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  2. What's the odds of that rca cable being within walking distance of your house? Perhaps in the case you're thinking of, but come on it's pretty unlikely in the instance of someone selling an item on here, possible yes, yet very unlikely. I have to be honest I'm really not arsed about all this myself, but at the same time would say some of the responses to those who have made perfectly reasonable suggestions about this seem a. very defensive and b. rather creative with their interpretation of guidelines. Still, fill your boots. ✌️✌️✌️
  3. Going into Hospital today to see the neurosurgeon, fingers crossed all will be good in a few days.
  4. Good to know. I did say rumored! You obviously get what you pay for...And yes, the cost of a manufacturer rebuild is usually quite costly. I have read that Soundsmith cartridges - which I have never owned or heard - do offer rebuilds etc. at a much lower cost than most manufacturers. To some people that's important.
  5. Yes you would be very welcome in fact any of you!! Cheers Mike (youv'e got a great name there I'm a Mike as well. :-)
  6. I suppose it's a moot point until said ventilators are built, tested and distributed. Of course, staff will need to be trained in their use, too. I know Dyson are a slick outfit, but it all seems very optimistic to me. Why not go with the companies that are all already established in the field? Is there more to this than meets the eye, I wonder. I don't quite buy the suggestion that it's payback for Dyson's support of the Conservatives - it's too big a gamble with the stakes so high. We'll find out in due course, no doubt, but there will be nowhere to hide if the whole plan should go belly-up.
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  8. I'm glad you agree it's fair enough.There are no restrictions I'm aware of on which route you take as long as you self isolate and if there's no increase in risk to anyone in using a particular route then there can be no moral argument against taking the route where (in the case I'm thinking of) someone has left an RCA cable outside their house, and picking it up while you're there. Unless the new guidance is that in no circumstances must you take a route that offers you any advantages other than basic exercise. So for example you must not take a route that has a view you would otherwise enjoy in normal circumstances. Or one that passes the house of a friend you can wave hello to. Or a host of other examples where you pick the route for something other than pure exercise. In fact we should only be allowed to walk in circles around our front room for an hour, anything else would risk the individual gaining some utility from their journey other than exercise.. I don't know why we're allowed out of our houses at all except to get food and medicine.
  9. Soundsmith do indeed do re-tips and re-builds. Unfortunately, IME, the results are not as good as what the original sounds like. Ask anyone who owns a Koetsu for example, whether the re-tip by Soundsmith sounds as great as the re-tip by Koetsu ( albeit, the price for a Koetsu re-build is a lot higher).
  10. Wow, did't know they have Iceland inside... "You can now purchase your favourite Iceland products in more than 30 of The Range Stores" so now it's perfectly justified to keep all 180 Range stores open. the Range boss must be an angel
  11. Okay. Changed back to my Denon DRA-700AEDAB and it's more spacious,more airy, bigger,wider soundstage, apart from that, i wonder what a high currenty amp would do for my system. I know with 2 amps that has the same power in 8 ohm that i like the one with the more open airy sound and a good soundstage over power and bass but if i had a denon high currenty amp pma1500r or 1500ae (both have the same power 2x70 watt in 8 ohm and 2x140 watt in 4 ohm) would i prefer those amp because they a high current amp or simply because it sounds better ?
  12. Hi all...I am trying to determine where the Ekos ground wire terminates within the arm...anyone know if it is near the headshell or at the rear within the counter weight balance tube. I have a Linn Ekos Mk1 in perfect condition other than the internal ground wire has a resistance of about 50 ohms from the 5 pin din connector to the casing of the tonearm. I recall seeing another Linn arm, ( I think) possibly an Akito where the ground wire was soldered to a small spring type plate which was simply bent when inserted into the arm tube and the spring tension simply grounded the connection. Would appreciate any info from someone who has possibly rewired one of these.
  13. zephyr, sounds like a great wee club you have there. One, I'd love to be a part of if I didn't live on the other side of the world! Mike.
  14. In these days of doubt and uncertainty perhaps we could have a virtual get together? There are many people on here who live alone. Lots of people are perhaps fearful for the days ahead. Maybe a get together would lift spirits? I'm not sure what we could do. What about selecting a certain track or album and we each start that at the same time so we're all listening to one piece of music simultaneously? Have a joint critique afterwards. Would that bring us all closer together and offer some comfort to those of us living alone? I'll get the beer in! Any other suggestions welcome! Mike.
  15. Hi All I have quite a few LP’s which are not available on any other format and I’d like to record them and upload to the NAS. I used to have a lovely little Roland Cakewalk UA-1G which made this task a breeze, but I have turned the house upside down and cannot find it, I reckon I must have lent it to somebody? Anyway, I’ve placed an ad for a rega fono mini or something similar, but nothing so far and nothing about on eBay for the budget. I really can’t afford to spend much more money, who knows what’ll happen in this strange new world. So, my question is this - is it possible to use the tape outs on my amp (I have a marantz pm-4 and a A&R A60, so both have phono stages and tape outs) and feed into one of the cheaper behringer line only audio interfaces and then to the laptop via usb? If so, how good would the quality be (I think I still have vinyl studio somewhere) and I assume that my dynavector 10x5 would be fine? Cheers Rich
  16. Then dance! In fact, we can dance together, virtually! It's good for the mood and spirit. Something which might be lacking currently. I wonder if we could coordinate a virtual Linn club get together? Perhaps we all start playing a certain track at a specific time and dance? Just a thought. Mike.
  17. Just making the point that the availability of ventilators is only a small part of the problem Staffing is almost certainly going to be extremely problematic These are decisions I have been making since the early 1990s
  18. Bad analogy. Try this: High current is like big thighs. If you want/find attractive the idea of a partner with big thighs then all power to you, go get. If you want big thighs for a reason outside material choice then the parameters for that choice may need to be understood. Maybe shot putting competitions, maybe Hill walking? Just not 'because'. Yes I can think of a few reasons why a s/s afficianado would want high current. But as a fan of easy loading speakers and small amps I am waiting to hear from you guys as to why? Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  19. My point is that the switches on home routers (the bit with the 5 ethernet ports) are sometimes 'managed' to a degree. E.g. controls around multicast. Putting a cheap unmanaged switch in front of the router is sometimes a bodgy way of avoiding having to fiddle with multicast settings on the router. That is probably the only realistic instance where it will help. No need to buy a managed one, the build quality is not going to be night and day at this level. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  20. Ah ! Yes Jules, this requires some explanation; I expect to get two lots of Mixed Fruit soaked in Captain Morgan's finest. The second lot of spare Rum will be brushed onto the next Longlife Series 102; the remainder drunk by me. The Rum changes consistency; once the fruit is removed, what is left is surprisingly viscous. And it tastes a lot like Treacle. With more than a hint of Rum. I got tipsy after three spoonfuls... Whoops ! 🤭🤭🤭
  21. 'Where's the ball?'. [/url]IMG_20200329_115441233 by IMG_20200329_115418632 by [url=
  22. When everything has settled down, you and your girlfriend are more than welcome to join us at a Mini Bake Off. Other Wammers will be present. I've got some spare Mullards that you might want to try. They're ECC83 types so only useful for the centre and two Signal Valves to the right.😎👍
  23. Thanks for the link, will have to watch that tomorrow. Too late tonight.
  24. 'Sugar' (previous owners called her that!), relaxing after a hard days self isolation. [/url]IMG_20200329_190518826_HDR by
  25. Should I laugh or should I cry now…If ever there was a measurement for the inverse correlation between small minds and big egos I think the highest ever scoring candidate might just have been identified. He'd probably boast about that too.
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