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FS. Cura Ca10 bookshelf/stand loudspeakers plus free gift.

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One owner ( moi ) and purchased following the closure of Cura Loudspeakers. They were minus 'badges' on purchase and the cabinets finished in slightly different shades of cherry veneer. Therefore the cost to me was a little over half the rrp. ( rrp £699 ). There is slight cosmetic damage to the speakers - a scratch to the top of one enclosure ( as in photo ) and some splintering of veneer around one of the rear ports. These marks were present upon purchase.

I changed the speaker retaining screws for 'brass' coloured ones ( don't ask me why, but they do like nice ) and had two name badges made for the fronts, apart from that they are per original.

The drive units are Vifa Premium Line - PL 18WO09-08 and SEAS 25TFFC (H519) in a ported cabinet, size of the cabinets are 350mm H x 220 mm W x 245mm D.

They have been hardly used as shortly after buying them I got some JR149's and subwoofer and fell for that 'radio 2' sound that they deliver.

There are a pair on the 'auction site' for £279 at the moment.

I am asking £150.00 Collection only or I can meet for the cost of petrol within say a 50/60 mile radius. ( my car does 30mpg )

Oh the free gift, One Cura Ca21 floor standing loudspeaker - same drive units as above. ( £1500 p pair rrp ) will need some screws for the base/stand - exactly as it arrived, the silly sods sent the wrong speakers to me an refused to collect and gave the single Ca21 as a gift.[ATTACH]5719[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]0[/ATTACH]



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