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Anybody used the Hauppage HD PVR

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Has anybody used the Hauppage HD PVR for transfering SD material (e.g. VHS, S-Video signals).

I've been toying with the idea of archiving some of my old Laserdiscs and VHS tapes (material that has never made it over to DVD).

Originally I was thinking of getting a standard Freeview DVD recorder, but the Hauppage looks like a valid alternative option.

Any experiences which will offer the best transfer.


Much appreciated in advance :)


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Hello lionel,

I used an earlier hauppauge PCI card version, when I ran mobile CCTV units. I found it clunky and hit and miss, but that was on government computers running windows NT.

Actually it was probably Windows NT.

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply.

The HD PVR looks like it has moved on from your experience, well I hope so...

I have a feeling it will be a lot less faffing around just getting a DVD recorder... famous last words :zip:

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