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  2. [1983] Genesis ‎– Genesis [2007 SACD]
  3. The rest of the LP12 is Keel, Ekos SE, and Urika II. I currently have the Akurate Radikal and Krystal. I'd love to compare the two setups. Does anyone out there have some insight as to which would sound better?
  4. If you can find one, a vintage Pioneer A-09 class A monster integrated would float your boat.
  5. The more you pay the better you get! The Hypex modules measures excellently and yet are relatively inexpensive. (your ears really aren’t) Keith
  6. The most enjoyable CD player I ever heard was an Audia Flight, it was played after a DCS something or other and it made the DCS sound like a bag of nails. Really beautiful stuff but very little known about in the U.K. if I was in the market I’d buy it in a flash....
  7. We (my colleagues and I) consistently remind our aspiring Ph.D. students or even HS grads, that all of the machines used to measure of all of the stuff we claim is true was invented by many of the same scientists to help "prove" the very theories we purported in the first place.
  8. I have one. It will just about drive my speakers, but I would be afraid to push it for fear of damage. The specifications on these things are often just lies. Fine if you have £50 speakers that you don't care about, but otherwise best avoided. Anyway, even Class D amps costing thousands sound dreadful. What hope for one costing £10?
  9. Still if it had 80watt pr channel in 4 ohm with less than 1% thd would for the price and size be really good Almost perfect for a small pc setup if you only need 1 input and have 88db and more sensitive speakers (even lower should be okay)
  10. A quick Google for TDA7498E suggests that THD figure is a lie.
  11. I use a smsl sa50 in my workshop and it does a sterling job for less than £50. Works well for me as dust would wreck most open chassis equipment.
  12. We owners like to think so! Both of us...
  13. Audia Flight clearly refreshes the parts other amps cannot reach!
  14. I had a brief play with a DF shortly after its release - had a D700 at the time so all things Nikon were on my radar. I so wanted to like it, and whilst its IQ would no doubt be superb, it just didn't feel special. The styling (surely important in such a retro-centric design) was a mess, and the button lay out was just chaotic. It was an over-baked caricature of its older brethren, not a respectful nod. Shame, could've been brilliant.
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  16. Just look at this amp Specs Fosi Audio TDA7498E 160W X 2(4 ohms, 20 Hz - 20 kHz, 0.04% THD) nothing indicates small about that amp and distortion is low
  17. Something different but nonetheless a great vibe. 60's & 70's throwback to heavy sounds... Via Bandcamp & cheap too Acid Alice - The Road
  18. I posted that but it was a much cheaper amp than those posted above to be fair. My comment about distortion was with these in mind too a actually.
  19. Another VOC for Tim. Hope you’re enjoying the dac sir. Is it me or do these seem really cheap? I’ve never seen this level of ARC kit at this price before.
  20. Thanks dude! Keep em coming folks. Literally I’ve got all night to kill... got to wake her up every few hours to take painkillers, but otherwise am totally on my tod under the ‘phones all night long... will sleep tomorrow when I’m home and I know she’s all cool! Cheers!
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