Linn SARA Isobarik Active Loudspeakers, inc. SARA Stands and two passive crossovers

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Linn SARA Isobarik Active Loudspeakers, including SARA Stands, two passive crossovers and approximately 10m of Linn K20 speaker cable. They have an identifying number like this when searched on ebay:


This advert is for a pair of Linn SARAs in active format. This pair of speakers are in black ash finish and are best described as a small cosmetic/mechanical restoration project.

Present are as follows:

1 Pair Linn SARA Active speakers, serial number 17409/17410, in black ash. All drive units functioning correctly. Cosmetic condition is not great with many small nicks and scratches to each side, the bottoms are particularly bad with significant spike marking. The foam grilles are present and in reasonable shape (ie. good enough to use, could do with putting in the bath to get rid of some of the dust, not crumbly). Evidence of the bass units having been replaced. I have personally replaced the tweeters (previously Hiquphons, now Scanspeak D2008), missing four of the six 2mm allen bolts that hold the tweeters in and a couple of the pieces of velcro that hold the grilles in place.

1 Pair Linn SARA stands, good cosmetic condition. Spikes to top long lost, spikes to bottom all present, a couple could do with the T-nut being reset.

1 Pair Linn SARA passive crossovers, PCB 019/1, dated 1987. The correct crossovers for the speakers, obtained from a Linn technician after years of looking! LF and HF leads are short and wired to bananas as these speakers were last used in true bookshelf mounting with the crossovers right behind them.

10m (approx) Linn K20 speaker cable, this cable has 1 famous owner and was terminated for Isobariks (ie. 2*4mm to XLR). The length is an estimate (between 8-12m total) as I have not properly measured it due to the cable being absolutely filthy. I would recommend this cable be scrubbed thoroughly prior to retermination or use. I think my guess is slightly conservative, so probably closer to 12m but I don't want to touch it to find out.

Good bits:

Very rare to find Active SARAs. Doubly so to find them with the option of passive XOs. Best snare drums of any speaker ever made.

Bad bits:

Cosmetically challenged. Needs crossover housings made. Needs 4 small allen bolts and some velcro and some time to make these speakers great again.


Linn SARAs are some of the coolest speakers ever made (this is my 4th pair) and can boogie and party in a way that would make a £2k pair of B&Ws or Missions or whatever sound very ame indeed. This pair are distinctive in that active SARAs are an uncommon items, and are impossible to convert from passive. If you feel you can spend some time fixing up the cosmetics, aling the tweeters with silicon and finding some 2mm bolts, making a box for the crossovers and cleaning/terminating the cable, then you have a great pair of flat earth speakers. If you can afford two Naim 250s and a two-way Snaxo then you could have a true set of giant-killers.


COLLECTION ONLY. These speakers are at my parents house in EDINBURGH EH15 (Is it a surprise to anyone that Edinburgh is in Scotland?). They do not have the facilities to demo the speakers but rest assured they work as far as I have described above. Cash on collection or Paypal are acceptable. I must reiterate - COLLECTION ONLY. I am trying to clear out my possessions from my parents attic with as little hassle to them as possible. Any questions, just ask. Happy bidding, James.


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