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  2. Hi All, I am out on my cabin on Orcas Island. I have finally set up the major upgrades to my system here. The new system is as follows: Linn Majik (3) DSM >> Pass Labs XP-20 preamp >> Bryston 4B-SST2 power amp >> Rega RS7s speakers. I had to build an additional rack to house the amp and the power supply for the XP-20. I made it out of 2.5” thick canary wood (top shelf), reclaimed mahogany (lower shelf) and Seattle sourced Boeing surplus engine pallet wood for the legs. I am using the Majik as a streamer and DAC. The volume control and amp function have been turned off. I love the sound I am getting out of this system! Just a HUGE upgrade from my SONOS and Rega DAC/amp system I had before. The Pass preamp is just a great piece of kit. I got it used in excellent condition for a great price. They cost $8600 new. So, finally getting to my question: is implementing some semblance of the Linn SO worth pursuing with the kit I have here? The room is a largish open square shaped space with tall sloping ceilings. I looked at the Linn SO speaker profile listings. The only Rega speakers listed are the smaller RS3s. I have the larger full size floor standing RS7s. The current line are the Rega RX series. Is using the RS3 profile close enough to my speakers worth trying? And if so which version of SO should I use? Thanks! Max
  3. Many thanks for your details . I know Mogami T.Kable should be easy to get, but where I can get the Akito3 's ? Is there any online shop you would recommend ? And for the Majik tonearm cable, who made them ? By Linn themselves or like T-Kable that made by Mogami ? So far I don't have much complain to this cable while , of course, a better one is much preferred.
  4. That is more like it. You might not be aware but if you click on the optimisation name e.g. 23:19 2nd October 2019 you can then rename it to whatever you want. I have a series like '80/20 Akudorik, 70/30 Akudorik' etc makes it easier to know what that optimisation represented. CJ
  5. The FR was measured in passive mode, as a complete speaker and then passive individual drivers. The final Exakt curve (above 100Hz) follows the measured curve pretty closely. The aim was absolutely to retain the character of the pre-modified version. I'll try to remember to bring the resultant graph with me, so please ask. If I'm not looking after the room when you call in, please call back later for a chat.
  6. Well, French is one of my languages ... Just so. By the way, you left "moving iron" (which I somehow rather like for its association of ideas) off your list ... My point was and is that using a first approximation to pretend that it's simple works rather well most of the time. :You and I both know that Slipsik 7 is for moving magnet and Entity for moving coil cartridges. Further we do not usually need to enquire; oddities can be dealt with as and when they present themselves, usually by reading the factual; specification rather than the marketing hype. David
  7. Hi. I see my two Linn streamers, but then I get this error message: Too bad.
  8. Really? Everyone I know here thinks first of an automobile when you say car.
  9. Interesting to know that you are a cunning linguist! As to the cartridges, it gets worse than that as there are others usually lumped in with "moving magnet" such as the variations on induced magnet with some fancy names such as MMC (moving micro cross originally from B&O, now from Soundsmith) and flux-bridger from Grado, among others. Then there are the rarities like strain gauge cartridges or the cheap ceramics used in many of the cheap, junk record players found in places like drug stores. Yep, simplicity it is not.
