FS: A Densen, a Denon, a Philips and a Project

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More box count reduction:

1st up, a Densen DP-02 MC phono stage in really good condition with power supply. Has the unique optical linkage in the power supply where the mains powers 2 light bulbs which shine onto 2 photo voltaic cells to generate the electricity, supposedly to provide some isolation from the mains. Review is here and here. Happy to ship, but collection in Essex is welcome too. SOLD!

Next a Denon TU260L II tuner (including power cord). Could ship, but for what it's worth, probably collection preferred. £20

Then a Philips DVP 9000s DVD/SACD player with remote, manual and box, the successor to the well regarded DVD 963SA, but with HDMI and both audio and video upsampling (both switchable) Does a decent job with DVD, but the audio side of things is surprisingly good (CD's can be upsampled to 192khz) and SACD's show a definite improvement over the CD layer. Review here Happy to post or collection is fine too SOLD

Finally to good old LP. A Project 0.5 turntable fitted with an Ortofon OM5 MM cartridge. Some marks on the plastic cover but otherwise in good condition. A cheap introduction to vinyl. I've still got the box so postage is possible, but probably cheaper to collect £50

Thanks for looking.









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