , on Flickr
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    Be Bop Deluxe - Modern Music LP. 1st pressing.
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    So glad you like them Andrew and that they gel well with the Nobsound. I had a air I bought new in the early 90s that I took with me to Uni as a marure student, along with a Cambridge C50/A50 pre/power combo, Sansui T500L tuner & Sony TC-FX150 cassette deck. I recently picked up another pair for £35 from AOS (for nostalgia sake) which I'm using on 700mm stands as part of a sub system to my main rig. They're fed from my MasterSound pre via a Pioneer 400X (used as a power amp) and sound great for casual listening when I'm reading or doing chores. Infact it was how good they sounded in this guise that made me recommend them too you. I will be taking them along with the 400X and a Sony CDP-791 (X-111ES) to Keggie as the bar system, and may consider selling the complete system if anyone is interested, so I can have a play with something else.
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    D30RS. ProAc nomenclature can be confusing... The first generation D30 was available with a dome (D30) or a ribbon tweeter (D30R) - most folk went for the latter https://www.proac-loudspeakers.com/html_files/Speakers.php?Range=Response&Speaker=ResponseD30. The dome-tweetered D30 was never referred to as the D30D. Both versions were labelled D30 on the rear of the speaker. The new D30 is referred to generically as the D30S or sometimes as the D30RS/DS: "ProAc have updated the D30 to a D30S. Still available in a dome or ribbon tweeter - Response D30DS and D30RS respectively" (https://www.proac-loudspeakers.com/html_files/Speakers.php?Range=Response&Speaker=ResponseD30S). That's clear then. Both versions are labelled D30S on the rear of the speaker.
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    The Only Ones - Even Serpents Shine LP. 1st pressing.
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    Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, CD.
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    Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain (by strategy)
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    No unfortunately not, but if the T150 is anything to go buy it should be a seriously good amp. If I needed to put a quality system together on a tight budget I would buy a Poppulse T180 without hesitation. Some years ago I used my T150 to drive a pair of original PMC OB1's that I was using at that time for a short period whilst my old Electrocompaniet AW120 stereo power amp was being upgraded and it worked and sounded extremely good, surprisingly so ! It did not have anywhere near the power or control of the AW120 ( very few amps have ) but it still sounded dam good .
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    What would make a whole lot more sense is for Linn to start buying up speakers from other manufacturers, then creating conversion kits and Exakt filters for them. One of the new jobs could be dedicated to such activity. Get the Exakt electronics to a wider audience. The number of people who continue to think Exakt is a Linn only thing is testimony to how much more work needs to be done to get the word out.
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    Are we heading towards... ...looking forward to another 40 odd pages in this thread!
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    The rest of us were trying to refer to the OP, but carry on. I must say this takes thread drift to a whole new level. In that vein, I'd suggest increasing the tyre pressures.
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    Lurch wigwam info .. but you were probably referring to Timbo though who had already decided he needed to change his loudspeakers. That is how I guess things get all jumbled up when we do not quote who we are replying to which means we are all talking bollox to the wrong people
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    In isolation, nothing really. As I previously stated am I utilising the most from the Leema? Without covering foot-sore miles backwards and forwards to dealers, there's no real way of telling. And I just don't have the time - and - the enthusiasm for it either.
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    Yes, dear. Whatever you say.
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    Two comedians, only one Knob-head .
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    Make that galvanised hosepipe and I'll sleep well...