The ultimate way to effectively clean records.​

This advanced technology deep cleans your vinyl and improves sound quality by removing microscopic particles from within the grooves.

It uses Ultrasonic waves to clean all the dirt from the surface of the record and deep into the grooves making it possible for all the information to be extracted from the record by your stylus and communicated to you through your speakers.

The Ultrasonic bath has ceramic transducers fitted which create a sonic wave that produce millions of microscopic bubbles which get into the grooves of your vinyl and dislodge the dirt and grime making your records play better than when they were new.

Unfortunately it cannot repair damage, but if your records are just dirty this machine will clean them and give you an enhanced experience when listening to you record collection.

It also has the added effect of prolonging the life of your stylus as there is no dirt on the surface of your records to burn on to the stylus of your cartridge.

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