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WAC - Wammers Choices Vol. 1

Bazzer Ten - Pearl Jam

russ abbott - royds brother Rattus Norvegicus IV - The Stranglers

whizzkid Amber - Autechre

Humpty was pushed Grace - Jeff Buckley

notaclue White Light/White Heat - The Velvet Underground

Leonard Smalls Layin' In The Cut - James Carter

myrman The Colour of Spring - Talk Talk

Cambs12 Hats - The Blue Nile

The Strat Broken English - Marianne Faithfull

Professor Chaos The Tubes - The Tubes

Ozexpat Diesel and Dust - Midnight Oil

age136 Pros and Cons of HitchHiking - Roger Waters

Injector Scoundrel Days - a-ha

barneys dad Crystal-CastlesII - Crystal-Castles

Stupinder Winter in America - Gill Scott-Heron

mikedefacto It's All Around You - Tortoise

griffo104 Streetcleaner - Godflesh

rockmeister Got You On My Mind - Madeleine Peyroux

Ant Chicago Transit Authority-Chicago Transit Authority

Papa Lazarou Unknown Pleasures - Joy Division

rockabillybass Touched - Ken Stringfellow

Tel Rain Dogs - Tom Waits

Corruption ISDN - Future Sound Of London

ncdrawl Doug Sahm and Band-Doug Sahm

browellm Through The Windowpane - Guillemots

Setting Son Computer World - Kraftwerk

Sheva Harm's Way - Dead When I Found Her

Hifiwigwam Your Future Our Clutter - The Fall

MJ Disappear Here - Hybrid

Eric van Spelde Outrospective - Faithless

dicy Marquee-Moon - Television

greybeard Dig-Lazarus-Dig - Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

dinkydave Picaresque - The Decemberists

NAM Sub Basement - Pentagram

dantheman91 Hand Built By Robots - Newton Faulkner

bencat Spirit of the Century - The Blind Boys of Alabama

RichG Map of What Is Effortless - Telefon Tel Aviv

BobC Grinderman 2 - Grinderman

pgarrish Ultra - Depeche Mode

batman The Private Press - DJ Shadow

belloire Exile in Guyville - Liz Phair

AdamK Let England Shake - PJ Harvey

JPG Time - ELO

unclepuncle March 16:20:1992 - Uncle Tupelo

Jason P Year of the Cat - Al Stewart

kernow Congratulations - MGMT

meninblack The Decline of British Sea Power - British Sea Power


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I might pick one but I might not and if I do it will not be the one that people expect me to pick. I hope thats clear.

Hope so.:nerves:

I'am guessing the mode would be to obvious.



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I'd only go and pick some obscure modern stuff, so best leave me off the list :zip:

You can pick what you like, but if people can't source the album it sort of defeats the object.

You could put a Spotify link to it, then that depends on who has Spotify.


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Stick me down on the list Barney


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Me too please Barney :^


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Oh good a couple of Mods, this thread might need to be a Sticky, so the Hot Seat List is always there to be seen.

I know there are a few Sticky's already in this Forum but a couple aren't used much.


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