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    How about a few spooky pics from your archives , this is Damiens page after all ...
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    Been playing about with a pic from before Xmas a very cold morning at Pool in Wharfdale, transferred to B&W and cropped to a square.
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    Just my 2 cents... Peter, why would you want to part your D800 for a fuji? The camera you already have is not only capable of giving you tremendous IQ but honestly it will take you years (if ever) to reach its limits. You and surely me and (everyone else) can become a much better photographers if we put our minds to the hobby and not into gear changing. As far as I understand as good as cameras nowadays are, they are more or less on the same level regarding IQ. Yours is at the TOP shelf. Until a rather revolutionary new technology will be available its better to stick on what we've got and focus on learning (both about shooting and pp). If you're considering the change because it has a much smaller body -and therefore it's easier to carry around- and you are ready to sacrifice a bit of IQ for this, then go ahead and do the change.
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    Vinyl - Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline
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    X-Pro1 & 55-200mm Ruddy Kingfisher by ShotoPhoto, on Flickr
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    These are with the Sigma 35mm f/1.4.
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    [video=youtube;fp0xjVzmKxY] The Milk Carton Kids - Tiny Desk Concert
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    [h=1]THE BRAND NEW HEAVIES "BROTHER SISTER" DOUBLE VINYL LP 1994[FFRR][/h] VR2F @ 24bit/48khz & cued up to follow the above album, this 'un. >>> [h=1]Red hot + blue (Tribute by Neneh Cherry, Neville Brothers, Debbie Harry, Iggy Pop, Pogues..) [VINYL, 2x LP] [import][/h] Cole Porter VR2F @ 24bit/48khz.
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    Various Artists – The Mark Radcliffe Folk Sessions 2013 Particularly like the tracks from John Smith, Olivia Chaney and Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer
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    For what it's worth I measured a single parameter (heater resistance at the nominal working point - 6.3V for E series valves and 300mA for P-series ones) across quite a wide-ish sample of ECC88s, PCC88s and E88CCs a few years back. The grisly details are in post #16 here http://www.vintage-radio.net/forum/showthread.php?t=51821. The only finding which might be relevant to your requirement Chris was that the E and P CC88s had quite a big spread of values both within each manufacturer's sample and, particularly, between manufacturers. The differences were large. All the E88CCs were very tightly clustered though. So if you're looking for valves where someone's gone to a good deal of trouble to ensure consistency then I'd suggest you go for the E88CCs. Incidentally any Mullard and Philips ones might well have been made in the same factory on the same machines. Philips owned Mullard. Check the factory codes if you can. VB
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