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  2. Thanks for this explanation. I’ll be sure to bring the thumb screw along for my next visit to my local dealer in Vancouver.
  3. ^^ Great post David! I have been spending a lot of time on this forum sifting through current and old threads. I never read any of the now dead Linn Forum threads. My view: the Linn website is a mess. The nomenclature, Linnspeak, and confusing presentation with horrid graphics (that poor whale in the fishbowl) does very little to explain the different product tiers or upgrade paths for potential buyers. But this and other forums is where the real knowledge base lies. I thank you all! PS: after much deliberation I am going to purchase the latest Akurate Exakt Hub and Akurate Exaktbox-I w/ Katalyst. Plus new Transparent speaker cables. This will all result in some downwind shifting of the two systems I own. Really looking forward to the “big day”! 😎
  4. Like some of the other posters here I am going to continue with local playback for DSD, PCM and of course vinyl. Streaming will be for discovery, items I can do east purchase in physical form, and true high res downloads. Completely agree about Tidal and other services being what they are and they may not be around forever. Personally I am not sure I can support Tidal and will need to look at the other options but might have to stick with it depending on content availability. I will also use it for internet radio if I happen to be listening to a program in the car I want to continue with in my home. Once the DSM arrives I will give it a try and report. Also - I heard from by Linn dude and he reports he received a note from Linn stating they are making progress on the pop on stop with DSD / .dsf playback. If anyone encounters this please chime in. With luck the fix could be in the next firmware update - but no promises. Last - there seems to be a tizzy of activity relating to the Amazon HD streaming service. I guess it makes sense for Linn to try and bake this service in since so many folks use Amazon Prime and it would be part of that subscription. Do you thin Linn should include this as one of the streaming options?
  5. I'm not sure that that is how it would work. There is, inevitably, a fair amount of crosstalk between the ears, so whether you would notice a balance adjustment with headphones as you do with speakers is an open question. David
  6. Agreed that the terminology is confusing. 'Active' simply means that each speaker driver is connected to its own dedicated amplifier channel, and the crossover function is implemented upstream of the power amplification, rather than within the speakers as in the standard passive configuration. 'Passive' speakers have the inbuilt, unpowered (and hence passive) crossover fitted. However, all Linn passive speakers (and many models from other manufacturers) have the facility to connect actively with the required number of amplifier channels, and also to bypass the passive crossover. So your passive Akudoriks were in fact made active (Aktiv) as part of the process of installing the Exakt system. You are correct in saying that Exakt implements the crossover function digitally, but it also does a great deal more. As my second system, I have a Linn Kiko DSM, which comes with its own dedicated two way speakers. These speakers are Aktiv (they have no crossover fitted), and the four channels of amplification required are housed in the DSM itself. The crossover is in fact digital (it was Linn's first foray into that technology), but the Kiko is not an Exakt device. Firstly, on a point of fact, the subwoofer will almost certainly be powered and will not require separate amplification. Secondly, there is no doubt that a properly set up subwoofer (or, better yet, a pair) can greatly improve the sound quality of smaller, standmount speakers, with the curious advantage that the whole tonal range, and not just the bass, can seem clearer and better balanced. In your case, however, I would be cautious. Your speakers are very much in the upper echelon of standmounts, and a badly set up or inferior quality subwoofer could make your experience worse rather than better. Try before you buy is definitely the watchword here. We are all hoping that that will not happen, but the market is undoubtedly changing, and Linn has to respond. Linn have offered upgrades for their more expensive integrated speakers, and hopefully will continue to do so. It's also worth remembering that they have a policy of providing free software upgrades for all DSMs, going back to 2009, and Exakt devices. Taken together, Linn's upgrade policies and offerings are some of the more generous in the Hi-Fi marketplace, and they do to some extent offset the high initial purchase costs of Linn products. David
  7. The terminology is a bit confusing. With active I was referring to speakers with built-in integrated amps and I thought that Exakt was the term for adressing each driver unit separately by using a digital crossover. My speakers are passive Akudoriks, hence I did not refer to my system as being active, even though it does use Exakt technology. It is in fact my first Linn system (and my first serious HiFi system for that matter). I never owned the Majik DSM, it was merely the first Linn system I heard at the dealer's. It is a brilliant system, particularly for classical music - but it works really well for jazz and other genres as well. The strength of the bass is sufficient for my purposes. Although, apparently one could upgrade the system with an Exaktbox Sub + Power Amp + Subwoofer. I am not considering this at the moment, but would be grateful if anyone had any thought on that... Anyway, if you think about it, it just does not make much sense to offer my system with the passive speakers and the integrated active system at a considerably higher price at the same time. However, one of the reasons I chose Linn was the promise to offer customers the option to update and upgrade their equipment in the future, particularly if new technologies are offered. Do many actually believe that they will focus exclusively on integrated systems and discontinue passive speakers altogether, which could ultimately mean discontinuing separates as well? As I said, I am quite new to the whole market, but it just does not seem to make much sense in the long run. I rather suspect that they are reviewing their pricing in order to avoid obvious "bargain" options like the one I chose and to push integrated systems.
