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Jungson JA-1 Class A Preamp Luxury version in chrome

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Due to diminishing rack space I am gunna use my Dac as a preamp as it has a volume control cos I am on the lookout for a mains cinditioner/filter that sits in the rack.

The preamp is built like a brick house and has a great smooth sound to it and is also quite dynamic and adds great weight to the bass.

All Class A circuitry

Balanced and single ended in and balanced out

Its quite heavy!

Excellent condition

£225 including courier



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damn, I would have took this from you if I'd seen it as I miss the remote volume controls, but I've just spent £150 upgrading some software (and I'm talking about literally minutes)


Typical aint it, well Magic (julian) has put in provisional interest so will update when I know something more solid.

I hate missing a bargain so know how u feel!:doh::^


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