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  2. I know...PA system by Stradis various, presumably...
  3. [1978] Tom Waits β€Žβ€“ Blue Valentine [TIDAL]
  4. PA St Martin in the Fields?? Eeeeh gads Sir. Yes I will shut up about being at that dam recording now.....
  5. Best recorded sound was in definitives demo room with big rig and opus 21 CD player outperforming some serious exotica. Best live experience was seeing Elbow on their first tour at the wedge wood rooms in Southsea [considered one of best venues in country] With maybe 6o other people, I was stood six feet from the band, my perfect musical moment happened mid gig when they sat down and went acoustic. Small venue great sound, across the road are the Southsea pyramids, worst acoustics ever, serious.
  6. Just tried listening to it. No joy. Could not get a tune from it at all, just dam silence......
  7. I have to point out that the sound quality of some live music can be absolutely dire. I have on some occasions felt that the live music should be put out of its misery. Not entirely surprising given what passes for PA systems at some gigs.
  8. I've only listened to an amplified orchestra a couple of times and it sounded unfetterably terrible. A peak of 90dB 8 rows removed from the stage is a lot more likely than 120dB. Have you tried reproducing a Wagner tutti at 110dB (listening spot)? You have a large room but it won't take 120dB.
  9. Exactly so. Of course, with active technology it is entirely possible to take a perfectly good set of speakers and make them sound sh*t, but equally possible to produce very listenable results with little effort, compared to knife-and-forking a passive crossover.
  10. Boasting mode now: 1) Live Music 2) Live mix going into a reel to reel recorder at a Mike Valentine recording 3) Reel to reel from 2). 4) Vinyl 5) SACD 6) Hi-Res recording........CD......streamer
  11. I clearly don’t understand the rules of that programme!!! 😜😜😜
  12. If you were on a desert island it would not work.
  13. I only spotted it because I'm desperately trying to ignore this listing .....
  14. .......I didn't say better Tune....just that once you have the ability with the click of a button to tailor the sound of your kit to your room/sound preference etc it's difficult to revert back
  15. One of the very best concerts that I ever went to was in the London Shepherds Bush Empire. The Band was Latin Crossings. If you are unfamiliar with the name it was Stevie Winwood, Tito Puete and Arturo Sandoval. Totally amazing gig with the crowd going crazy at the musicianship on display. Another was Chic in a small club called Luz de Gas in Barcelona (2008). I was in the front row all night. The bass player had his leg in plaster. At the end of the gig I got up on stage to chat with Nile and he was such a humble guy. The next day I put a deposit on a house and moved to Barcelona.
  16. So that heavy metal band should be called AC/AC otherwise we would have to visit the electron shop. By the way where can I buy some fresh electrons as mine are getting tired? Some of those mad audiophiles say the blue ones are better than green ones but I think they are deluded as they haven't done any triple blind tests (where no one knows what the hell is going on). This electron stuff has changed since I left you will be telling me electrons don't flow!!!!
  17. Will add pictures later when I get home... did not have time this morning
  18. Probably about right. The Delphi would have been about Β£1500, any Koetsu with a 'Signature' appellation would have had a 4 figure price tag, and the BW sold for around a ton IIRC. It was a decent enough arm, we used to sell a fair number of them paired with either a top-end ADC or Pickering MM, which were the type of cartridges it was designed for. It also combined very well with the Entre moving coil, a popular combination (for us) was Thorens TD160S or Michell Focus One with BW, Entre and Lentek head-amp. It wasn't the most revealing combination ever devised, but it was always easy on the ear. The Hadcock was arguably better for less money, but not everybody fancied hand-cueing a unipivot (or the patchy standard of finish). We tended to sell Oracles with either a Fidelity Research FR64 series (I had an FR64fx at home with the Koetsu) or if the budget was tighter, AudioTechnica had a couple of reasonably priced arms which combined quite well with the Delphi, aesthetically as well as mechanically). To be honest if someone had asked me to put a BW on an Oracle back in the day my first thought would have been whether there was even a combination of springs to balance the suspension with something that light...
  19. The truth can often appear that way to the deliberately blinkered , no offence intended .
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