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General Posting Requirements for the Private Classifieds section

Only Veteran (1000+ posts), experienced (50+ posts) or Super Wammers will be able to start threads in the private classifieds section.

For £10 a year you can sign up as a ‘Super Wammer’ by going to the Settings page then Paid Subscriptions or follow the link HERE

If you are a dealer or plan to sell lots of kit please sign up as a dealer HERE or risk having your adverts removed. Excessive use of the Classifieds area or profit making will indicate that you are a dealer and you will be asked to pay the appropriate registration fee.

All Wammers will be able to reply to threads but should still read the rules below before posting as they apply to both buyers and sellers.

The Rules

1. Classified advertisements are exclusively for the re-sale of HiFi equipment and original hard-copies of musical recordings that you personally own and used for a period of time. Please use the dedicated Music section for CDs, LPs etc.

2. A price must be stated for all items for sale. This includes Interest Checks. Auctions are not permitted.

3. All sellers should state their location. Non UK sellers should clearly state the country they are based in. Please use the location area in your Profile settings.

4. We encourage all sellers to post a picture of the actual item you are selling. If you are unsure how to post a picture please follow this guide HERE

5. Non UK fitment mains cables are not permitted in the classifieds.

6. You must be able to demonstrate full legal title to all and any goods offered for sale if requested by the admin/moderation team.

7. You may not link to off-site sales of any kind. You may however offer your equipment for sale elsewhere.

8. Private and dealer classifieds are not discussion threads. You may only recommend an item or seller to other users, and then only if you are unconnected with the sale.

9. Comments on pricing should be sent via Personal Message to the seller.

10. If you have an issue with the seller please PM a moderator. Do not post in the sale thread.

11. And finally and most importantly - Caveat emptor & caveat venditor!

All transactions are your responsibility and not the Owner of this forum or its delegates.

The Spirit of the Wam thread

This section is all about fair play and a wish for others to benefit from unwanted music, audio and related kit free of charge.

1. Anyone may advertise items they wish to give away.

2. No one can claim from this section unless they are a fully paid-up Wammer with a substantial number of non-classifieds posts to their name. (We would consider 100+ posts as substantial)

3. Donors may attach limited conditions such as charitable donations and may choose who they give things to so long as the recipient satisfies the criteria above.

4. If you claim from it, especially if you claim multiple items over any period of time, you will be expected to put back into it as much as you take out, or make a charitable donation in the name of the same to the charity of your choice.

5. Claiming items to sell on elsewhere is not permitted.

6. Should you feel that a member is abusing this area please report it to a Moderator.

Be aware that a breach of any of the above rules can lead to a suspension of your account or a permanent ban.


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An excellent idea. If I may make a suggestion - 20% (i.e. 6 of the 30 threads) of the very precious real estate of this section is taken up with stickies. Does all that stuff really need to be sticky? Really?



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