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    http://www.thepoke.co.uk/2011/12/04/best-worst-music-video-of-2011/ There's not much I can say after watching that.
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    A and X are shit, B is slightly shittier.
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    Social soundbite of the week.........many scurried to defend the Captain and vice captains parking places:rofl:
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    Thank you for you support of Tiger Time, but....... STOP THE TIGER TRADE! JOIN OUR PETITION TO STOP THE TIGER TRADE Dear DSWF supporter, We urgently need your help to raise awareness and vital funds for tiger conservation. With your support our TigerTime campaign is making great progress but, on occasion, we also have to hold governments to account to make sure they honour their commitments to the wild tiger. One year on from the International Tiger Conservation Forum in St Petersburg, we are launching an impassioned petition calling on the Premier of China, Wen Jiabao, to end the trade in tiger and big cat skins from so called ‘tiger farms’ in his country. China is still allowing the trade in tiger skins of so-called “legal origin”, including ‘farmed tigers’. But, a lack of transparency over how authorities determine the legality of the skins coupled with insufficient enforcement and growing corruption is creating a smokescreen for the illegal trade in tiger products in China. David Shepherd said, ‘Tiger farms are barbaric. The sight of hundreds of tigers in small cages being bred just for their parts is repulsive. The Premier of China is on the record as saying he is committed to saving the wild tiger. His government is simply not living up to this commitment. Allowing a so called ‘licensed trade’ in skins from tiger farms is a disaster for two reasons. First, it keeps up the scandalous demand for tiger parts by pandering to the market. Second, corruption and this ‘legal’ trade makes it almost impossible for enforcement agencies to police the situation. ‘If Wen Jiabao means what he says about saving tigers, he can clear this up by setting a zero tolerance and end all trade, in all parts, from all sources policy now.’ We have to stop this trade. Please sign the petition at www.bantigertrade.com Please open this link:www.tigertime.info/tigerslaughter.html Many thanks for your help, Anthony.
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    Thanks for the thoughts guys. I am tempted to take a length of stainless steel chain and a huge fuck-off sized padlock, which I will then threaten to use if they don't get their acts together. Hmmmm. Just had a thought......maybe the offer of using this lot as a Prince Albert on the main surgeon to attach him to the next bus might work... @ Timbo. We must touch base again, either when I get a little bt more mobile after an op as planned, or sooner than that if it doesn't happen. I still have some extra speakers here as well
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    Enough of the four Yorkshireman! We have seen two things happen in the last Century, the collapse of Communism, it didn't work. We are now seeing the collapse of Capitalism, both in 1928 and again now. Unfortunately we now make very little and have put all our eggs in the Capitalist basket, the only thing we really sell any more (especially in the South) is Financial Services. Services that no one is going to want or need in the very near future. We are probably going to have to face up to a very different way of living. Europe is more or less bankrupt and the USA is in the same boat, if all the loans were called in the West would totally collapse. Robbing what resources we have got (our educated qualified workforce) to shore up a failed system is not going to work
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