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DIY Resources

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[align=center]Online Tutorials for DIYers[/align]

Whether you are a beginner or an expert wishing to brush upyour knowledge, there is something here of interest. Please feel free to add any other links you know of.

Soldering, An Introduction


Soldering, Basic Guide : This guide will make you an expert!


Electronics For Beginners


Intermediate Electronics : follows on from 'Electronics For Beginners'


Basic Electronics by Science Ebooks


Basic Electronics


Electronics Tutorials : over 120 individual electronics tutorial topics


All About Circuits : Complete guide to Electronic Circuits


Electronics Club : Identify components, Read a circuit diagram, Learn practical skills


Lessons In Electric Circuits : Six individual volumes with printable versions


Capacitors : Introduction, concise and illustrated


Capacitors, Picking.

Capacitor basics, Testing for impedance and distortion, Selection criteria to optimize sound quality


Capacitor Book


Resistor Colour Code, Tutorial


ePanorama.net is a web site with linksthat is dedicated to offer information on electronics found on the web.



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Resources for fidly bits

http://www.maplins.co.uk - The first port of call for many. I find them expensive and lacking in their range. They do have a few items of use though so always worth a look.

http://www.cpc.co.uk - Now part of farnell. I use them because they're down the road and I can go. Range is reasonable and price is good. Downsides are that the site is a pain to use and some items can only be bought in high quantities.

http://www.rswww.com]http://www.com]http://www.rswww.com[/url] - The daddy of them all. By far the biggest range with just about something for everyone, they even sell decent capacitors. Delivery charges are reasonable and they deliver quick style. Downsides; they only accept credit cards over the net and you may need to order high quantities.

http://www.rapidelectronics.co.uk - Similar to CPC in many ways. Not really for the audiophile but a good range and a good price none the less. Need to be dealing with them for six months before they'll post to an address that isnt the cardholders.

http://www.cricklewoodelectronics.com - Not bad, some good products, especially when looking for caps at a decent price, always worth a look.

http://www.hificollective.co.uk - High-end products, they aint cheap but they stock some exclusive products for those with decent back accounts.

http://www.audionote.co.uk - Still popular and have some decent products, worth a look.

http://www.wires.co.uk - If you want wire check here. A large range of, er, wires. Silver, gold, silver and gold, copper, silver with ptfe etc etc, always check here if you want wire.

http://www.iplacoustics.co.uk - Mainly speaker kits and components but Ivan does have a good range of caps, resistors and wire.

http://www.net-audio.co.uk - Specialise in CD clocks and DACs but they do have some other components to sell. Good for those looking to mod their older Quads. Always worth ringing though, Ive heard some good deals can be had.

http://www.audiocom-uk.com - Another CD specialist. They also stock some nice caps and resistors. Their own products are highly rated.

http://www.tube-shop.com - If like me, you like your valves, this is a good place to have a look. A good range of the most popular valves including some nos (new old stock) tubes.

http://www.watfordvalves.com - Dont think theres a tube they dont stock. Very popular with the guitar player and seem to sell only quality stuff.

http://www.ebay.co.uk - No seriously, lots of stuff to be had. If your looking for tubes etc always check out the international sellers (espec. the USA) they are much cheaper and Ive never had a problem importing.

Will add more later.


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Just joined the sites, hence delay in responding.

I have bought wire (a 10mm reel of 05mm 99.9% silver) from www.wires.co.uk. Very quick delivery and reasonable prices. Can recommend them.


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Anyone searching for scarce valves at sensible prices should include BOI Audioworks in their hunt - got a pair of 6112 (so-called "Mu-Vista" dual triodes) at a sensible price, delivered inless than aweek at no extra cost, brilliantly packaged, with plenty of helpful communication from them. They even have the scarcer 6111 (lower mu) which might be interesting to experiment with... (Quad useone in their current II/40 pre I think).

churz, eofs


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Anyone looking for a switch? Found this link on a newsgroup posting, they seem to have a very nice range.



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Super Wammer

Sorry it's via the dreaded, but this guy seems great for cable bits. Highly recommended by a mate and I've just had the first load from him. Arrived on time and good quality bits too. I'mimpressed.



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Nuuk wrote:

Hi guys,

I have rather belatedly found the Wigwam (I was a late-on-the-scene hippy too).

For my first post, may I humbly add a link to my site as another resource for DIYers, particularly beginners.

Decibel Dungeon :)

Hi Nuuk, excellent website, its in my favorites, its right up my street, i also have taken the Rega to another level and found your artical very interesting :^


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