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May have to sell my hifi, I have Croft vita pre upgraded with 2 x matched pair of 1950s military spec 1950s JAN CHS6SL7 WGT valves in the line stage,2 x matched pair of 1940s military spec Tung Sol 6SU7GTY in the phono stage, Croft twinstar 1 witn upgrades Twinstar 3 transformer, bigger Dubilier heater capacitor, Siemens R/C network capacitors, paper in oils, Transcap by-passes, Mosfet mod on valves etc done by Glenn himself with 2 x matched pair of 1950s 5691s and both have very good valves, and working lovely, Cd player is Consonance Forbidden City Orfeo Upgraded 120 linear CD player,and Elac 203bs anniversay edition speakers(ribbon tweeters) CD player speakers are boxed,im looking for serious offers,may split also have stands for the speakers. and i have some very good cables to go with the hifi . I have tried to upload pictures,so if you would like any i will e-mail them to you twinstar.jpgVita.jpg cables are Mark grant g1500hd neutriks Prices are the amps together £1000 or £600 each,Speakers £450,CD player £700 plus posatge on all,which we can sort out


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