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  2. radiant red

    Took the plunge again....Harbeth & Sugden

    Sugden arrived and ❤️ In harmony with the Harbeths. Sweet with texture and depth.. loving it
  3. You do like trying a lot of cables though? No difference for you with the Supra CAT8? I'm not sure your Peppa Pig Ferris Wheel makes a discernible difference though. I won't ask about the breast pump.
  4. radiant red

    Sugden owners club

    Back in the Sugden camp.. probably one of my favourite amps of all time!
  5. notevenclose

    cd transport or dac ?

    Probably different from theirs.
  6. Careful... we don't want to open a different can of worms! I actually have my wireless router by my kit, and it's bridged to a main wireless router. Kit is wired by CAT to the 'local' wireless router. Works perfectly too. Pics of a black Shakti potato sitting on a Linn unit, or 4 potato halves acting as replacement isolating feet, please! Also, which sounds better, raw, fried, boiled or baked potatoes? And does hemp string have higher highs, than cotton string?
  7. dave

    Do your “standards” go higher as you upgrade?

    Not my area I am afraid. This is the bones of the original one... pre cad circuit...
  8. Hi everyone, I have very recently taken my Systemdek iiX out of storage and given it a dust down. I am looking for either someone to help talk me through some maintenance/setup myself OR to recommend somewhere I can take it locally for an MOT and service? I'm based in Northamptonshire. All help greatly appreciated, Thanks so much, Mark. PS - not sure if this was the right section to post in!
  9. danek2001

    WTD: Arcam Rhead

    PM replied to
  10. bohemian

    Help needed in USA.

    Thanks to Mike, I now have a functioning cd player again! An easy fit, as opposed to the "engineer" required approach of the importers, who told me that the part was not available individually. A big THANK YOU to you, Mike. And to the WAM for such great Wamming!
  11. Hi noddingdino,

    A very warm welcome to THE WAM - MUSIC & HIFI FORUM, you are now part of a fantastic group of music lovers and HiFi enthusiasts.

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  12. manicatel

    ATC Owners Club

    After being very impressed with the passive scm40’s, I’m Going for a dem next week passive with my own amp vs the actives, with probably the ATC CA2 preamp. Its a bit over budget, but if the step up is that significant, compared to the passive version, the expense will possibly make more long term sense. I guess I could try to find a cheaper, maybe 2nd hand preamp to save a bit, but I’m not sure about connectivity between a non-ATC Pre & the active speakers. Fun times ahead!
  13. Turk 182

    cd transport or dac ?

    thanks for this. (i dont know how to attach links !) any opinion on the article ?
  14. eddie-baby

    Puresound owners unite!

    Always fancied trying one of the A30s. Apparently, they did 60 watt per channel versions as well. Does anyone know of any I could demo or selling for a reasonable price?
  15. chris metcalfe

    WTD: Arcam Rhead

    PM sending
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  17. savvypaul

    one word daily

  18. Tony_J

    one word daily

  19. Non-Smoking Man

    Royal Ascot 2019

    After Cheltenham, Ascot is the best horseracing festival in the country. Despite the racing being ultra competitive there are profits to be made for the shrewd, informed horseplayer. I only play in 0-80 and above so the high class of the racing is right up my street. One of my favourite races at the meeting is the fairly new Commonwealth Cup - a Group 1 sprint for 3 year olds. Its inaugural running was won by the Charlie Hills -trained Muharrer, whom I backed at huge odds after judging his reappearance run to rate a very fast, classy performance. I won, if memory serves about £600 on it having backed it at 33/1 downwards. This year's renewal takes place on June 21. History may repeat itself as Hills has another lightly raced speed merchant in Khaadem, a recent Listed winner on reappearance scoring a 65 speed figure. He will target the Commonwealth Cup and expect an improved performance there. Barbill was 4th to Khaadem but was beaten further by a possible French raider, Big Brothers Pride in a Chantilly Group 3. (13/4/19). Ten Sovereigns, the 2000 gns 5th is an intended runner and if the Breeders' Cup winner Bulletin (trained by Todd Pletcher) makes the trip we have an exciting and hotly contested event on our hands, with many horses who could have made considerable unknown improvement from 2 to 3. In which case 6/4 Calyx is poor value. In its favour, Calys is trained by the excellent John Gosden, is a proven Group 1 winner at 2 (Coventry Stakes, and won his reappearance race in a doddle. Against that, the Coventry win was slow (SF 54) and the form is nothing special. His 3 y.o. debut was quite quick (68) but the second was only 5th n.t.o. and the 3rd, eleventh. The bet is LAY CALYX @ 6/4 (AND i HAVE DONE). As laying 6/4 is like backing the field @ 6/4 I allocate 2 points to this wager. (Calyx is due to run again this weekend.)
  20. Ears

    one word daily

  21. MartinC

    Subwoofer Integration with a miniDSP 2x4 HD

    I am not applying parametric EQ to the main speakers, just a high-pass cross-over filter. Edit: and time delays for integration with the sub.
  22. Bodgit

    Do your “standards” go higher as you upgrade?

    Same could be said for road bikes, or cars...the temptation to spend more and more to get better and better is always there.
  23. Tony_J

    Subwoofer Integration with a miniDSP 2x4 HD

    I agree - using a crossover is a cleaner solution and gives you more control over the end result. If you are using a miniDSP, using the crossover capability is a no- brainer. However, it is surprising how much you can achieve with just the room correction tools.
  24. rdale

    Subwoofer Integration with a miniDSP 2x4 HD

    Ah sorry - I misread you post and had thought you weren’t eq’ing the main speakers. Still an impressively flat in room response.
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