Hi Everyone,

Firstly thanks to everyone who came to our Wilson Audio Open day and helped make it such a success, it was certainly a busy one, now on to another of our most popular brands, and rightly so, time for a Naim Audio open day on March 25th to introduce their new Classic 200 Series.

This really was big news when announced earlier this year as it has been around 20 years since Naim have launched a new range and have to say it has been extremely popular since launch, replacing the outgoing Classic range certainly was no easy task as it still sounded brilliant but Naim really have nailed it with this new design, one on visuals but more importantly on sound quality, it is a real step up compared to what went before.

Open Day Details

For those who don't know Naim Launched 3 new boxes in January, the NSC 222 Streaming Preamp, the new Nap 250 Power Amp and the NPX 300 Power Supply to power the NSC 222 as an upgrade, for the open day we will have all 3 playing in our Naim room with a pair of the Focal Scala Utopia Evo speakers, which actually is a great sounding combo, Naim representatives will be on hand throughout the day to answer any questions and we will be running 3 presentations throughout the day where the development story, what's new and other info will be discussed + there will be a Q+A at the end, this is a bit different to our normal open days where it is more of a open house but to get the best from the day it made sense to break it down to time slots but obviously please feel free to stay as long as you like as we will have our other demo rooms kitted out and playing music with various Naim kit.

RSVP Please

We will run 3 time slots where I guess we can get 10 people in each sitting so if you can let me know your preference on the below timings to my email address below that will be much appreciated, as normal we will have food and drink available throughout the day.

Slot 1 - 10.30am

Slot 2 - 1pm

Slot 3 - 3pm

Please mail me at - paul@hifilounge.co.uk

Our Naim open days are always extremely popular so please register asap so not to miss out, please find a link to the new range on our website below -


Many thanks and look forward to seeing you on the day.



Other related news, Chord 300/222 Burndy's on Demo - I just wanted to quickly add that Chord Cables have produced a couple of Burndy cables, based on their top end Music cable, to run from the new NPX 300 to the NSC 222, I demoed these a couple of weeks ago as I was a little sceptical to be honest but was pleasantly surprised at the difference they made, it really wasn't subtle, so I bought a pair for demo, if anyone would like to borrow them to try in their system if they already have a 222/300 combo please just let me know and we can get that arranged or feel free to come in the shop to compare against Naim's supplied Burndy's.