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  2. Have you spotted Lurch’s IC and SC Clearout elsewhere in the Classifieds? Should meet your needs.
  3. Batty

    Raspberry Pi running Volumio as a music server

    Finally got it to see all my music, don't ask me how as I can't remember.
  4. EddieRUKidding

    Alfa Romeo

    Who conducted the Survey - Alfa
  5. Today
  6. Gizza

    Alfa Romeo

    Wow, that's a result for Alfa!
  7. EddieRUKidding

    Thoughts On New Roger Waters Theatrical Vinyl Album.

    New to me too
  8. EddieRUKidding

    DIY Turntable?

    I was thinking of making one out of a millstone but I think the wife might have other ideas
  9. YNWAN

    Forum old wives tales

    But it isn’t (the negative proof regarding old wives and their marketing tales) because they are (capacitors), but only in a very simplistic sense. In the same way that using a model of using a single amplifier that doesn’t self immolate when confronted by said speaker is a very simplistic proof that they aren’t a pure capacitor. The whole precept is entirely worthless except as a form of self promotion. This isn’t my ‘theory’, it’s what this thread, self evidently, states (before it descends into circular argument over minutia).
  10. YNWAN

    Forum old wives tales

    Entirely worthless content, as usual, though the irony could hardly be more heavy handed (again, as usual). Isn't it time for you and your pathetic bunch of associates to run back to the cesspit of dung you call a home? The fact that you and your little gang have to come and support (behave as forum bullies) this thread is proof in itself that it is of little inherent value - case proven.
  11. EddieRUKidding

    MQA A Hoax and a Con ------Bob Carver

    My solution to downloading is to record tracks off youtube using my Nak tape deck lol
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  13. toprepairman

    Forum old wives tales

    Indeed. What is happening is the transformer is being reversed and primary used as secondary and vice versa. the power comes from the bridge itself. As it is a capacitor bridge the signal is ac., usually about 1kHz, but that depends on the bridge. Some use the 50Hz mains signal and some may only have a tiny signal to work with (a valve operated bridge for example) so that it may be upset by the low inductance of the transformer winding (15R tap).
  14. Not sure what you mean by electrical domain, who brought that up? What I’m talking about is frequency response. For example, if your speakers had a response that was +3db at 70Hz and the microphone was measuring a +10db peak at this frequency then only 7db is caused by the room. So, if Linn’s room correction software used a microphone to obtain a frequency response of your speakers in your room, it could compare that to Linn’s measured frequency response of your model of speaker, deduct the speakers response and be left with the contribution the room is making and correct just for that. I’m not sure that correcting just for the room is the right approach, but for Linn to say that using a microphone is wrong because by doing so it’s not possible to distinguish between the room and speaker is just bogus
  15. Yesterday
  16. EddieRUKidding

    Caring for an early LP12

    The Mantra uses the same spring suspension system as the Systemdek- correct the LP12 and RD11 copied the TD150 I'm referring to prices now - as most people don't have a Time Machine
  17. plasticpenguin

    Alfa Romeo

    In a recent What Car? reliability study, the new Giulia came 3rd from top, with a reliability 96.9%. That's better than Audi, Skoda, VW, Jag and Merc C-Class And 8th in overall brand reliability.
  18. plasticpenguin

    On this day...

  19. plasticpenguin

    Alfa Romeo

    The Integrale was one of the success stories of Lancia. They were the models that didn't fall to pieces if you sneezed within 5 yards of it. All Italian cars have their foibles but based on my 12 year ownership mechanical/engine reliability isn't one of them.
  20. plasticpenguin

    The Yamaha Owners Club

    After demoing the AS 2100 amp I was impressed with the sound. Add that to the retro looking fascia and it's a wonderful product. However, it wasn't the keenest of RR prices at around 2k.
  21. TIU

    The Yamaha Owners Club

    Anyone had a pair of the Soavo speakers?
  22. Tony_J

    Facts vs Myths

    I find it's easier to push the buttons if I use my finger...
  23. Richard Dunn

    Bake off in TN8 Sat 20th Oct.

    Sorry i forgot
  24. westlower44

    Wanted. Tannoy Super Tweeters

    Thanks chaps, I was hoping for a good used pair of maybe the ST25 or ST50 as my funds a quite limited. Still looking
  25. tkimages

    MQA A Hoax and a Con ------Bob Carver

    I do hear a difference, and as you say it is my right to make a choice, whether it is better or not is subjective and only I can make that decision. Objective measurements don't always tell the full story - lies, damn lies and statistics. And being a physicist, I do realise and appreciate the value of objectivity. Owning 'upper tier' Meridian kit did not introduce any expectation bias as the kit was bought pre MQA and when MQA was announced, I was hoping it wasn't any good as I didn't want to have to make the decision about getting hold of MQA versions of music I already have. Thanks for posting the links, hopefully I'll get the time to read through them in the next few days.
  26. Blacksabbath25

    The Yamaha Owners Club

    A very nice record deck you have there Yamaha no how to make quality products
  27. ^^^ That's fighting talk around here given that all Linn mains powered devices use SMPS. Having said that, I was wafting a portable radio, set to LW, around my hifi boxes and cables recently, as you do. The amount of crap that was coming out the back of my Akurate DS near the mains entry point was shocking. Not a peep from my linear power supplied boxes, even my mac-mini was quieter. It was that bad compared to everything else I'm wondering if I have a faulty Dynamik power supply?
  28. uzzy

    Ortofon Cadenza Black sudden death

    Well the thing is a shaped boron rod with a hole in it for the diamond is good - as is an aluminium one .. the force on a stylus in the groove is very great and so for it to be seated in a hole and bonded there provides for greater strength and less likelihood of the bond breaking and stylus falling off. It is not the essential condition of any good cartridge to have just a bonded stylus tip on a boron cantilever .. the only time bonding alone is necessary is when it is mounted on jemstone cantilever (e.g. saphire and ruby cantilevers). There are theoretical advantages in having just a bonded stylus tip (reduced tip mass) but of course theory does in guarantee that in turn that will relate into a more superior or better sounding product. There is far more coming into play than just the cantilever material and the method of fixing the stylus tip.
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