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  2. What are you listening to right now?

    I’m a fan, not got into the new album as yet. You must try this if you like Museum
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    Songs From The Wood (Steve Wilson remix) LP. This album just gets better with every listen and is great for this time of the year:
  4. What are you listening to right now?

    Shpongle ‎– Museum Of Consciousness I'm not keen on the album cover artwork but the music contained within is very good indeed. I have not heard all their work, some of what I have heard in the past has been a little bit cheesy for my tastes. This is not the case with this album at all; a most enjoyable listen. I'll have to get round to checking their latest release when I get a moment.
  5. Network Switches

    Why? Also, what are the alternatives?
  6. Network Switches

    On your Synology goto Media Server > DMA Compatibility > Untick Enable Audio Transcoding and try that. That only applies to files other than WAV or MP3 pretty much. However, now that you have a semi-reasonable switch that isn't introducing errors the Synology should respond better. Latency - over wire should be 5ms or less from device to NAS. If you are seeing anything above that then you are either using wireless or you have a major switch problem.
  7. What are you listening to right now?

    Is it your night for the music Matt
  8. Do you trust magazine reviews

    Words I never thought I would see typed by Serge's fair hand.
  9. one word daily

  10. What are you listening to right now?

    [2000] Chris Jones - No Looking Back [flac]
  11. Network Switches

    Thanks, this sounds very possible, unfortunately DLNA is the default for the Linn, which is being fed from a Synology NAS. I will do some digging to see if there are alternative options, but I am not holding my breath
  12. What are you listening to right now?

    Ska Anthems Great collection on Vinyl
  13. Network Switches

    I am willing to bet your NAS is transcoding for the Linn. When the NAS sees a drop in throughput, using rate adaptive transcoding, it will drop the rate. I can reproduce this using my Synology NAS. The solution is to turn off transcoding on the NAS or have the Linn connect using Windows SMB file sharing (I don't know what the capabilities are of the Linn). Do not use DLNA.
  14. Hi! Can't seems to find any online info about the beautiful (IMHO) Wilson Benesch ACT 25/Nanotube tonearm. Price is relatively reasonable, so I'm intrigued. Would love to hear experiences/opinions if anyone owns/owned/listened/auditioned and how does it compare to the competition? Thanks!
  15. Guess the album cover

    Here is a bit more.
  16. Do you trust magazine reviews

    A good magazine review is useful for giving yourself a warm glow that you have purchased or are about to purchase something that you either already like or are considering. A bad review is for thank god I didn't buy that or I thought it was crap anyway. If you take too much notice of a bad review on something that you already own and like then more fool you.
  17. Do you trust magazine reviews

    It was the price that did it for me, and it was OK until it blew up, I have to say that it put me off AMSTRAD for a while . I had friends with Rogers and Amstrong amps and I admit to a bit of amp envy, that was probably the start of the slippery slope. My faith in the reviewers persisted for some time.
  18. Do you trust magazine reviews

    I bought my first 5 series entirely on specs, wasn't disappointed, so bought the following 4 similarly. Getting back to magazine reviews, when I had the shop, A&R Cambridge brought out the very good indeed C200, SA200 combination. These were superb products, but they got an iffy entirely subjective review in one of the magazines, and it killed the product stone dead. I don't think we sold more than our demo set. On the other hand, the Musical Fidelity A1, which was technically rather suspect, (putting DC through a volume control pot is never a good idea) got superb reviews, and sold as many as we could get. My least welcome customer was the 20 something year old coming into the shop with a copy of What HiFi under their arm. You KNEW that whatever you showed them, however good it sounded subjectively, whatever technical explanation one offered, it would never compensate for the product not getting 5 stars that month. S
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  21. Do you trust magazine reviews

    At the time, several people asked me to assemble simple HiFi systems for them, and in a few cases, for budgetary reasons, I used the IC2000. It wasn't great, but it worked, it was perfectly adequate for the job it was being asked to do, and for the user's expectations. People with more budget bought the Leak Stereo 30+, Roger Ravensbourne, Armstrong, or Quad 33/303 depending on how far upscale they were. Ditto with turntables, MP60s or SP25s for budget buyers, moving up to GL75s, moving up to 401/SME3009. All a matter of finding something suitable for the budget and the user's expectations. It shouldn't be any different now, except that now, everyone expects to listen and to hear (non-existant) differences, and choose that way. It used to be a lot simpler. S.
  22. What are you listening to right now?

    Having a Eurythmics afternoon, these two first, all on vinyl.
  23. Kef Reference Owners.

    Oh go on... here are my 105/3's post 4 week total refurb
  24. Be careful with Audiolab DAC's as they had a problem with a batch of capacitors, there is a very long thread on this on one of other forums.
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