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Thought I'd stick my head in here and mention my other interest, trackdays on the bike, noticed someone else had an avatar pic from one......

Currently own a blue GSXR 600 K9 which I've had from brand new but is used now mainly for trackdays, I do ride on the road but down to weather, finding time with wife, 2 young kids and work I don't seem to have covered many road miles this year.

I did however do Oulton on 30th May and got 2 days at Cadwell booked mid July. Was first time at Oulton for me but loved it. Done a fair few trackdays over the years so booked into advanced group then met a few lads who I know that do instruction so grabbed a tow of a few and got a bit quicker in the afternoon.

Anyone else into trackdays on the bike then off here?

Heres quick pic whoring and video of me:



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Nice one Gaz!

I used to sponsor my son who rides in the 600cc Supersport a few years ago (he's still doing it). I've been riding bikes myself for 30+ years, utterly love it. Many years ago I'd five bikes in my garage at one time, pretty good I thought.....

Keep er lit..!!


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Super Wammer

Not done any since 2010 (but managed to get a Croft date in September - bloody rare!).

Did loads at Cadwell,Donington and Croft (local track) but the best was Val de Vienne in 2007 on an 04 ZX10R - made a weeks holiday out of it,went with family (as did about 30 others) and had a great time on a fast,technical track in 32C heat for a few days all for the cost of one day at a wet Mallory!

At my 'peak' I used to bother a few 600 club racers 'practising' for upcoming race meets but they were giving away 400cc and about 60bhp - any of those capable of getting in the top 20 would show me a clean pair of heels - great for keeping your feet on the ground!

As I get older,heavier and creakier i've lost a lot of pace but ride a quicker,more capable bike (BMW S1000RR) - laptmes matter less and less,having fun with mates matters more and more.

Trackdays - I love 'em - just wish I had more time to enjoy them.

Truth be told,it's the only way to get a taste of what a modern superbike is capable of.


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