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  2. Like some of the other posters here I am going to continue with local playback for DSD, PCM and of course vinyl. Streaming will be for discovery, items I can do east purchase in physical form, and true high res downloads. Completely agree about Tidal and other services being what they are and they may not be around forever. Personally I am not sure I can support Tidal and will need to look at the other options but might have to stick with it depending on content availability. I will also use it for internet radio if I happen to be listening to a program in the car I want to continue with in my home. Once the DSM arrives I will give it a try and report. Also - I heard from by Linn dude and he reports he received a note from Linn stating they are making progress on the pop on stop with DSD / .dsf playback. If anyone encounters this please chime in. With luck the fix could be in the next firmware update - but no promises. Last - there seems to be a tizzy of activity relating to the Amazon HD streaming service. I guess it makes sense for Linn to try and bake this service in since so many folks use Amazon Prime and it would be part of that subscription. Do you thin Linn should include this as one of the streaming options?
  3. Hi Jimmy, Thanks for the response.. does it come with stand offs for the correct height? Anyway, I would be happy to purchase at that price. How will I pay you...? I have a private email if you prefer, Thanks for your help. Cheers, Ken
  4. Chevron Audio has been working on a Pre / dddac combination all in one unit for a little while now, this may be something you may want to look at when you enquire but I'm sure he will build you just a pre if you want one. Ive heard this new combination and it is very good, using top quality parts, tentlabs volume control and the latest Burson op amps etc.+ many of his own designed bits and bobs in there as well.
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  6. A lot of floor standers have exactly the same footprint as a bookshelf on a stand. Your room is on the narrower side but is a medium sized room. What you have to determine is where you can site your loudspeakers (will her indoors want them back near the wall?). When i first moved to my house I had the Gale GS401s up against the wall firing across the width of the room (4 meters) and they sounded great - I then moved them to fire down the room (which is 7 meters long) and they sounded different .. but still great (there was more of a monitor feel about them across the room with more incisive mids and top end but firing down the room somehow the bass improved a lot and perhaps this made the mids and tops seem a little recessed as the sound was perhaps more balanced). At the end of the day work out how much room you have for manoeuvre you have for speaker placement - (e.g. if close to the wall then avoid rear firing ports) and how much footprint you can have (how big). Contact local wammers to see if you can visit them to listen to theirs (get an idea of what you want) then make a shortlist of speakers you like and find a dealer that does home dem (or if you know what you like buy second hand if you can get them at the right price to be able to move them on with little or no loss if you do not like them). Do not think that size means sounds better either - there are some remarkable small loudspeakers out there (both bookshelf and floor standers).
  7. Those 3 ranges aren't differentiated or marketed on sound quality, they're differentiated by being sold for different applications. I use the Van Damme UP-LCOFC HiFi in my main system. I've also got a pair of the Blue which I've used on another system elsewhere in the house. When I bought my last pair of speakers, the dealer tried, ever so nicely, to get me to try some expensive speaker cables. I wasn't very keen, but he offered to loan me a couple of different makes, so I gave it a go. I subsequently borrowed another lot as well. IIRC it was Chord Odyssey, TQ (Silver I think?) and also some new European brand he had just taken on, that I forget the name of, which worked out at about £350 per metre. I was interested to see if there was an improvement to be gained over the QED Silver Anniversary I'd been using up to then. Lots of listening to see if there were any differences. None that I could positively detect. At times I thought I might be hearing some subtle changes, but couldn't really be sure. My son, who is in his mid 20's couldn't hear anything either, nor could a mate of mine who came over for a listen to my new kit. I then ordered The Van Damme and found it to be just as good and cost fraction of the price. All this will be academic in the not too distant future, as I'm intending to do away with speaker cables altogether and go active, preferably with wireless. . .
  8. Keith, You are doing yourself a disservice and not being overly professional. I was under the impression you were in the trade now. You should really be expressing professional and knowledgable opinions - as it is that's not the case.
  9. So five years ago I was "between jobs" for almost two years. I joined a volunteer group at a local park - building flower beds, planting bulbs managing the woodland, marshaling events I was already a High school governor, I started doing reading support in class for kids with reading difficulties Local GP practice have a "Patient Group" that support the practice and run events, like a walking group and coffee mornings etc, I spent quite a but if time on that. A local mill being restored, I started helping scrape rust off the old steam engine, now I am there three times a week and helping to run a fair size operation.... Then I got a bloody job - which I needed, I enjoy, and I am grateful for - but I could easily fill my time twice over and not work! If you volunteer your time - someone will need your help and appreciate it. There will be something nearby that needs volunteers - try it!
