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  2. meninblack

    Foreign films?

    Anything by Andrei Tarkovsky. Stalker is my favourite; Solaris also very good and a million times better than the Hollywood re-make.
  3. Clearance/Special Offers List (PAGE 1) - ATC SIACD CD Player/Amp/DAC/Headphone Amp (demo/display unit) in Silver finish RRP £3346_____Now £1499 ***** Please call before travelling ***** ***** IMPORTANT MESSAGE - ANYONE WHO HAS PURCHASED A HEGEL MUSIC SYSTEMS H90 FROM US PLEASE CALL RICK ON 07727 272443 AS WE NEED TO DISCUSS ABOUT OFFERING YOU A CREDIT TOWARDS YOUR H90. THIS IN REGARDS TO OUR CURRENT H90 PRICE OF £362 (UK RRP £1500) ***** ***** Musicraft website - Special Offers list ***** ***** ***** Thanks Rick @ Musicraft
  4. I have just picked up a Denon DL103 which has been retipped by Soundsmith with a contact line stylus and ruby cantilever. I've installed it on my SME 3012 II and set the tracking force to 2.5g (as suggested by Soundsmith). Alignment has been checked using an arc protractor generated from Conrad Hoffman's program. VTA and azimuth have been checked with a spirit level. I levelled the turntable before starting this process. When playing the very first track from the Hifi News test record I am running into problems. The left channel test sounds fine; the right channel test is much fainter and there is a buzzing noise just before the voice comes in. Going on to the next track (phasing) the voice comes from the left much more than the right. I haven't gone any further. I switched the phono leads from the tonearm to the phono stage and the problem is now identical but reversed, which suggests to me that it must be coming from the tonearm or cart. I had a standard 103 on the arm until yesterday and had no issues, which suggests to me that either the cartridge is faulty or my alignment is off. Which is more likely and how can I determine the cause of the problem?
  5. Does anyone have a valve preamp that may be gathering dust on their shelf, ideally with a MM phono stage fitted. Thanks
  6. fordy

    *BARGAIN* Tannoy Glenair 15"

    Thanks, have put them on AoS too. nice little Sunday drive out anyone and come away with some special speakers?
  7. Non-Smoking Man

    Cheltenham NH Festival 2019

    Highly satisfactory prep races run by both Monalee (for the Ryanair) and Sceau Royal (for the Champion Chase). Cyrname reiterated his new level of form by destroying the firld in the Grade 1 2m 5f chase. He has shortened for the Ryanair but he's well known not to like lefthanded tracks like Cheltenhamn and I suspect he wont run, especially as its close enough now. Brilliant day for Paul Nicholls with 6 winners (at 4 0clock). J
  8. bencat

    Is a passive preamp right for me?

    Limitations of standard passive units are that they are not able to drive long interconnects as this tends to lose treble response . Thye need to have a Power Amplifier that is failry sensitive if they are to give you a decent spead of the control . This means if the Power Amp is very sensitive then you will go from quiet to loud over a very short turn of your volume knob and you this may well not let you get the fine control you are looking for solution is often to fit resistors to the Power Amplifier input to give a wider spread . The on the other side it is Power amplifiers that are insensitive and need a bit of drive to make them work . The result of this is that you can end up with the volume pot at maximum and it is still not loud enough . General resolution to this is to emply a buffer gain stage between the passive and the power amp which will boost the signal from the passive to a higher level . Sorry never used a transformer passive so unable to comment on what if any issues they throw up .
  9. ian917

    What's yer bits'n'bobs?

    From top to bottom Jay's Audio CDT2 MK2 CD transport DiDiT 212SE DAC Magna Mano Ultra streamer Chevron Audio DAC1794 NOS DAC Phison PD2SE preamplifier + DAC
  10. Today
  11. orbscure

    What are you listening to right now?

    [1986] Chris Rea - The Road to Hell [CD]
  12. Linton Samuel Dawson

    What are you listening to right now?

    Steve Hackett - At The Edge Of Light 24/44.1 flac
  13. I've got three of his 90's solo albums, Truth and Beauty, Like a Rock, and Merseybeast. They are really good, in fact Like a Rock was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize in 1994. I can't imagine why I've never seen him live because I would guess he's great value and very entertaining. .
  14. Tony_J

    What are you listening to right now?

    Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure
  15. bohemian

    Foreign films?

    Very sad loss. I watched him last night in Kraftidioten.
  16. moffer

    What are you listening to right now?

    Jason Lytle - yours truly the commuter LP.
  17. Thanks, I'll give it a try.
  18. whitehart

    Folk/Acoustic albums

    I'm up for it! makes sense. Alternatively, if you haven't already, set the post for you to be notified. Mac
  19. Dave - If you click on the person's forum name, you will bring up their profile page; there is a blue "message" button - click that. The forum should notify you of any responses, depending on how you have set your notification preferences. Any private arrangement you may come to re buying/selling isn't a problem as far as the forum is concerned.
  20. Thanks everyone. I'm a real newbie here, how do I go about sending and responding to personal messages? The DSspeaker antimode is interesting to me but I can not work out how best to contact and discuss this with the owner. I am also concerned that I do not break any forum rules or established protocols regarding buying and selling.
  21. orbscure

    What are you listening to right now?

    [1999] Yello ‎– Motion Picture [flac]
  22. Fair points. I'm afraid that my perception of Apple's corporate ethos is such that I find it very hard not to "have a go". But I fully agree that the subject of this thread is Linn's oddities, not Apple's. That said, Linn and oddity are hardly strangers to each other ... David
  23. Linton Samuel Dawson

    What are you listening to right now?

    Spirit - Twelve Dreams Of Dr Sardonicus On White Vinyl
  24. greybeard

    What are you listening to right now?

    David Bowie - Glastonbury 2000 Vinyl
  25. Millennium

    What are you listening to right now?

    Sorry! Chvrches on youtube.
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