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  2. Musicraft is pleased to announce to say that we have received our new Dutch & Dutch Audio Studio 8c 1000w active monitors. Date, Time, DPD parcel centre, Parcel status 19.10.2017, 15:01, Leicester (GB)...〉 Delivered. 19.10.2017, 10:17, Leicester (GB)...〉 Out for delivery. 18.10.2017, 00:37, Leicester (GB)...〉 At parcel delivery centre. 16.10.2017, 23:10, Veenendaal (NL)...〉 In transit. 16.10.2017, 17:54, Berkel en Rodenr ...〉In transit. 16.10.2017, 12:41, Berkel en Rodenr ...〉Received by DPD from consignor. 16.10.2017, 03:00, Berkel en Rodenr ...〉Important supplementary information: Pickup ordered for: 16.10.2017 13.10.2017, 16:02, DPD data centre, Order information has been transmitted to DPD. Dutch & Dutch Audio Studio 8c 1000w active monitors The Studio 8c is more than just a studio monitor. It is a unique acoustic concept. Its revolutionary cabinet design provides the Studio 8c with constant directivity from 100 Hz upwards. As a result, the Studio 8c is above and beyond any other studio monitor in terms of neutrality, precision, and in-room tonal balance. Sub frequencies are handled by 500 Watts of amplifier power and two high-excursion 8” subwoofer drivers, which employ boundary loading for maximum bass precision and impact. Dutch & Dutch Audio Studio 8c 1000w active monitors UK RRP £9000/pair Dutch & Dutch Audio Studio 8c. An ultra high resolution monitoring system. Dutch & Dutch Audio Studio 8c 1000w active monitors Dutch & Dutch Studio 8c 1000w active monitors Dutch & Dutch Audio Studio 8c 1000w active monitors Dutch & Dutch Audio Studio 8c 1000w active monitors ***** ***** Thanks Rick @ Musicraft

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  5. Musical fidelity massive!!!!!

    I know of a minty Kw 500 up for grabs. Best I had out of your speakers in here Stu, by some margin. Slightly different presentation to the TV300, but one I prefer. Also benefits from 60% less bling. Still retains the massive volume control though.

    Local pub landlord used to walk around the lake at the back of my mum's house with his pockets full of Beta Bars. Like Sugar Puffs, but a bar of them. Any of the kids that had caught a fish, got a bar. And before any of you reprobates says anything, yes I did catch a lot of fish.
  7. Ruark Prestige

    No worries - all manner of strangeness catered for here.
  8. Ruark Prestige

    I've never been the sarcastic type. Too shy and reserved for such perversions.

    No such character.
  10. Ruark Prestige

    Second only to sarcasm. Sarcastic toilet humour is unbeatable.
  11. Ruark Prestige

    How to liven a thread up: Toilet humour.
  12. Fab phono stages

    audio innovations p2, but if you had the money an SJS phono stage is the best imho
  13. Ruark Prestige


    So where in the crew of the Black Pig was Seaman Staines? S
  15. Ruark Prestige

    This playlist topic needs a thread of its own, think it would run for several pages.
  16. Fab phono stages

    Graham slee, Benedict Audio, Icon Audio PS1.2
  17. Chord 2650/2500/650 Pre/Power Amps

    Tough question. A long time ago I ran a CPA3200E into the SPM600. Specs from SPM600 seem identical to SPM650, but I think the case got a bling update and the PSU revised. I haven't heard the CPA2500. I can say that for the first month of owning a Chord pre/power combo, the pre was the CPA2200. I wanted the option to run fully balanced input to output so swapped out the pre to CPA3200E paying the RRP difference. There was that cliche immediately noticeable difference in terms of resolution and clarity. So long as Chord's aren't bright in your system, it pays to get the better preamps. The 'better' Chord power amps only seem to make a difference if you really need the extra oomph. The 1200C could/can drive anything. I found the humble SPM600 could drive B&W N802 speakers just fine. I suspect the SPM650 would be the same. It comes down to if more power gives better sound from your speakers, which shouldn't be assumed. From other comments of Chord owners who had an integrated (CPM model), the pre/power route is reportedly more musical with far better timing not heard in the integrated models. I've personally not compared. I agree with above post that it could be sideways step, mostly because of the pre model you're considering. I know none of this really gives a definitive answer to your question. Is there a reason for needing a Chord pre? Could you go with a Music First passive with remote and the Chord SPM650 instead? Just thinking you could retain the transparency of Chord's more expensive pre models while still leveraging the oomph of a Chord power amp and saving money overall (if the MFA passive is bought used - one on eBay with remote currently). Depending on comparative costs, you might be able to go for a more powerful Chord power amp (or other brand) and end up with something really special.

    And Master Mate, not Master....
  19. Ruark Prestige

    Everybody Hurts - REM Constipation Blues - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
  20. Recommendations for <£1000 Standmount/Bookshelf Speakers

    While aesthetics are important, the fact that Sonus Faber have given us the gorgeous Guarneri and these aren’t them will always bug me!
  21. Fab phono stages

    One of two suggestions. A Cambridge Audio 651P, or a vintage pre-amp like a Hafler or Radford, both of which had superb phono stages. S

    So it was Tom the cabin-boy, not Roger! S
  23. Ruark Prestige

  24. Chord 2650/2500/650 Pre/Power Amps

    While I don’t have experience with the 2500/650, many years ago I did audition the 2200/600 (the 2500/650 replaced these in their line up) and ended up buying a 2200 & SPM 1200C. Spec wise there isn’t a great deal of difference between the CPM2650 and the 2500/650, I think it might just be a sideways step rather than forward. Also worth noting that in the price you are paying for a second piece of bling case work.
  25. Ruark Prestige

    Vindaloo - Fat Les
  26. Seeking amp advice - New to vinyl system

    I'm not sure I would wholly go along with this. I'm lucky I started listening to music before CD existed. Vinyl always had a warmth and fullness missing from CD. I remember getting CD originally and feeling let down that this "great new sound" was a bit meh. Now high res downloads are available that trounce CD and if you go the Pi route the player is very affordable. This gets close to Vinyl much closer than CD. But even fairly low cost Vinyl with a simple belt drive deck with a value but quality MM cartridge like a Shure, Audio Technica or Goldring gives you that warm rich sound
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