  8. On the other hand, I would find it useful. The hearing in my right ear is very slightly weaker than my left ear so being able to adjust (on my MDSM) would be helpful, especially as I live in a terraced house and therefore listen through headphone 70%+ of the time to avoid aggravating the neighbours. ian
  9. Hmm. My first thought based on that behaviour would have been a corrupt music server database, but as you have tried three, reinstalled them and have them working ok with your tv, then that rules that out. The other end of that possibility is the Playlist on the MDSM as it sounds like that, somehow, has URLs for tracks that are out of sync with the server. Is the Playlist one you have previously saved and reloaded? Another thought, is it possible you have more than one DHCP server running on your network? Although that is unlikely as other devices stream from the NAS without issue. Has anything else changed on your network that might coincide with this issue starting? For instance, new router? I’m thinking that the MDSM might not like a network setting, but in the absence of anything obvious, I would suggest contacting the Linn Helpdesk as they might be able to find something if logging is switched on. ’troll
  10. Thank you again David What you have included in your post is very interesting and makes me realise how little I know about this modern technology! I’ll certainly look more deeply into this whole business🤓 Regards Kevin
  11. Thank you again David What you have included in your post is very interesting and makes me realise how little I know about this modern technology! I’ll certainly look more deeply into this whole business🤓 Regards Kevin
  12. Yes, once playing, it plays until the end as expected. Then instead of going to the next track it simply skips one, or skips a few. Bit of a pain if your listening to Tubular Bells II or something. It doesn't even go back and play the "skipped" tracks later either (so it's not like Shuffle is somehow enabled).
  13. think I will...I expect the adikt gets just as many hrs as other MM carts..
  14. That’s interesting, would I be right in assuming that it just completely misses a track rather than dropping out of one whilst it’s playing? ’troll
  15. The track skipping is never "repeated". If I replay an album it will be different tracks that are skipped. QNAP not reporting any issues. DSM plays the radio without any issues. My Network set-up is QNAP, MDSM, TV all into > Ethernet Switch > Router Everything has fixed IP addresses. If I play music from QNAP using the Kazoo/Asset/Minim/Plex servers through my Sony Android TV, Windows PC, or Android Phone, everything is as it should be. All perfect, no glitches, all in the correct order, no skipping tracks. Even If I remote stream, when out and about, via Plex everything is fine too. Hence, I'm now listening to music on the MDSM via the optical input from the TV.
