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Whenever I have been stuck in similar, I always think, yep, not nice having to be delayed, but far worse for those involved and I hope they are okay.

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[quote name='stewartwen']Justin, this is a REVIEW of the Chord pre.
Although I am sure you were trying to be informative in your comment.
In my experience Alps pots last for a long time before they become noisy. And if they are used regularly ie turned up and down a lot they are amongst the most reliable pots available.
Just squirting switch cleaner into the pot is a short term solution, and of course one would need to take the pot out of circuit to do this properly as the alps pot is sealed except for around the terminals.


I ended up buying new ones, and they are a pain in the butt to get into. I was trying to be helpful and warn you if you didn't know but they WILL go noisy. I guarantee it.:) They were noisy for years before I replaced them - by which time they were chronically bad. It had to be done.

Best non-stepped pot I have come across is the Penny & Giles conductive plastic ones which used to be in a Mod Squad Line Drive passive pre I owned. They never will go noisy. And they sound great - brilliant passive, that. I think that unit probably sounded better than the Air Tight passive I use now - and that has the $1000 upgrade pot option installed.:)

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What speaker do you have? I had similar problem when looking for stands for my Gamut's L3. At the end I got Spectral LS600 stands. Their top plate is 280x170.

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[quote name='beckypumps']What an intresting thread.

1. Many thanks to Cloth ears as I had no idea about cruchie biscuits.
2. What does the term cookie cutter stand for/
3. Why does Ssm not know about Pineapple dance studios?

I own a Shakira cd as I couldent get it on 180g[/QUOTE]

1. You can also get mini crunchy bites that my mrs gets me as a treat now and again
2. I know cookie cutter as meaning everything is identical said in a derogatory way. I also suspect there might be a euphemism but it's lost on me!
3. I suspect nothing, I don't but after seeing that Spence thing on telly shows I do now. I would have that such a Queen like Spence would be well know amongst her peers such as Solid. Either way he seems quite taken with him, Solid if you're reading this he was on Top Gear on Sunday :^

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[B]I found this in 2 Channel this morning moved to here in case I want to buy one!
What is the usual procedure with this sort of thing? contact the guy or just delete?


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