Project CD Box RS2T & Pre Box RS2 Digital

Project CD Box RS2T and Pre Box RS2 Digital Kevin Fiske At a price of £2,200 and £1,900 respectively, Vienna-based Project Audio System’s CD Box RS2T transport and Pre Box RS2 Digital DAC are undoubtedly pushing at the upper limits of what many audiophiles are prepared to pay in order to listen to CDs. But while the transport is unapologetically designed – more on that in a moment – just to spin CDs, the DAC is an example of the current…

Thrax Ares Integrated Amplifier Review

About a month ago I reviewed the Thrax Enyo valve/tube amplifier.  It would be true to say I was impressed with this upbeat amplifier and it certainly deserves to be considered one of the top integrated amplifiers in the £10-£15K group. However, if you are not keen on valve amplifiers and want to use a …

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Hifi Rose RS 250

Hifi Rose RS 250 Review

The temptation of anything aesthetically appealing is to be swayed to make a judgement based on that .There has been loads of stunningly beautiful hifi over the years where the sound somehow doesn’t live up to the looks. There has also been the proverbial dogs dinner that have sounded sublime. Most hardened veterans of the …

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