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  2. Do all Adsm’s have two output possibilities? Is that the case with mdsm as well? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Clearance/Special Offers List (PAGE 1) - Focal Utopia Headphones (demo/display pair - used once) RRP £3499_____Now £2149 ***** Please call before travelling ***** ***** IMPORTANT MESSAGE - ANYONE WHO HAS PURCHASED A HEGEL MUSIC SYSTEMS H90 FROM US PLEASE CALL RICK ON 07727 272443 AS WE NEED TO DISCUSS ABOUT OFFERING YOU A CREDIT TOWARDS YOUR H90. THIS IN REGARDS TO OUR CURRENT H90 PRICE OF £362 (UK RRP £1500) ***** ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list ***** ***** ***** Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
  4. Am I to understand youre using 3 k200 wires and still tri-aktiv? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  6. Has the amp had a recent service?
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  8. Our re-entry to linn started summer last year with all s/h gear. Sony blu Ray to a pioneer integrated amp to a pair of (new to me) mint keilidhs. The seller sent me 16’ of nordost flat copper cables for free We immediately realized that inspite of having nice speakers it all sounded bad. I found a gentleman in NYC who sold me a non dynamic C3200 and for a few $$ more threw in a pair of 12’ k20’s ..... things sounded much better via a chrome cast to the 3200’s for volume control and streaming. Another gentleman in NYC then sold me a Unidisc SC which came with a 9’ pair of k400’s..... now the music even in single wire passive was so satisfying until I read about aktiv. Meanwhile a few months passed, due to a stupid mistake I blew the left speaker woofers and they were put aside till I could find matching pairs of mid/bass units. I switched back to our B&W bookshelves and that’s when the wife said can we stop using these &$@& bookshelves and find some linn speakers again. We found some Kabers that we’re not selling as the seller was only offering a local pick up. We grabbed them and within a few weeks also found replacement drivers for the keilidhs. What do I do with 2 pairs of speakers now? I also managed to pick up a non dynamic 5100 in that month thinking it would be perfect to drive my keilidhs bi Aktiv. My brother took my keilidhs and we drove the Kabers aktiv with the 3200/5100 I managed to find a mdsm/1 and decided to buy that and the Unidisk SC started getting used only for cd music. (Don’t hate me for saying this but I think the preamp in the unidisk sounded nicer to me than a linn Kinos. It might even out do the mdsm) We just bought an Akurate 4200/1 so as to take full aktiv amplification to Akurate level. Believe me you can hear a major difference between Majik and Akurate level of amplification. I would have thought i’d have been happy with just the keilidhs ($350 shipped from NC to NYC) as I used to have a pair in the early 90’s with just a Majik-I and was sure that this would not turn into an expensive addiction. Luckily my wife loves the journey of improvements in sound and hence keeps pushing me to find the next upgrade deal. My new amp hasn’t even reached me as yet and I’ve already started thinking what next? I think and exaktbox would be hard as my mdsm has no exakt and since I’ve started to realize how important source is I guess a nice ADSM/1 or 2 maybe the answer. Somewhere along this journey I managed to move from all blacks to silvers and also found a mint pair of k600 cables with original factory soldered linn Aluminium plugs. It’s 19’ each side though however i’ll wait till I can find the right person to bring them down (cut and most importantly correctly solder) to 10’ each side. Am I correct in thinking that an ADSM/1 or 2 would be the next upgrade. I love the Kabers and feel that if I stay with individual amplifiers i’d find Nirvana in a pair of 242’s but i’d want to hear them first. I will say that now I need to change the asset value on my renters insurance. I’m also sure I’m not suffering from an addiction to upgradetitis Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. THOMO

    Ashes 2019

    Well played England and Stokes in particular.What a wonderful and memorable game.
  10. I forgot to mention that decoupling is what ii want even though i have spikes as there are certain products which do this such as puckies and soundcare spike de-coupling boots!
  11. Aristillus

    NVA Phono 2

    Great piece of kit.
  12. No spikes will do what you want. Spikes couple not de-couple. To decouple Sorbothane hemispheres are an effective and cheap option but you do need to get some of the right type for the weight they'll be supporting. For your speakers you could put these between your speakers and the top of the stands. Just have a search on eBay but remember the weight part or they won't work properly.
  13. And here’s my humble system with Isoacoustics Gaias and Oreas
  14. I'd guess you'd want a female plug rather than the male type above? The other thing to watch out for is if your cables have too large a diameter for some plugs. This might be suitable:
  15. Can someone give me much needed advice on which spikes/boots or puckies reduce floor vibration and clean up low end rumble? I have tripod speaker stands on 10mm spikes with stainless boots at the moment. Also is equipment such as cdp, amp or freesat player, ps4 pro really worth spending money on little dots like Herbies or other silicon boots. I usually use large wooden blocks or trianangular blocks but not sure if these are the best in transmitting less vibration? Thanks! Oh! My stands are on carpeted floor-boards so plenty of noise getting through to the neighbours house!
  16. ff1d1l


