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Bad Gerbil

B&W 602 S2 modification

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Just to let anyone who wants to know, that I've been playing around with my 602s.

Nothing electrical (yet) - but the mods so far have, I believe produced a better bass

response. And with a Temple Bantum amp, you need all the help you can get.

1/ take out driver and crossover (careful getting the main driver out - there is a

collar that makes it difficult to remove and hold driver at the same time).

2/ remove all foam, being careful not to dislodge the tweeter horn.

3/ one roll of vibe matting from Halfords, will do the side walls (just) for both

speakers. Each side needs two strips of matting, either side of baffle.

4/ For each speaker, filled 2 sandwitch bags approx 750cl with sand and placed

them at the bottom, either side of baffle. Need to feed the front one under

the horn hole!

4/ Replace foam to sides and top, but I didn't bother with the bit of foam that

seemed to cover the crossover.

5/ Put the crossover and driver back in, making sure that the nuts/screws were

done up tight.

I think this has made a significant difference - the bass is more focused.

Most posts I've seen say that playing around with the crossovers (changing caps

etc, is a waste of time. Anyone have a different view and could recommend cap




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Slap 18mm of MDF on the outside of the cabs that'll sort them out.


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