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  2. I was browsing various Hifi sights when I stumbled across this portable music player. OK it has a gold plated knob, but £8000 . When I say portable, it’s not as small as one would expect.
  3. I'm assuming your cables are shielded. I had a big improvement when moving from non shielded.
  4. MF 1000

    Gorgeous Gadgets

    I got them 6 months ago with cabinets ...were on eBay at £700 😁....but a 11 hr round trip to collect them. Still tuning them in and will build new cabinets between now and xmas ....have a look at the thread in the DIY section
  5. Living as i do in a village not too far away from a steelworks and my house fed by overhead mains cables is it really possoble to prevent my power amps buzzing like a pylon? I have tried a DC blocker on my Pre-amp power supply to reasonable effect though i have been advised against using one with my power amps. Or would it be better just to buy an amp the simply isn't as suseptable to DC?
  6. New arrival Wanted to try one for a long time
  7. So the frequency response will be the same? Have never seen that before. A changed crossover network affects the speakers performance. And to be sure about how much it will be seriously difficult if you have a compensation active for the earlier behaviour.
  8. I was just checking out those volt 18 inch bass drivers. Just a pair costs 1700 pounds
  9. I recently took along some Kimber 8VSspeaker cable to a bake off in case it was needed. I was shocked when i offered to loan my cable to somene in need i was advised to put it back in my bag as it was the spawn of the devil. Apparently it is not recommended for many amps as it can make them unstable! I thought this mainly pertained to Naim and earlt exposure amps? So, is this rather fine sounding cable an aural angel or the devil incarnate?
  10. Is "Show speaker variant versions" still checked in Konfig’s settings? Im using Konfig 4.37.133 and can still see the separate pane.
  11. well, I'm going to hazard a guess that the change is simply to add the wifi ds speaker doubrie thingie to the list of Exakt products and nothing to do with the EBs or speakers at all. There, I've said it... 'troll
  12. there was a fair bit of bidding on one just like this on ebay that started quite low and attracted some good bids , might just be worth doing that for some of the dissapointed bidders
  13. There is no ambiguity if one’s point of view is that Exaktbox = filter, but actually the Exaktbox software consists of five components. Firmware, fallback firmware, speaker filters, speaker dimensions and compiler. For KEB/1s running the latest beta software two Akubarik filters are available: The filter has the biggest impact on SQ. Obviously it didn’t change with this release. So from my point of view „Software Update to Majik Isobarik with Single-ended Amplifiers Filter…“ is misleading, as it focusses on the speakers and filters. A part of the software package not directly related to speakers or filters has been updated. Hence a correct message would be „Software Update released on 8/12/2019 is available.“ What actually has been changed should be mentioned in the release notes Konfig points to. Currently the release notes are missing…
  14. Horslips ‎– Short Stories / Tall Tales
  15. Was thinking of this to match my Harbeths
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  17. Thanks Pete.. they look stunning
  18. I'm interested in the Studio Connections Blackstar XLR cable 1 Meter...I reckon you have two - a pair - for sale, right? Just one question: If these Black Star XLR cables are good...why sell them?
  19. My OCC is kicking in. Konfig was updated with a new beta recently. Release notes say "Cosmetic fixes to speaker variant versions selector in Exakt setup." There used to be a separate pane when you select your speaker, with the variants listed. Now there is no such thing. And I just noticed my Exaktbox firmware is at version 5.0, while the fallback firmware is version 9.0. How can a fallback version be higher than the current one? It isn't helping the Exakt Filter version info pages aren't working..... It's doing my nut....
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  21. Darn! I was thinking of getting my '5125 'Dynamiked' 'til I learned the sad news - I've now got the unenviable task of waiting for someone to sell with the upgrade installed. As I said...darn! Elston.
  22. Classic Sony VHF/MW/LW/SW radio receiver with BFO for SSB. Integral whip antenna or plug in an external. Runs off 4x AA batteries. Complete with leatherette carry case and external long wire antenna. Scans all bands, and has up to 100 memory channels. 150 kHz to 29999 kHz plus standard FM band. Perfect working order and mint condition in original box, as new as far as I can tell, with original paperwork including s shortened version of a Short Wave listing handbook. Located NN3 Northampton, looking for £85 plus post.
  23. I don't think a change to the filter will have that effect. The response is the same - when they update filters it's usually how they model them and handle roll-ons/offs for each driver.
  24. It is a Beta (I only got the notification when I turned beta on). And I think (if memory serves) the "Software update to....Filter" is a general term they use for any update to an Exaktbox/speaker, whether it be compiler/firmware/filter. It's actually the 3rd line in BB1's example and in the Exakt tab in Konfig (and also the "title" of same). It's always been at version 1.0. It's become a little confusing again though.
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