    The sum of UK/EU trade after brexit isn't going to be 100% of what it was before.
  17. Anyone else now fighting the urge to get one of those JBLs, or just me?
  18. ff1d1l


    Quite a lot has come to pass...currency devalued, sharp exit of industry. Actually I regard the BBC as quite biased, pro brexit. This guy is very good. "The Spitzenkandidat process awards the Commission presidency to the party winning the most seats in Parliament." Which seems as democratic as a lot of things the UK does. Thank you for mansplaining how the johnson was elected, which I already knew, and I also knew that there are precedents for a change of PM during a government. However, it does not make it democratic. And shifting position re EU Ministers. Well done. Have you read Straight and Crooked Thinking? However, despite what you say, there is zero democratic deficit between the EU's method of appointment, and ours of appointing our newest prime minister. So what if a constitution would change it - are we getting one as part of brexit? What, we have have a constitution? Link, please.
  19. I find what works for me is trying the cheap or diy things you can do first before splashing out on more expensive things. I've just recently has ny naca5 cables re-soldered by a Naim dealer and these were the SA8 amp plugs which i couldn't do with any sort of expertize. The soldering was cheap enough but the SQ upgrade was superb, a defenite improvement here. At the same time igrounded my tv, my freesat player and my amp all through the phono sockets to casework or external grounding pin of an Olsen pdu. This was a superb improvement in PQ and SQ whether through my freesat player or ps4. I also just installed the M Fidelity V90 dac which gives superb sound whatever source is connected to it. And i also have an IFI power supply for the dac which i havent used yet so i've got that to improve the sound as well. I also just bfitted missing link clear silver plated plugs to a RA classic powerkord i use for my tv which has a wattgate iec for which i swapped to a furutech copper one, Even standard DVD PQ is much better now and gaming and ps 4 PQ is much improved. My next improvement will be in isolation/vibration damping and de-coupling which shouldn't be too expensive. I don't think i can get much more out of my system so am looking to buy some new speakers for around 500 uk pounds. I'm prob getting the Bowers 606 which shpuld give an good upgrade on my current 20 year ols speakers. Do what you can sensibly but don't go overboard unless you've won the lottery.
  20. That pic was taken from a KEF retailer in Birmingham if Im not mistaken. I think those are the Blade 2’s and the middle Reference 3 which I currently own but diff. colour.
  21. What are the big boys on the outside?
  22. I used to know a Mr. Gower. He was Scottish.
  23. Nice one Eddie. There's some interesting looking things in the YouTube video, I probably want something between the Anker and Teufel models, that Marshall one looks more interesting than I thought, I had assumed it was style over substance when I first saw the design and branding but apparently not. I might start looking at second hand Bose as you suggest as a good value option. I'm not sure if I need AptX for everyday kitchen/background music but it would be an advantage. Sent from my POT-LX1 using Tapatalk
  24. Please take a look at our website for the FULL LIST of our products on Clearance/Special Offers - ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list ***** ***** ***** ***** Please call before travelling ***** ***** IMPORTANT MESSAGE - ANYONE WHO HAS PURCHASED A HEGEL MUSIC SYSTEMS H90 FROM US PLEASE CALL RICK ON 07727 272443 AS WE NEED TO DISCUSS ABOUT OFFERING YOU A CREDIT TOWARDS YOUR H90. THIS IN REGARDS TO OUR CURRENT H90 PRICE OF £362 (UK RRP £1500) ***** Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
  25. I used to have a second system (bedroom) LS50/Arcam A29 and a budget Chord dac(Gem). Since we moved house I cant accomodate them in one place with 5.1.2 AV together. Secondly my budget Denon avr 2400 cant do the LS50 justice either. So I sold the second system and got a pair of Focal 906 as front av duty which imo much fairly easy to drive than the LS50 and much higher sensitivity and it works! If have the chance(£££) to get a higher end AVR from Arcam etc.I would definitely go for another pair of LS50. Imho I may consider them as a Reference mini monitors. Tis pic was taken from a KEF retailer in Birmingham where I bought my Ref.3’s
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