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Pat Metheny 40 cd Collection , a few of these are Autographed

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For sale my Pat Metheny Collection , a collection of 40 cps from his first album on ECM Bright Sized Life unto his last PMG Album - The Way Up

a few of these have been autographed by Pat , as I have seen him many times over the years, funnily he even printed his name on one of them as well as signing it as he thought I said I can't read it which is a rarity for sure!!!

aqlso will include two Rare Japanese dvds "Travels" and Secret Story Live , both with Obis

must be a good deal at £150 and £10 postage for these as they still sell for premium cd prices

heres the list

Solo Recordings

Title Release date Record label Notes

New Chautauqua April 1979 ECM

Zero Tolerance for Silence 1994 Geffen

Passaggio per il paradiso 1996 Geffen Soundtrack

One Quiet Night May 13, 2003 Warner Bros.



Title Release date Record label Notes

As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls 1981 ECM with Lyle Mays

I Can See Your House from Here 1994 Blue Note with John Scofield (accompanied by Steve Swallow and Bill Stewart)

Beyond the Missouri Sky (Short Stories) 1997 Verve with Charlie Haden

Jim Hall & Pat Metheny 1999 Telarc with Jim Hall

Song X : Twentieth Anniversary 2005 Geffen with Ornette Coleman including 6 unreleased recordings from the original sessions

Metheny/Mehldau 2006 Nonesuch with Brad Mehldau (accompanied by Larry Grenadier and Jeff Ballard)


Title Release date Record label Notes

Bright Size Life 1976 ECM with Jaco Pastorius and Bob Moses

Question and Answer 1989 Geffen Records with Dave Holland and Roy Haynes

Trio 99 → 00 2000 Warner Bros with Bill Stewart and Larry Grenadier; commonly titled as "Trio 99 > 00"

Trio → Live 2000 Warner Bros with Bill Stewart & Larry Grenadier Double cd


Title Release date Record label Notes

Watercolors 1977 ECM Pat leads. With Lyle Mays, Eberhard Weber, and Danny Gottlieb

80/81 1980 ECM Pat leads. With Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden, Michael Brecker, and Jack DeJohnette double cd

Song X 1986 Geffen Records with Ornette Coleman, Denardo Coleman, Jack DeJohnette, and Charlie Haden

Secret Story 1992 Geffen Records RIAA: Gold - with Lyle Mays, Armando Marcal, Steve Rodby, Paul Wertico, Charlie Haden

The Sign of 4 1996 with Derek Bailey, Gregg Bendian, and Paul Wertico

Upojenie 2002 Warner Music Poland with Polish jazz vocalist Anna Maria Jopek

Metheny/Mehldau 2006 Nonesuch Records Duet with Brad Mehldau

Symphonic projects and soundtracks

Release date Record label Notes

The Falcon and the Snowman 1985 EMI - Manhattan with Pat Metheny Group

Passaggio per il paradiso 1996 Geffen Records

A Map of the World 1999 Warner Bros

Pat Metheny Group

Title Release date Record label Notes

Pat Metheny Group 1978 ECM

American Garage 1980 ECM

Offramp 1982 ECM

Travels 1983 ECM Double cd

First Circle 1984 ECM

The Falcon and the Snowman 1985 EMI - Manhattan Soundtrack

Still Life (Talking) 1987 Geffen Records RIAA: Gold

Letter from Home 1989 Geffen Records RIAA: Gold

The Road to You 1993 Geffen Records

We Live Here 1995 Geffen Records

Quartet 1996 Geffen Records

Imaginary Day 1997 Warner Bros. Records

Speaking of Now 2002 Warner Bros. Records

The Way Up 2005 Nonesuch Records


Works 1 , Works II , Selected Recordings.

Live albums

Travels , The Road To You ,

the following are all autographed

as falls, offramp, 99/00 , Speaking of Now ,




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Wow what a collection, and me with no money till next month!

if you want me to hold ill gladly do that with a small deposit , I paid £70 for the Jap dvds alone, glad you have great taste, ps, if you notice theres a ticket in one of the sleeves signed by Steve Rodby I sat and had a meal with his wife on Broadway , those were the days


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Price dropped by £20 to £130 and postage to the UK , now that must be a bargain for someone on Amazon these still sell for premium prices ie, 80/81 is £20 and so on so your getting all these for less than the price of 12 discs on Amazon!!


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You have a pm

Anybody out there? :D

I'll take these, but could you please get back to me today? I'm out for a few hours this morning, but should be back by lunch. My monthly discretionary music purchases fund is itching to get spent!


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