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  2. I bought my Akubariks (initially for passive use) back in 2015, before SO v2 was even dreamt of. They were an ex demo pair, and the dealer (Chris of Hidden Systems) had put a fair amount of effort into producing an SO profile for his demo room. In many ways, it was the quality of the SO implementation that sold me on the speakers. Buy the Akubariks now, before the price goes up! David
  3. No. The developer (bubbleguuum) made this clear some years ago. As I understand it the problems from his perspective are both technical and commercial. Second hand Android tablets (and some of the lower-priced new ones) are cheap enough for you to buy a device that can be pretty much dedicated as a control point. You need to have a Google account, and therefore a Gmail address, but you don't have to use it as a primary address. To help you decide whether you'd like to play with Bubble DS Next, I can make a short comparison with Kazoo, with both connected to a MinimServer instance. The library function in each case will be as defined by MinimServer, so the browsing experience is similar in both cases. Kazoo essentially treats the Now Playing, Playlist and Radio screens as satellites of the Library/browser page; Bubble gives all four pages equal status, and allows you to tab or slide (your choice) between them. There is no equivalent of the Kazoo slide in opening page; instead playback devices and sources are selected respectively from a device button and a three dots menu on the Now Playing screen, and servers are selected from a device button on the top level of the Library screen; in fact the server is treated as the 'root' of the Library browsing 'tree'. One server option is "Local and Cloud", which, as the name suggests, enables you to both play local content and access a range of content services. There are vastly more user settings on Bubble than on Kazoo, allowing you to tailor the look and feel to your requirements, and the settings page includes an About/Help section which is very well worth exploring (particularly the Tips page). My personal preference for Bubble is partly the product of familiarity (but I use Kazoo a fair amount too, especially on Windows), but mostly because I find the 'sliding screens' paradigm of the app very intuitive and because the wide range of user options allows me to tune the UX to my liking. A simple example: when you select music to play immediately, do you want the app to switch to the Now Playing screen, or would you prefer to leave the display as it is? Bubble allows you to select either option. In short, I think that there are plenty of Kazoo users on iOS who might find it worthwhile to get a cheap Android tablet and experiment with Bubble DS Next. Some will like it and some won't, but the outlay needed to find out is not going to be that big a hit for the average DS/DSM owner. David
  4. I wrote to Linn asking when Amazon HD will be incorporated , received same message as others . I have been on the 90 day Amazon HD trial for a couple of days , it is a great app , and the quality of HD & UHD is fine , esp for £13pm as an Amazon prime member . It streams ok via Airplay to my Klimax, and on my other system I stream it via Chromecast, Android , it does not stream via Chromecast on IOS . The problem streaming Android/Chromecast is that it downgrades many UHD albums to HD, and via airplay sound is not up to native app on kazoo quality . I wrote back to Linn, a lot of good it will do , to clearly explain that by not supporting MQA via Tidal, deleting the forum, and now seemingly not caring two hoots about a streaming platform that will probably destroy Tidal & Quboz , and is half the price ( of Q) , it shows a real indifference to maximising their customer experience . They just want to sell new hardware. I have always been a huge Linn supporter , they should be ready for this Tidal killer, but they dismiss it in an indifferent manner , for me , they are making me re think where my streaming hardware loyalty should lie going forward .Simply not good enough Linn......again.
  5. I think they don’t want to upset Tidal/Qobuz business. Qobuz is good but a bit overpriced. They really should have anticipated this as it’s inevitable that the only further direction streaming will go is high res. For a company that goes on about “high quality” sound this is kinda slack. Maybe the software does take ages to sort, but if you look at the other manufacturers participating and listed on amazon site you would have thought Linn would have prepared better. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Linn really need to be on board with this. Linn's response is simply not good enough in this day and age. Like it or not, Amazon will now be a major hi-res player and Tidal/Qobuz etc will be long gone unless they change their pricing to undercut Amazon. For the moment I'll probably just buy a Fire Stick and stream the via the TV's Toslink into the Linn
  7. It was a very bad design decision to hardcode list view for any other local server than KazooServer… "davidd" stated: I don’t know for sure if the Android beta is actually available for external beta testers, but the version numbering scheme made me assume so. Linn for iOS has become available for external beta testing after its major version number changed from 0 to 4. The same jump in version numbers has occurred for the Android version recently.
