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ATC CA2 and P1 (boxed with remotes)

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Good Morning.

I have the following for trade. Looking for an integrated or pre/power combi, anything interesting considered.

I have matching SCM11 speakers as well if they are of interest.

Boxed ATC P1 and CA2 (Newer version with built in phono stage) with other bits!

I’ve decided it’s time to try something different (Very tempted by a Mcintosh MC6900).

These exceptional sounding units have seen very little use due to a change in listening habits.

Included in the sale:

  • Upgraded Sorbothane 50mm feet on both the pre and power amp
  • 1 x Black Rhodium power cable
  • 1 x Balanced cable to connect both units (I think it's a Russ Andrews... or similar)
  • 2 x Remote control units
  • All packaging and instructions

The P1 is in excellent condition with no notable flaws.

The CA2 has the following very slight but notable cosmetic issues: Three very light scratches on the top of the casing caused by TT feet - Thanks Clearaudio Concept. Tiny ding on bottom left of casing courtesy of removal men. (Both pictured ...flaws not removal men)

ImageShack Album - 12 images

Units were purchased in November 2010 for very close to asking price from the below ad:

For sale - ATC scm40 speakers - ATC CA2 pre - ATC P1 amp - SB+ music streamer - The Art of Sound Forum

I believe the guarantee may still be valid as neither parties completed or submitted it.

Listening in SW2 is more than welcome.

Collection in person or insured courier arranged by buyer please.

Thank you.




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Crikey. What a lovely looking piece of kit.

Sadly I will have to pass as I assume it would leave me with very little in the way of funds to purchase a replacement phono stage and power amp.

Thank you though.


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Have a bump on me mate.

I heard these very amps a few months ago and they sound amazing. Great value at this price too. Good luck with your sale.


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I have a Roksan Platinum Pre PR15B in silver....brand new almost...about 3 months old, mint with box, manual etc....2 years warranty RRP £4K.

I would be after a straight swap.



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