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  2. It is true, that Linn manufactures more than HiFi components and speakers. It seems they have a whole line of Linngerie!!! 👙 Sorry, I hope I didn’t say the thong thing.? Oh, I have to run off for a second. I’ll be bikini minute. 😮
  3. Why does a digital RIAA curve seem so appealing ? there is absolutely no reason why it should be any better than a Urika analogue phonostage. The record is mastered using an analogue RIAA curve, so an analogue RIAA curve as applied in the Urika should be what is needed. You cannot improve on what is mastered on the record, so why go to all this trouble and expense. Just get a Urika and forget about all the hype with Exakt. I've heard it at Linn HQ and its not at all exciting to be honest. ..........
  4. Alan H

    JR149 Loudspeakers

    Hi Guys, Thanks for all the information. After reading your entries and the other sites suggested, I have decided just to fit new grilles, shorten the speaker leads and leave the recap until we have carried out some listening tests. According to other web sites, the leads appear to be what was supplied with the speakers. Would there be any benefit changing them for the OF type.? To put you in the picture. I am in my late 70s and now have permanent tinnitus, can't hear 8Khz and above.. Sadly it is difficult for me to be critical in any listening test, with my hearing limitations now. I enjoyed listening to good quality HiFi for decades but that has now passed. I am passing on my HiFi system to my son. We will do some listening tests and he can decide on the recap. I will have other posts on refurbishing the other parts of the system Thanks again, Alan Look after your ears, its a dull world without quality music.
  5. Von Krolock

    How to breed antisemitism at a young age

    Like a rose tinted view of humanity? - you know full well that in any plebiscite there'll be disagreement. Young kids are impressionable, but think back to when you were a kid - you might've been awkward & questioning but you had the ken? 'Course you did. Some may blame the Jewish kid because that's the shit world we live in . Teaching is a difficult job but you shouldn't have to question a school head's common sense. Common sense after all.
  6. I’ll put my toe into these discussions on stockings, if you Lycra? 🤪 The original Linn stockings were developed to create a tighter sound, and the owners would not feel like they were hoisiers 😂 Okay, seriously, the Keilidh’s were developed well before Space optimization and Linn lifestyle products such as the 520’s and 530’s, which do compensate for the type of stocking material or covering over the speakers. I believe that Linn would have been looking for a stocking material that was relatively transparent to the music, but there would likely not have been anyway to compensate for the stockings effect on the music. The original idea was to create a separate style of Linn stocking for the French Audiophile, which included a fishnet stocking, French heel and garter belt, but it might not have been accepted by their wives? Sorry if I have woven a sordid tale of mystery, intrigue and provocateur. 👨🏻‍🎨 Of course you could substitute the Linn material for something like pure silk, if you were well heeled. 😌
  7. Old Git

    What are you listening to right now?

    To end the evening... Brett Anderson - ‘Wilderness’
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  9. awkwardbydesign

    Speaker cover, off or on?

    Heybrook HB3s. I made very thin polyester grilles for these, and they stay on. Visually almost transparent, and audibly the same. The tweeters are a bit bright anyway, so any softening is welcome.
  10. Those reviews were, however, quite brief.
  11. Not to mention that a few pieces of custom molded styrofoam packing made in relatively smallish numbers (as in not tens of thousands) isn't going to be as cheap as you might first think. Also don't forget that Linn has to ship the mostly empty box to the dealer. Now in the UK that might not be that big a deal. But here UPS and FedEx like to charge by dimensional weight which means they are going to treat it like it weighs 35 lbs regardless of how light it is. Then Linn ships to the US FedEx 2 day air. If you order above a certain amount the freight is free, but obviously not to them. You can bet that we only order a box and packing when we have enough other stuff for free freight. So these costs have to be figured in as well. Considering the costs of double thick cardboard boxes, plywood, polystyrene, bubble wrap and the time involved to make sure it is all right and the fact that the box is likely to end up even larger, so costing more to ship, I'm not sure there is a lot of savings. Another consideration is that UPS in the US will not accept electronic equipment for shipping from normal people that isn't in original manufacturer cartons. And if you are a dealer like us and ship in non-manufacturer carton and something is broken they will fight you on the insurance. Sometimes they will fight you even with a manufacturers carton! So "you pays your money and you takes your choice".
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  13. insider9

    Speaker cover, off or on?

    Know the feeling. I speak more authoratively as evening progresses... Happens most weekends
  14. insider9

    What are you listening to right now?

    Def Leppard - Hysteria Somehow my Roon won't share it...
  15. awkwardbydesign

    What are you listening to right now?

    Download from Bandcamp.
  16. It's Friday night and you started it
  17. MF 1000

    Top 3 changes to your system in 2018

    Adding a second behringer dcx digital crossover to go 4 way fully active along with replacing my mid bass/Midrange speaker setup with a pair of KEF 104.2's has raised the bar again this year.
  18. Unfortunately you will have to wait a little longer than I had hoped. Despite getting our order in rather quickly we have been informed that it will be early January before they expect to ship it to us.
  19. If you're going to be anal about it, you might as well do it with the stockings
  20. They certainly have the K in the title. In fact they have 2 K's....Linn Knickers!
  21. greybeard

    WigWam Predict the Score League

    It certainly is
  22. I just changed from Akurate Radikal to Klimax Radical and I can confirm the observations made. But I made something special with my surplus Akurate Radikal. I gave it to Stephan Horwege and he modified it to his hoer-wege LP12 Radikal. Now I‘ve both and tested them against each other. There is no difference at all. The modified Akurate (new case, new transformer, some new caps) plays on Klimax level for a very moderate price. Sonicman
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