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  2. Bazzer

    Guess the album cover

    Is it a Robert Wyatt album ?
  3. QuestForThe13thNote

    Cd player advice

    I had the dac magic plus about 6 years ago and as an old design it’s definetely in a different ball game to some newer dacs currently available.
  4. tackleberry

    WANTED Michell gyro

    Spoke to Moorgate, from what he’s told me it’s a standard used (2 years old demo) se without a cart. £1950. I can get a brand new one with cart for £2399 from vickers
  5. CnoEvil

    Amps/Speakers Categorized by how they sound.

    Re Harbeth. I now have the pleasure of owning some Monitor 40.2s,....and whereas I agree that Harbeth has opened up its sound (particularly on SHL5+ and 40.2) compared to older models....compared to most other brands (that don't use thin walled construction), they have a naturalness and a warmth that is unique. This is why I love them....but Mrs. Cno much prefers the openness of the Kef Refs. That is also why they are in that section. I take your point on Luxman. Where a brand has a Class A model, it will have a slightly different presentation...but Luxman have imo, a musicality, which puts them in that section. Like i have said, it is comparative.....and the only consistent factor, is my subjective assessment. If the Luxman is in a group of similarish sounding Amps, then at least that gives a reasonable idea of what to expect.
  6. Bazzer

    2018/19 Football Season

    I don't go to many @lower bullens is your man , home and most away .
  7. Craig

    WAM Fantasy football 2018/19

    Thanks. A lucky start is just lucky The hard bit starts now. Oodles of weeks for that lead to be chipped away at, and IME it normally only takes one or two cackhanded weeks (and a few unjudicious nights on the sauce) for me to blow it
  8. JamieMcC

    Headphones Audioquest Nighthawk

    Price reduction to £215 I would like to move them on quickly as have found something else I would like to try. These headphones are only 2 months old and are in mint condition.
  9. TheFlash

    Your views: Yamaha NS1000M vs ATC SCM40

    Do you mean the NS1000M would easily beat the ATC SCM40 but the SCM100 might give it a good run/fight? I recognise and have explained why I am comparing two superficially very different beast - both claim/are regarded for their brutal transparency and I'm interested in these different transparencies... focusing on sound not config, age, looks or whatever. Affordability: I could afford the NS1000M or the SCM40 but not the SCM100.
  10. plasticpenguin

    Cd player advice

    Thanks Lurch. I've only had two Dacs on home dem: Rega and the original Cambridge DacMagic. The Rega, connected to a Naim CD5i for a short period was too bass heavy. The Cambridge had connected to my Arcam and it sounded quite strident. Strange because on what hi-fi forum opinion on Dacs have always been split, even if you 'up' the budget (apparently due to the bit rates). Add that to my personal experience of Dacs connected to CDPs and the overall opinion isn't encouraging. Perhaps that's wrong. Now it could be a different ball game altogether. I dunno. Won't totally rule it out, but...
  11. antonio66

    2018/19 Football Season

    Couldn't agree more about goalies, personally I don't like em getting above their station. Been an Everton follower for nearly 50 years but always lived a long way from Goodison, not only that I have other stuff to do on Saturdays. Nice to hear a fan at the game reports though. Up the Toffees
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  13. driver4547

    What are you listening to right now?

    Orbital (green album) CD
  14. eddie-baby

    Which speakers for my system?

    ProAc's are always a good choice for what you describe.
  15. eddie-baby

    Which speakers for my system?

    Heard these a the Wam show thanks to John for bringing them along, seriously impressive, deep bass, like a good ported subwoofer but really well integrated with the speakers and sound, fabulous scale, and posh looking to boot. Need the room for these to breathe though I imagine, but great fun when it's right. Bit of treble sparkle as well, which I really like, get those glistening bits and realistic harmonics in the room.
  16. Naughtilus

    Your views: Yamaha NS1000M vs ATC SCM40

    You're comparing apples to walruses unless you put the ATC SCM 100 against the Yamaha NS-1000M. If you want to hear how the NS-1000M sound like, get a pair of AKG K701 / K702 / Q701 headphones. Bass: acoustic suspension, deep, extended, rich, fast, efficient, but lean because its neutral (flat), most will find it lacking. Midrange: exaggerated around 2kHz, fast (too fast at times), dry, detailed, metalic, harsh, realistic, impressive presence. Top: shimmering cymbal crashes and guitar plucks that last forever, very realistic transients.
  17. TheFlash

    Your views: Yamaha NS1000M vs ATC SCM40

    Thanks everyone. There are, superficially, more differences between these two speakers than similarities but both are famed and lauded for their transparency/brutality/<your-favourite word-here>. Hence the question: clearly they are transparent in different ways too... NS1000M introduced 1974, can be had for c. £1,000 in good original nick, re-cap costs around £200 I understand (thanks Geoff @oldius). I loved the look of a pair of NS1000 in gorgeous wooden (walnut?) cabinet up for sale a year or so ago and would have had those like a shot if they came up again today. As @Baggawire has said, there's a ready market to move them on at/around purchase price. Never heard of a failed driver leading to useless pair or expensive repair. SCM40 around £2500 secondhand. Introduced a year or two ago? Six year warranty from new, remainder transferable to new owner. Were you good at exams at school, or did the marker write "answer the question!" in the margins?
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  19. Lurch

    Cd player advice

    PP, your not that far from me, I have a CXC & Modded DacMagic Plus your welcome to borrow and tryout if you want, might help narrow things down.
  20. rockmeister

    Amps/Speakers Categorized by how they sound.

    ref your list. It's broad ofc, but you could sererate Luxman class AB amps into a 'neutral, dynamic' sound and class A are about where you have them. As to harbeths, that's about 10 years out of date. All the new models since the millenium, but especially in the last 3 or 4 years are much cleaner and less warm than before. You might edge them into a less creamy area.
  21. Naughtilus

    Your views: Yamaha NS1000M vs ATC SCM40

    ATC SCM 100
  22. Naughtilus

    Choral Music

    Britten: War Requiem Galina Vishnevskaya / Benjamin Britten / Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau / London Symphony Orchestra / Peter Pears Was watching a political commentary videos last night. I found one particularly interesting because it puts Sir John Bagot Glubb's book "The fate of empires and Search for survival" in today's perspective. Played some music after, including this Britten masterpiece.
  23. Fourlegs

    Amps/Speakers Categorized by how they sound.

    Ok, mr pedant, I also understand his view or at least I understand that he has a view which is contrary to my view but I don’t understand how he arrived at that view having myself heard a number of very different sounding power amps which were all competent and operating well within their power capability.
  24. radiant red

    Rega P3-24 inc TT PSU and Elys 2 cartridge

    Available without cartridge for £320 or with at £365 plus p&p or collection
  25. driver4547

    What are you listening to right now?

    David Bowie - Low. CD
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