  16. 'Streaming', in my vocabulary, includes ripped CDS, and other digital files stored locally. This and LPs are how I listen to most of my music. I have about 1,000 CDs worth of music in my digital library, and certainly don't feel the need for expensive streaming services. I have a £10 per month subscription to Spotify, which I use to investigate new (to me) music, and also to track down recordings I might want to buy; that service is relatively low-fi, but it serves my purpose. Streaming of the same digital file is, other things being equal, higher quality than playing the physical CD on an optical player, mainly because the noise floor tends to be significantly lower. And having access to your whole digital library from your phone or tablet is a real bonus - so much so that I'm playing more LPs at the moment, because it gets me out of my chair more. Another bonus of a streamer is that Internet radio, which can be better quality than FM and is certainly better quality than DAB, comes in effect as standard with any streaming player. All of that suggests that a Linn DSM (or something similar from another manufacturer) might be worth investigating. You could keep the Karik and connect it digitally to the streamer; with the more up to date DAC in the streamer that would almost certainly improve the quality of CD playback and allow you to take your time in digitising your CD collection. Si I'd urge you not to reject streaming out of hand, but have a look and a listen to decide whether it might suit you now or in the future. Where are you located, by the way? There might be a dealer or dealers that people here could recommend. David
  17. Hi David Thank you for the time taken to give such a detailed response. I shall follow your advice regarding posting. I don’t really want to go down the streaming route - I’ve acquired pretty much all of the music I’m likely to ever want to listen to on vinyl and CD! I’m very happy with my vinyl set up but wonder whether I might get more from my CDs. Best wishes Kevin
  18. Go for it at this price, and if it’s from the former Linn dealer it think it’s from, you might be able to shave a bit more off, think they have had this Adikt for a while now.
  19. Adikt is a great cartridge FTM, no doubt. One correction is there is current no duty for goods from Scotland thanks to the Duty free trade between Canada and the EU. For now. Exchange rate, well , that’s a different story. BTW, there wasn’t much of a price change when the 18% duty on all EU products was dropped , BUT it seems like ( some) Canadian Linn dealers offer an easily offered 25% off list due to the bigger margin without the duty. Make sure you try for a good discount, it’s technical built into the Canadian market.
  20. I can get the adikt here (in Canada) for 599+tax Can, which is not bad, given the exchange rate of around 450 or so. I should have work on my deck this upcoming week and see where we are at, but looks like Adikt makes the most sense. Appreciate all your help/assistance. I'll post pics when all is set up.
  21. I hope I will explore this for myself in a few months. Adding one more 6100 should theoretically have benefits on system performance because of lesser demands on the power supply to each 6100, especially if amplification is vertical. But the benefit of horizontal amplification should be a physical separation of the high and low-frequency spectrum and thus lower possibility of an impact on each other through the amplification stage. Also if there are some differences in amplifiers sound it should be more evenly distributed between channels and have less impact. The main purpose of this is, of course, preparation for a four/five-way speaker upgrade in the future but it is also a nice bonus if some other things get better consequently.
  22. Simple answer is no! Tidal as every other streaming service only streams what the labels send them. Streaming = obtaining a licence to stream a particular track which is not necessarily hosted on your own infrastructure. It's ultimately the record label or the rights holder who decides what gets streamed. Tidal Masters is basically a marketing gag for the MQA-format. A format which has been critiqued by Linn and many other hifi-manufactures, by mastering engineers and has been technically debunked thoroughly as to not holding up to its promises. In fact one could say that MQA is anything but the master cause MQA is not lossless and also applies filters the original mix and mastering engineers have no control over. The result may be pleasant to some ears but it's definitely not what the artist or mastering engineer heard in the studio. If you want further information you'll find it here: https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/mqa-a-review-of-controversies-concerns-and-cautions-r701/
  23. If it was Davaar 4.70.300 we would have seen reports before now. As you have tried three servers and two CPs, then I think you can rule those out as culprits. The common factors are, therefore, your DSM, your QNAP and your network. Does the DSM play internet radio without issue? Does your QNAP report any issues in its system logs? Have you changed anything in your network? Have you tried rebooting all net work components, checked cables etc. How is you network set out? There is a possibility that you have some corrupt tracks on your QNAP - is it always the same tracks that cause problems? The more you tell us, the more we are likely able to help. ’troll
  24. Is it happening on all albums? Might be hard disc problems on your server...
  25. Servers: Kazoo (version 4.10.2), Asset R6.3, Minim (version QNAP running Control points: Kazoo and BubbleDS. I keep getting tracks randomly skipped, missed-out, despite the Playlist order being correct. It's as though "Shuffle" is on, yet it isn't. Tried removing & reinstalling the servers and control points. Even tried resetting the MDSM back to factory settings. Any one else having this problem? Only started happening the last few months. Only other reason I can think of is a firmware issue... currently using 4.70.300 Any thoughts.
  26. But please double check your output volume when you use the DS..