  10. It does, yes. In terms of the physics of it, increasing VTF will compress the suspension a little and therefore effectively change the angle of the stylus in the groove. By how much will of course depend on the length of the cantilever and the stiffness of the suspension. But I'm not convinced that's all there is to it. The VTF certainly needs to be high enough to ensure the stylus stays seated in the groove and doesn't 'bounce' off the walls so to speak, but changing the VTF will alter the angle of the stylus relative to the cartridge body, whereas changing the VTA alone will not. Therefore when at rest (placed on an LP not revolving), changing the VTF changes the null position of the suspension and coils. I don't know, but my guess is that the audible change is at least partly because of the effects on the position (and movement) of the coils (or magnet). Messing around here with the Well Tempered and both the Dynavector and the AT, even quite substantial changes to VTA seem to make minimal difference to the sound, whereas changing the VTF has more of an effect. The F2 in particular seems to 'focus' much better near the top end of the VTF range and the soundstage widens. The VTA does tighten up the bass a little when it's slightly 'tail down', but I really don't seem to get much more in terms of audible differences. As with anything cartridge related, YMMV and your ears are the best judge of your setup. What makes a difference in mine won't necessarily in anyone else's. Even two supposedly identical cartridges will sometimes perform and react slighty differently.
  11. I'm not sure that that is how it would work. There is, inevitably, a fair amount of crosstalk between the ears, so whether you would notice a balance adjustment with headphones as you do with speakers is an open question. David
  13. I'd agree with just its air breathing engine, but it's designed to have a rocket motor as well, which they haven't even used yet!
  14. I am connecting my MacBook pro to a 4k TV using a £15 USB-C to HDMI cable from Amazon. Works fine, 4k picture great, sound (stereo from TV optical out to DAC) great, no issues at all.
  15. Agreed that the terminology is confusing. 'Active' simply means that each speaker driver is connected to its own dedicated amplifier channel, and the crossover function is implemented upstream of the power amplification, rather than within the speakers as in the standard passive configuration. 'Passive' speakers have the inbuilt, unpowered (and hence passive) crossover fitted. However, all Linn passive speakers (and many models from other manufacturers) have the facility to connect actively with the required number of amplifier channels, and also to bypass the passive crossover. So your passive Akudoriks were in fact made active (Aktiv) as part of the process of installing the Exakt system. You are correct in saying that Exakt implements the crossover function digitally, but it also does a great deal more. As my second system, I have a Linn Kiko DSM, which comes with its own dedicated two way speakers. These speakers are Aktiv (they have no crossover fitted), and the four channels of amplification required are housed in the DSM itself. The crossover is in fact digital (it was Linn's first foray into that technology), but the Kiko is not an Exakt device. Firstly, on a point of fact, the subwoofer will almost certainly be powered and will not require separate amplification. Secondly, there is no doubt that a properly set up subwoofer (or, better yet, a pair) can greatly improve the sound quality of smaller, standmount speakers, with the curious advantage that the whole tonal range, and not just the bass, can seem clearer and better balanced. In your case, however, I would be cautious. Your speakers are very much in the upper echelon of standmounts, and a badly set up or inferior quality subwoofer could make your experience worse rather than better. Try before you buy is definitely the watchword here. We are all hoping that that will not happen, but the market is undoubtedly changing, and Linn has to respond. Linn have offered upgrades for their more expensive integrated speakers, and hopefully will continue to do so. It's also worth remembering that they have a policy of providing free software upgrades for all DSMs, going back to 2009, and Exakt devices. Taken together, Linn's upgrade policies and offerings are some of the more generous in the Hi-Fi marketplace, and they do to some extent offset the high initial purchase costs of Linn products. David
  16. I would say it's physically impossible for current technology. If you consider Mach 1 is just over 700mph, and aircraft rarely reach that speed unless they are a certain height - thin air equals less resistance.
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  18. She's looking for a portable CD player. She's seen one on the tinterweb that also plays DVDs through a laptop or Smartphone, around the £40.00 mark. She can't remember the make , so looking for recommendations. Her budget is £100 max. This is coming out of her money and not a Crimbo present.
  19. And would you agree, Richard, that changing the tracking force itself also alters the VTA on most cartridges?
  20. Narrow dynamic range is good for soundstage. I thought that everybody knw about that. Now excuse me a moment while I go to the toilet
  21. Really I understand the appeal of colouration, distortion is often euphoric, it just isn’t for me I simply want t hear what is on the record nothing more nothing less. Keith
  22. I bloody well hope not! Excellent as the 8Cs are they are not perfect. All those impressive words don’t convey whether the speakers make you think you are listening to music or understanding the recording.
  23. Clearly says Copper in the OP.
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