  8. Yes indeed we changed our living room quite a bit. We wanted a larger living room - originally it was 4 x 7 meters and we felt that was too small. We had a kitchen room of 5 x 6 meters adjacent to the living, so we broke away the wall between these rooms, thus creating a new larger living room in the shape of an L. We divided our garage that was 4 x 10 meters and really close to the house into two separate rooms, then made a connection between the house and the garage, and made the part of the garage sitting closest to the house into our kitchen room. It turned out quite nice, if I do say so myself :-) The stereo is now firing across the length of one leg of the L which is some 4 x 7 meters. So the 242's have moved from firing across the width to firing across the length and that sounds way better :-) See the attached diagrams from SO v2. When Paul visited us last year in april, he adjusted SO v1 for the original room. It did sound quite nice, way better than it sounded before Paul's visit. After the reconstruction I have started using SO v2. I am open to comparing v1 against v2 with the new Akubariks but I don't think that would be an honest comparison, with both the room dimensions and the speakers changed. Still, it will be fun to do so I'll probably give it a go. Paul, thanks for your kind offer to assist in creating a new SO v1 but I don't think that doing this remote will be a succes. I'll probably just change the speaker info in SO v2 and start using that. I think I will need some time to get used to the new sounds but maybe later on there may arise a need to make adjustments. Willem
  9. At the last Linn event some time ago at my dealer, I’ve told him and Linn’s German brand ambassador that I won’t upgrade to Akubraiks until SO2+ has been released.
  10. Although I am part of the IOS beta program I am reluctant to use it as it does not support tiles with minimserver (my server of choice and preferred method of accessing music). I did not know there was an android version as I thought they were totally concentrating on IOS.
  11. I’d really like to give Bubble DS Next a try. Any chance it will ever be ported to iOS?
  12. A beta version for Android should be available as well. https://linn-ui-buildartifacts-prod.s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/applications/linn/history.html#/platform/android
  13. At the moment (while it is in beta), it is iOS only. That's not a problem IMO; we Android users have Bubble DS Next, and iOS doesn't. David
  14. TImster’s link points to the "Linn (iOS App)" subforum in general. My link points to "Release Notes and Common Feedback". Its relevant part for the question you’d asked I’ve quoted in my initial reply to you. Actually it’s a closed thread with only one post being updated by Linn from time to time. I’d be pleased if more people would join Linn’s development forum as I’m feeling a litte lonely over there...
  15. So far, 3TB. I do have a lot of duplicates of the more popular bands, but it is not as onerous as I first thought. I have a lot more music I could load up on my NAS, but I have now loaded the music I listen to the most. I plan to load the other music over the next few months. Peter@57m spent another hour checking the progress of my music files yesterday, and I am extremely grateful to him for all his help. He is an awesome guy. Thank you Peter!!! I am very pleased with the result, and I have almost instant access to any artist that I search for, and all the music album art is well laid out and easy to access.
  16. OK. Interesting. I’ll wait until it’s released since I have no access to the development forum. But thanks anyway.
  17. It’s called ‚Linn‘. If you want to give it try, see https://development.linn.co.uk/thread-27.html.
  18. I really like the 104s, we have them on their column stands rather than wall brackets. I’d actually like another pair if the price was right. I’m told they are amazing on the end of a pair of Solos... ’troll
  19. In short, it depends on the server in use: https://development.linn.co.uk/thread-151.html
  20. Troll, I'm going to be using my 104's with the Sneaky if I do the deal, how's that combo? Paul, you mentioned earlier about timing issues, and 57 feet, were you using your Oppo as source feeding stuff film it's analog outs?