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A pair of kef Q55's for sale in, they sound excellent even more so as the shitty electrolytic capacitor's have been replaced with good quality poly caps, some slight bad points with these are there are some scratches to the top of one and a few along the sides and a slight nik on one of the top speakers. They do not come with spikes at the mo but i can supply some when the post gets back to normal, included in the price.

Price wise using Ebay as a reference i would like a £100 for these due to the scratches. Item location is manchester

some stuff about specs copyed from a website

pic's -

Audio Section

•Number of Speakers : 3

•Impedance : 6


•Bi-Wiring Compatible

•Power admitted (W) : 150

•Boomer : 160 mm, Polypropylène

Miscellaneous Informations

•Electromagnetic Shield

Audio Performances

•Bandwith : 40 – 20000Hz

•Sensibility (dB/W/m) : 91.0


•Dimensions : 837 x 202 × 245 mm / 33.5 x 8.1 x 9.8in.

•Weight : 13.0 kg


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