Monarchy DIP 48/96 upsampler

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Monarchy DIP 48/96 upsampler



48/96 Digital Interface Processor (DIP)

Upsampling jitter reducer

Condition is Excellent

Top quality digital interface from respected American high end manufacturer, which sits between a CD player/transport/wadia 170i transport etc and external DAC.

Reclocks and boosts output signal, helping to suppress jitter issues, providing a smoother, more refined sound. Can make a significant difference with low/mid budget transports, especially DVD players.

Lots of favourable reviews on the internet:

Please contact me if you require any further information.

Input (from transport) options : S/PDIF phono and TosLink optical

Output (to DAC) options: S/PDIF phono and AES/EBU

230v UK spec model (has IEC socket, so any suitable mains lead can be used).

£160 inc delivery


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