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  2. I think that the impact of knowing what you're listening too is relatively short lived and so much more significant for A/B type comparisons than for long term ownership, where we stop thinking about the hardware and just focus on the music. I never have chosen equipment based on unsighted listening comparisons but it would unquestionably be the best way to judge the purely audio performance as far as I'm concerned. A final decision would need to include other factors like aesthetics and functionality though.
  3. Thanks Jason, you are right...... it's a bargain alright and the price includes postage. It will also seriously embarrass more expensive players and it's made in Japan.......alongside there exotica gear.
  4. Something is amiss around here: ??????????????????????
  5. Grand Prix Audio ‘Monaco 1.5 direct drive turntable fitted with a 12” Triplanar tonearm. £15k inc vat. Keith
  6. It's great when you find a piece of equipment that you really like. I hope you continue to enjoy it.
  7. Hi Anto'nio, l have a Gyro SE and added another Spyder- not a full plinth kit and l got more bass and a little more of everything really, however bass was the most difference l would say.
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  9. Hi Rab you are probably right. I did hear a considerable improvement over the 20X2 so I was ok with it. 3 years ago I did try a few integrated phono stages in the £2000-£3500 range but none were better than what I have. They were different but not better or worse (apart from the Uphorik which was terrible). Will try and get a demo of the Trilogy and Vida.
  10. The closest person I know to you that does an exceptional job with the LP-12 is ThomasOK in Ann Arbour Michigan, about 4 hours drive from Toronto.
  11. Thanks for this hugely valuable info. Do you know if you had a malfunctioning unit or if this is a feature of this phononstage?
  12. It’s a bit like being a freeform cliff climber. No stylus guard. You know you have to make it so you do!! It no more difficult than any other cartridge. In some respects easier because it’s bigger and heavier than almost anything else. Its my second favourite cartridge. Favourite being a Koetsu Urishi Blue. I had one at home on trial for a few weeks. Couldn’t get the money together though.
  13. Skylan ( from Canada mind) make superb stands for Harbeths, look well smart and sound good too.
  14. I must say that this type of experience is one that has me quite puzzled. This is assuming you had the paper stripper in the Garbarek loving valve system. I bought a Hagerman kit opamp RIAA pre, after reading a good tecnical review by the late Charles Hansen, (who I greatly respect). Plugging it in to my valve rig, it sounds horrible, like a tinny transistor radio. Plugging in to my solid state rig, sounds good, with nice clean treble. If it is so perfect*, and all the subsequent tubes in my rig are joyously piling on the THD, how does this happen, why does it sound like a box of crappy opamps**, despite all the downstream "effects boxes". Anti-synergy? Whereas my valve CD player sounds super lovely in my solid state rig. Confused on that one. * Wanted an accurate RIAA reference. ** I don't really hate opamps.
  15. Are you talking about the Chord dac? If so who is the wammer that sells them?
  16. I hnave one as well realy good unit running via mo jo dac sounds realy good !!! Good luck with your sale sir
  17. Yes Paul, he really was. I got some Cat 6 from Gary too. His attention to detail was second to none. I have found myself in a bit of a limbo situation since Gary passed. I have done little to my system except buy stuff that I have not installed ( a Keel sitting for 5 months in a box!) just because I can't bring myself to look for subsitute for Gary. I am afriad to find out there is no such person.
  18. uzzy


    Well if we think of the outstanding loans of over £100 billion given to Germany in post war years to help them rebuild and now written off, if we think about life was good before 1974, if we think about all the criminals we cannot deport due to EU Human Rights Laws, and if you think that we just want to rule ourselves, yes we will do fine. We all want a common market but what we do not want is to be part of a federal europe rules from Brussels. As one German Minister said recently, who understands our position, and said something along the lines "Britain in effect joined a Cricket Club which has changed to a football club and it is understandable that they therefore no longer wish to be members". DId you elect the President of the EU? Did you elect the EU finance minister (previously convicted of fraud) and the list goes on and on. The thing is, if you believe in democracy, we had a referendum and the country voted to leave. So if the majority of people voted to leave should a country then refuse to abide by those wishes. As for Switzerland not having a water border - that is immaterial - the thing is the EU want to penalise us for leaving (which will piss off the Germans who export over 25% of their cars to the UK let alone the French and Spanish and I guess the other 17 EU countries whose economies depend on exports to the UK) and do not seem to realise that having no agreement and a hard brexit will actually hurt them far more than it will hurt the UK. So on the other hand taking all this into account - it is absurd that the EU would not want to come to a fair and reasonable agreement (just as it has with Switzerland). In the final analysis how do you think the EU will continue without our contributions as it would appear we are the thirds largest contributor (paying nearly three times as much as Belgium) this makes for some interesting reading What is not apparent from this is we come second in net payments taking into account how much we get back - this is worth a look to see who actually gets more back than they pay in So as you say enuff said as this is a hifi forum - but the actual point I wanted to make was not so much about the wrongs and rights of leaving - just that the democratic decision was to leave and so if you believe in democracy we have to leave - end of
  19. Hi, I'm Ralph, NYC and for three years, the proud owner of Quad ESL 63's, as rebuilt by One Thing Audio. These transducers are unlike any other that I have heard, and their sound can be described in one word: REAL. Everyone who has heard them agrees that they simply blow all other speakers out of the water. I have them driven by the Music Reference RM--9 100 wpc power amp, which I understand was voiced with the Quads in mind. Their outstanding ability is to pull you into the music, so much that you forget the sound. These are musical instruments, not mere mechanical reproducers.
  20. The PMC DB1i look very promising. They look nice in the cherry finish. But I'm wondering how they'll perform with the Solo Mini which is only rated at 25W per channel.
  21. Sadly I don't own either. Hard to believe the Pioneer CT-F900 came out in 1978 the year I was born and the RT-909 a year later. I'm not into vintage hi-fi but I lust have these two.
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