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  2. Hmmm. It does say not to use both speaker level inputs and rca/phono inputs simultaneously, which is true for mine as well. As long as you don't use your AV processor at the same time as your sneaky you should be OK. Having a separate LFE input as mine has means it's not an issue, but yours seems to use the same input for both so be aware of that. You'll want to integrate it with your main sneaky system using the crossover and volume - but that will mean it may be unbalanced when using your AV system. Shame really, seems a one use design rather than dual use.
  3. I respectfully disagree Pete. Having set up well over a hundred different Linn systems for Space Optimisation V1, of which at least a dozen were 242 systems and at least a dozen were Akubarik systems, for speaker placement and Space Optimisation V1. Willem could use the original SOv1 custom filter settings from his 242's as a good starting point, and then tweak the custom filter settings to fine tune for his Akubariks, to get the desired results. Of course the calculated room modes will be different for the 242's and the Akubariks. He can then also set up Space Optimisation V2 to compare the sound quality of V1 to Space Optimization V2 I have been to Dutchwillems home last year in Holland and spent a day there setting up his 242's. DutchWillem has a very large cabinet between his speakers that creates some room acoustic challenges, that SO may not address well, and the seating position is offset, favouring the left speaker..The speakers are firing across the width of the room, which is not a large room, I am happy to work with him remotely to help set up his new Akubariks and fine tune his system, to his preferences As Willem is an experienced musician, he should be able to get great results.
  4. Do you have the manual for the sub? I am a little confused from the picture. LFE is usually a direct input, bypassing the sub's crossover, as that is done in the AV amp. By the looks of it though, the same crossover setting is used for both LFE and line/speaker level inputs. And only one volume control too - there are usually two, one for each.
  5. Thats great, and thanks Just noticed AV amp output not into life input, kids been messing again Its on duty as part of 5.1 in a cinema setup, want to try it out for a party as Dub will be featured heavily! Cheer Simon
  6. Build a dedicated Roon Rock using a Intel NUC I put one together for about £250 using a Intel8i3Nuc it has better benchmarks than the last gen i7 Nuc used in the £2500 Roon Nucleus. £250 could be considered peanuts in the crazy world of hifi
  7. I’m still on the trial - already have a Synology NAS 213j primarily for backup, and toyed with the notion of a NUC and ROCK. At the danger of getting drummed out of the brownies , I like the DSP function in Roon - as I mentioned before I got my Majik DSM and 109s, I wear a hearing aid and as a result, the DSP is useful in softening the top end for me as without it I find the sound a little brittle. At my next audiologist visit, I’ll see if the aids can be retuned a bit better, but until then, Roon is a boon
  8. Pete, as you are here.... any news on when SO v2 will be available for Exakt systems? We were advised sometime this autumn.... is that still on the cards?
  9. I am the same. I tried the trial and liked it, for the most part. My NAS isn;t up to speed though, and the cost put me off. If you have a half decent NAS or can have a computer act as the core then that would help reduce the costs.
  10. I would strongly advise against this. The physical locations of the drive units, and resonant frequencies of any ports, on 242s and Akubariks are vastly different, therefore will definitely affect the SO. With SO v2 (Linn account version) you simply need to change the speakers in the music system's General tab, and create a new optimisation based on the new speakers (and you can even use the same room as a starting point, as mentioned above).
  11. Guess it depends on Amazon exposing the necessary APIs for integration which up until now I don’t believe they have a reputation of doing. For example, Soundiiz, which is used to transfer playlists etc between streaming services, only has limited support for Amazon Music. However, a similar utility, Stamp, seems to have found a way in. I’ll wait till next week’s Amazon Devices event and see what new hardware they’ll announce. I’m a bit ambivalent about Roon at the moment, one minute thinking it’s great, then trying to justify the subscription and additional hardware costs for the core.
  12. Does the K Jail refers to mean Komponent? My (older) Majik 2100 amp is marked KS - and the label says Komponent-Silver.
  13. One wonders why there's so much work to integrate it. But on a positive note, in the longer term at least, they said almost the exact same thing about Roon, and that was a lot more work. Perhaps Linn are hoping Roon will do it first, then tell everyone to get Roon if they want it!
  14. The updated Amazon Music App on the fire tv stick does seem to support the new HD and Ultra HD formats
  15. Guess all we can do in situations like this is to bombard them with requests. Even though the Amazon service is in its infancy, at the prices it’s offering compared to Tidal and Qobuz, I can see a lot of people being interested in it - assuming of course that their equipment supplier support it. As I’ve said, the Echo Link, or whatever new hardware Amazon release next week, might provide an indirect route.
  16. Oh, that’s wonderful. A new service launched that could well become the most popular and it probably won’t be supported. I’ll bet Naim integrate it... I presume the same will apply to Apple’s service, too. ’’troll
  17. Not a very hopeful response from Linn...”This is something that we would like to do. But given the work involved to integrate it, it may be some time, if at all, before we could look at doing so.”
  18. OK, two options. Speaker level from your sneaky speaker outputs using speaker cable, or L&R RCA outputs from your sneaky pre-outs, which is probably best - unless you want to use it for movies etc. as it looks like the LFE will use the Left input. LFE is Low Frequency Effects - ie. the .1 in 5.1/7.1 surround by the way.
  19. if/when Roon adds full Amazon Music support, then I presume it will all work seamlessly with Linn via Roon. Until then, I'll stay with TIDAL.
  20. Don't forget your network would need to be extendable to the room.
  21. All DS's are SPACE compatible if they have firmware from 4.26 upwards. It's a simple as that, it's not hardware dependent, only firmware dependent. It's clear on the website:
  22. Wonder if it can run on a firestick, plugged into back of DSM or into TV that is plugged into DSM...? Wouldn't be as convenient as integrated streaming services unless you have the newer firestick with the Alexa remote. Also, the DSM would be reclocking the audio I suppose. Good point - I can’t think why not. Another thing for me to try when I finally get up