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  2. Da iawn! Very good! Drosodd i chi, over to you!
  3. (gorkeys zydoic mynci ) Barfundle they are from Wales lol
  4. I agree Jack, but so far there hasn't been the mass offerings of kit seen at the 1st 2 BOs, so thought I would keep things simple this time. However if enough kit is forthcoming for early in the day then I'm happy to go with the flow. On current offers we need either a pre or integrated amp to complete a 2nd system. With reference to your offer to bring kit, I was merely looking at the short timeframe that you can manage on this occasion, and the time left to listen after setting it all up. I need to knock things on the head between 8 & 8.30 to give my tennents upstairs their life back (they will have endured 10+ hrs by then).
  5. Wet
  6. Just getting my way through this 60 box set I recently bought and just playing the William tell overture on disc 24, truly superb.
  7. wipe
  8. Everybody does do this. Even budget amps have capacitor filters on the mains. A well designed amplifier will be immune to such interference.
  9. Dump
  10. When you consider that no trace of the mains waveform remains on the DC of any quality amplifier how can that be possible?
  11. Surely between us we can muster a source, amp and a pair of speakers for the second room - its traditional at Wam BOs. Also, its fun to throw disparate components together and see what we can make of them. Jack
  12. Squat
  13. God rock was pretty popular back then !
  14. Some good options here, it also took me to a page with lots of others. i wonder how the older Phonos stack up against the newer ones, not really had much experience to compare, any thoughts?
  15. MF phonos are usually competent bits of kit Ken. Some blurb here:
  16. Diddly
  17. The Dutch&Dutch 8Cs can be placed anywhere ,but their cardiod bass works best when placed between 20-50 cm from a wall. To that end I rearranged a room and altered the boundary filters on the D&D app. In this position the measurements in room are superb and they are mirrored with subjective listening impressions. These are superb ,uncoloured ,transparent loudspeakers. Keith
  18. What are your concerns? Surely the Stereo Coffee LDR Passive is OK to connect to an AN Oto SE ? Assuming you decide to have a go, start up the HugoTT in DAC mode and that way you will get a decent output voltage which can then be tamed by the pre amp. My experiments seem to indicate that is the clue as to why the sound is better rather than just the fact that a pre amp is being used. In other words, I have found that when the pre amp is fed an attenuated signal from the Hugo/HugoTT/Dave then there is no advantage in having the pre amp in the system and it sounds the same as feeding the DAC direct into the valve amp.
  19. My favorite Lennon song,but crap copy,couldn't find a better version.
  20. Today
  21. Flickr is best. The sharing option seems complicated but it's not. It has it's faults but there is a reason it's so popular. I'm on my phone and out, I'll revisit this thread later to see if you still need help. Just look through the POTD thread, most of the regulars use Flickr without problems.
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  23. Is anybody able to confirm if I can safely run my Stereo Coffee LDR Passive between my Chord Hugo TT and AN Oto SE amp?
  24. Morning, Sorry for delayed response...I get off days (Parkinson's....nice....not!) very interesting comments from all i can confirm that they are neodymium they aught to give no issues...the other issue was what if both the magnets move well the answer to that is no, only the top one moves the bottom ring is fixed and the top one floats above it and the other issue was the weight distribution well you need to move the supports around until you achieve issue was with the large cone movements and would this set the speaker off.....Townsend explains this well and puts a convincing case forward.....I think i will try them and report back to you all i also need to replace the caps on the xover first. I attach a pic of the support now this a wooden floor with 2.5 feet under on a concrete raft.....the speakers are spiked on a plinth which in turn is spiked to the floor they sit on screw heads screwed into the floor. Thanks guys Mick
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