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This is actually done on film with almost no processing.

Magic texture!

- - - Updated - - -

One from Farnborough-


FIA 2012 by hoopsontoast, on Flickr

Well seen, the relationship between man and machine. All sorts of contrasts going on there.

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Which one is you? :-)

Brill !!


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Some monos of the buildings from my very wet day at Bletchley Park.

p><p><img src=wall by tkimages2011, on Flickr[/img]

p><p><img src=mansion by tkimages2011, on Flickr[/img]

All taken with Canon 5D2, and 17-40L ( 85 F1.8 for Wall), in RAW and converted to mono using Silver FX except Post Office which was done in CS5


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these are some powerful images chaps!!

on a gentler note, some northamptonshire countryside.


gulls and the plough by johndutf, on Flickr


winc sunset by johndutf, on Flickr


rushsun by johndutf, on Flickr


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- - - Updated - - -

Took the day off yesterday as it's been a stressful few weeks and we went to the beach with kids and family who are staying near by.

Here's one of the snaps I took at Le Men Du island near Carnac.

some great pics on here by the way!!!!!



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The speed of the 31 adds to the amount of use I get out of it. The quality of the bokeh and oof areas is far nicer, although the 28 is every bit as sharp. With hinsight I should have bought the 43 and 77 when I had the cash as that wee bit of speed would have been nice. Having said that the quality of the 40 and 70 is superb and they are very sharp wide open. Combined with the high ISO capability of the K-5 makes them a joy to use. Light and well made as well. The 15 was lovely but I've sold it to fund a 4 day trip to Venice in November taking pictures with some mates. Wish I'd sold something else first. One with the 15 processed in Silver Efex


The sharpness of the pot is far superior in my view to shots I've taken with the 12-24.

The 60-250 is probably still my favourite, although you get a lot less use out of it.

Thanks Mark!

Looks like I need to save up for the 31 43 & 77 :) That extra bit of speed would be good! Saying that, reviews say they are not quite so sharp wide open as the 40 70 & I love my 40 it's never off the camera!

I'll look forward to some stunning images of Venice mate!

That's a lovely image & does show off the 15's sharpness, I do wonder if it's too wide for my needs, but like I said I could collect all the Limiteds!

Thanks again for your opinions, Mark!


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Finished my Course this evening, had to post a few!

I think I will start a separate thread about it as it was quite amazing.

I learnt loads, all these pics are straight off the camera as learning post production techniques is a bit further down the road.









Nice one, Kev!

There's some great images here & the graffiti ones too! It looks like the course was well worth it mate! Will look forward to seeing some more!


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There's some really great images over the last few pages, I better not link them all, but well done chaps! Keep it up!

Here's a couple more of mine from a recent trip to the London Festival Of Photography, which was great by the way! I'm not sure if they're more architectural than street images though...


The Bridge... by alfie2902, on Flickr


Under The Bridge... by alfie2902, on Flickr


In To The Light... by alfie2902, on Flickr


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