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Huge , heavy pair of transmission line speakers finished in black veneer. They weigh around 50kg each and are approx 19.5 by 13.5 by 40.5 inches in dimension.

Each cabinet has 4 drivers which i believe are KEF B139B , KEF B110A , KEF T27 and Coles 4001 super tweeter. I really like them and they sound great with a 300b / panasonic dvd and shek dac but they are in the way of a kitchen being built! I just dont have the space to store them.

I'm sorry i cant answer any techie questions about them and know very little about their history - i was initially told they were a special order for a theatre but cant support this myself. They are certainly very well made and in good condition - there is a small damaged area on the top of one where the veneer has been partially reglued and a chip missing and at the other rear top corner the veneer has started to lift. This is minor however and could easily be improved upon.[ATTACH][ATTACH]1510[/ATTACH][/ATTACH]

I think i have attached a couple of pictures - i'll try and add some more.

I paid £140 for these (and some more for delivery) and would ideally like to recover this! They are certainly a lot of speaker for the money!

Sorry I cant deliver - I can hardly lift them - Collection only from Bristol BS6.


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