  10. There is some confusion here. There have only ever been two T.Kables (although there have been variations in connectors). The original T.Kable was a light grey cable which I believe is supposed to be the same internal construction as Linn Silver interconnects but with a softer jacket to work better with the LP12 suspension. It initially had the SME black metal DIN plug to the tonearm and Linn Silver RCAs on the other end. That same wire was eventually upgraded with a new Linn aluminum housed DIN plug that went through a couple of early variations in thickness before the final version came out, as currently used on all Linn arm cables. I was not able to listen to otherwise identical arm cables with only that plug as different to be sure it was better but it does seem to grip the pins better. Then Linn changed the T.Kable to the current Mogami wired version and made an XLR connector option available. RCAs are still the Linn Silver ones and the DIN plug is the same Linn version. At that time the Akito 3 arm cable became the original T.Kable and can still be ordered separately. I and several others find the older version to be more tuneful, others prefer the newer version. The cable on the ProJect 9cc and Majik tonearms is the Linn Black interconnect and RCA connectors with the Linn aluminum DIN plug on the arm end. So the current arm cables from Linn are: T.Kable using Mogami wire and either Linn Silver RCAs or Neutrik XLRs. Akito3 cable which is the same as original T.Kable with the light grey insulation with Linn Silver RCAs. Majik arm cable with Linn Black interconnect and RCAs. All three using the same Linn aluminum DIN plug for the arm. The Akito cable is significantly more musical than the Majik arm cable. I haven't done the A/B but would suspect that the Mogami T.Kable should also easily outperform the Majiuk arm cable. However, as Smokestack stated, the arm cable is going to be a much smaller change than the upgrade from 9cc to Ekos. But since you need to have the new arm mounted anyway it is certainly not a bad time to address the cable too.
  11. On the store demo table there is a slight noise on startup as the belt centers itself on the pulley but it is close to dead silent once it is up to speed. I would do the checks Mr Kandid suggested and if either the motor or the platter is noisy by itself it should definitely be looked at by your dealer.
  12. CJ, Don't you hate it when somebody points out glaringly obvious mistakes. You don't get these graphs with SOV2......... I've had to log onto my Linn account to get the below screenshot, had me worried for a moment that I was still running V1..... Regards Richard
  13. Some interesting info from Dasher. I hope I was clear that I'm not a chemist and was just repeating some of the claims of Audio Intelligent. Except, of course, for the listening tests I wrote about. As to the enzyme cleaner it is only meant as part of the three steps and is followed up by the detergent/alcohol cleaner for the inorganics. Interestingly, the head of AI told me a while back that the "mold release compound" used in the early days was actually vegetable oil! That plus finger oils and the occasional peanut butter, etc. are what the enzyme cleaner takes care of.
  14. No,. I recall he disappeared for several months last year as well
  15. Thanks Sunbeam, I can show Zee9 some Katalyst Exakted Akubariks in an Exakted Surround system, Katalyst Exakted Akudoriks with a Subwoofer, Exakted 530’s with a top spec LP-12, 242’s driven by Solo’s, Exakted Keltiks, 212’s with Melodik subwoofer, and some excellent HiFi dealers. Vancouver is an extremely beautiful city to live in and their is some excellent Indian food. 😋 If you ride your motorcycle, you can stop in Sturgis on the way. 😊👍🏻🏍 There is so much to see as you ride across America, and then perhaps drive back through the Canadian Rockies, south to Yellowstone and so on. Yes, and he will have 2 tour guides, plus a whole lot of family to take care of him.
  16. We'll be expecting you this summer. You will go away wanting an LP12. You have been warned .
  17. Translation: I didn't realize that I'd stumbled upon the Japanese Wigwam sight.
  18. I did not find the pulley, I got a Valhalla modified to run the smaller pulley but am stuck with only one speed now! So, if you buy a UK motor/pulley plus a new power board you end up spending over $500- to some it may be worth it, not to me. Also if you need a pulley puller in the US just go to a hobby store and get one for scale model trains, they are very inexpensive there... that is where I got mine.
  19. Sounds really interesting. I'll be there at Kegworth again this year and will definitely pop in for a listen, I'm super intrigued by this. Do LS5/9's normally incorporate the (in)famous BBC "dip" and if so, has that been retained in the Exakt filter?
  20. I actually have family there that have been trying to convince me to come visit but if I was to go to Vancouver i’d rather take 6 weeks off and ride my motorcycle there Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. ..and its one that should hopefully now allow you to relax for a good time to come... and just enjoy the music
  22. Jump on a plane to Vancouver - you'd get a couple or three Exakt systems and a great tour guide thrown in
  23. Correct. It is modified. Aftermarket. Only as a modification to a used product.
  24. I’m wondering if any linnies in the area (NYC/Northern NJ) would be open to showing and demo’ing their exakt setup to me. id be in a position to drive up to 50 miles each way from 07047 to come hear your exakt setup.