Valve recommendation please.

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As some of you know, I've gone from all Solid State, to all valve, and am now currently in the Hybrid stage ;-)

I've recently picked up a used Unison Research Unico Hybrid amp, that uses ECC82 (12au7) valves in the pre and a MOSFET power stage.

I really like the overall sound.

I've taken out the original Jan Philips tubes, and put in some Brimars.

The mid and treble are great , really lovely, but the bass is a little over heavy.

Is there a tube that will keep the mid and treble as it is , but lighten up the bass a tad?



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Telefunken if NOS.

If you're looking at new valves then Shuguang Psvane or TJ Full Music (Psvanes have a full bodied, lusher sound than the TJs).


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