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  2. Emlin

    Fuse direction

    What an idiot! If he'd just put the fuses in the right direction, he wouldn't have had to burn them in!!!
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  4. Gray

    Fuse direction

    "It's not snake oil" he said
  5. Cash ,,,,,,, lack of
  6. Elvis Costello must like her (probably tells her he does anyway).
  7. I’m new to this process. After I download the zip folder (based on the software variant for my mdsm/1(Fw840)to my computer and click on it all the files in the folder are grayed out. I was trying to download a much older firmware 4.67.262 based on another Linnie’s comments that that version was the most musical so far. Don’t know if it matters that he’s using an akurate dsm compared to my mdsm/1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Ach, its a good yarn. Great music !
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  10. Being a tight Yorkshireman, I will wait 'til my cheap Tidal subs expire in May. Then I'll certainly go to Qobuz, perhaps on the annual subscription. As long as I do so before the deal ends on the 31st May. Has anyone seen whether the £14.99 per month deal is likely to increase after a few months? If that's likely the annual subscription is definitely more attractive. I'm now off t' don flat cap and tek whippet a walk. Mike.
  11. Good. No interference problems with that. 😂🤓
  12. Cable porn at Bristol Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  13. I was very impressed by the Naim/ Focal massively sized and massive £££££ Statement system but felt it was a little too loud/ louder than it would be in real life but a reference when visiting the other rooms. Many nice sounding rooms but I did like the Rogers LS5/9s. Definitely a speaker that you could live with; I know the term " musical " is overused, but that is a good description. The usual sound spill from other rooms was a bit of a problem as well as excessive boom from the small hotel rooms used for most of the demos. The adaptive eq system was demo'd by Linn which works well imo- not a new product but a definite acoustic improvement. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  14. gasolin

    Fuse direction

    Not so much about fuse direction but more that it works for this guy, hell if it's only 5 dollars im trying one in my amp (strange he didn't bought something more expensive)
  15. Have seen the Cambridge dvdplayer, i just know that the local dealer in denmark have more problems with cambridge that any other barnd they sell (marantz which they have stopped selling, tibo, densen, audiolab,quad). I found a Denon PMA 715 and DCD 725 for just under 90 euros with shipping (2x65 watt in 8ohm) i could have bought both but i don't need another amp, so a review of my Marantz PM6006 it's got 2x51 watt in 8 ohm, shure more watt is nice, it's not what i need, are looking for. looks good (black), simple cdplayer,sound should be good(never seen a really bad review of a denon cdplayer) and it has digital out (most people don't have a dac they use with there cdplayer so theres often no information if the digital out works) no remote (have an universal remote), 40 euros. For around 70 euros i can get one of the new dac from nobsound,fosi audio,smsl,fx audio and other brands like that or a Argon, DAC1 (brand sold by hififklubben witch is related to dali), Hegel HD2 (don't get great reviews), cambridge dac 3 (good reviews), cambridge DacMagic 100. New dac, mostly fx audio,smsl,nobound for under 70 euros (don't need tone controls and headphone amp) (more or less the same as the nobound dac above) A used Schiit Modi 3 ? $99 in usa, in europe it's $146 WHY ? Used beresford tc-7510 i think would be perfect for me, good sound,low retail price when it was new (£120), look are more basic but it sounds good No hurry in getting a good external dac, main focus was to get somthing that works good and has a perfect working digital out, so when im ready to upgrade i can just find a 70 euro dac or wait a little longer and buy a used for 100 euros
  16. As mods, we try to avoid 'bigging up' sales threads. However, on this occasion... Fabulous amp. One of a select bunch of solid state stuff that just gets it right IMO. Also, Rich has been posting, buying and selling here for many years.
  17. No, but it is battery free.
  18. Linn used Atlas cables in the excellent Selekt Fyne demo. It was certainly one of the best things I heard while there. Especially as Linn played Carla Bley. Mostly found the show disappointing. I was interested in Chord Electronics 2Go (network bridge), but it was explained it was folk who liked Roon and Internet subscription services (Tidal & Qobuz) and, as I had no interest in these, then I was better off using the Mac mini I already had. Probably not relevant for Linn systems. I liked the new Harbeth P3ESR XD and was happy to hear Eclipse and Magnepan sounding as good as ever: both in Decent Audio rooms. I expected to like more, but could not whip up much enthusiasm, which is good as I can happily stay with what I have.
  19. Well in the true spirit of the Wam post a box to the OP. Sent from my SM-A405FN using Tapatalk
  20. Yesterday
  21. Considering I just Sold a Entreq challenger power cord for more that the cost of the Sugden, it must be a bargain. I’d have but more pressing deals to do. Good luck.
  22. Jazid

    Valve info

    Could be old wine in new bottles, I have many new print Mullard toobs that appear to be old production, later labelled. Of course the opposite doesn't happen except with fakes [emoji849] Sent from my BLA-L09 using Tapatalk
  23. I saw a full section of pickled onion Walkers in my local Asda. I therefore declare this thread total nonsense.
  24. Follow up, the offer appears to be for the first 100,000 new subscibers who sign up until May 31st. Existing subscribers automatically get swapped across. So perhaps a little salesman's pressure to sign up quick while the special offer stands? Whatever, I have now signed up. Amazon HD would be even cheaper for me as an Amazon Prime member but it is the one serice that is not a pleasure to use on my Bluesound Node 2i as the User Interface for the Amazon feed is dreadful. Apparently Bluesound and Amazon are working on it but I am not holding my breath. Tidal may have to respond in due course and perhaps Spotify will too by at last bringing out a lossless service? Anyway I think Amazon has stirred things up, it has been far too cosy up till now.
  25. I had the email and took up the offer. My 120 day Black Friday Tidal subscription expires next month and I will cancel. Would have anyway because I think Qobuz has a slight edge on SQ although the catalogue is not quite as good. Will be interesting to see what Tidal comes up with in response. Amaon is a non starter for me because it is not compatable with other apps. Spotify Premium is less attractive because you do not have to pay much more for far better SQ. Will they be tempted to introduce lossless.
  26. SOUNDSTYLE XS250 CD STORAGE (HOLDS 250 CDS) In very good condition, this stand comes in black with clear glass shelves. Available for immediate collection from London West Ham Born out of the award winning Select range, the XS Series has been subtly re-engineered from the inside out, to deliver new standards in performance and style for the discerning audio and cinephile. Laser cut and precision welding high-tensile steel tubes form the underlying structure of this unique range of furniture. The stand is extremely sturdy and rotates through 360° to offer easy access to all of it’s 250 CD capacity.Price is25£
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